Looking to add some festive cheer to your manicure? Then sit back, get scrolling and take a look at these Christmas nail designs for some inspo to take to your next appointment

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You know we love a gorgeous nail look - from the summer 2023 nail trends that had us switching between glazed donut looks to bluberry milk manis to the autumn nail designs that brough us black scalloped edges and shades of burgundy. And now, you guessed it, it's time to turn our attention to all things sparkly, shimmery and Christmassy. 

And if ever there was a time to dip your toe (or should that be finger) into a nail look that's a bit more fun it's now. Some people choose to be more playful with their makeup, fun glitter eye anyone?  But if that feels a little bit too far from your beauty comfort zone then nails are a great way to experiment and try out trends that feels a bit safer. And the professionals agree: "over the last few years more and more of my clients have been asking for Christmas-inspired nails - everything from intricate nail art designs to glitter and sparkle. Even my clients who would usually wear more muted tones throughout the year have been really going all-out for Christmas," says celebrity nail technician, Michelle Class

Her reasoning for why they're becoming more and more popular? "I think it's a way of bringing some festive cheer and joy to your look really easily and who doesn't want that?" And what's her number one piece of advice for getting your Christmas nails 2023 just right? "Choose a design or a colour that makes you smile, makes you feel good and brings you happiness." So whether you're looking to screengrab a Christmas nail look to take to your next salon appointment or you're going to give a DIY mani a go then here are some of the best Christmas nails designs 2022 we've seen. Perfect for the party season, NYE and 2023 too.

18 Christmas nail designs 2023

Disco balls

When glitter tips meet holographic emoji happy faces, it can only make you happy. They look fab on oval nails as this set by The Nail Gal Edinburgh prove but would also work on shorter nail lengths too. 

Black Tuxedo

Keep things simple and chic with a glossy black manicure. The perfect shade that works for every event and item of clothing over Christmas. The kind of look you can easily do yourself and works on any nail length and shape. Or book yourself in with nail technician to celebs such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Rochelle Humes, Harriet Westmoreland.

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

Want something that nods to the season without being too overt? Then this gorgeous design by Coco Blossom Nails is just the ticket. Festive red with starlight sparkle. Perfect. 

Glitter ombré

How gorgeous is this glitter mani created by Gelalicious? The delicate way the glitter increases up the nail makes it a slightly more subtle way to wear some sparkle and looks great with a natural base. 

Treetop tips

Take inspo from your Christmas tree and add it to your tips. We love this chrome green created by Nails By Leon who is a beauty editor's favourite.

Beautiful burgundy

Another simple and classic look in one of the hottest nail shades for the season, burgundy. Easy to do at home but why not book in with Faye Louise Dennis who is known for her impeccable clean lines.

Gingerbread man-i

Forget about spiced latte nails, how about gingerbread man nails instead like these by Heavenly Nails in East London. You need a fairly long nailbed to be able to fit him in which is where Biab builder nails can come in handy.

Darker side of Christmas

How amazing are these Nightmare Before Christmas inspired nails, created by Hayley Jane - if you're not as keen on the saccharin sweet side of the holidays then why not add a bit of monochrome to your nails. 

Internet breaker

First, there were her viral glazed donut nails that went to stratospheric heights on TikTok and then Mrs Hailey Bieber set the internet on fire with her take on a classic french manicure with a Christmas candy cane twist - or as she calls them glazed candy cane nails; a sheer glazed base with a glossy red tip. 

Christmas lights galore

Nothing says Christmas nails like some delicate Christmas lights strewn across your nailbed. And @paintbyjaz proves that you don't need long nails to show off nail art to perfection. 

Pudding pointer

If you prefer a more neutral colour scheme but are looking to add a little fun to your next mani, then add a cute little sparkly Christmas pudding to one of the nails as created by Nails By Marissa - delicious!

Frosted tips

If a french tip is your go-to look during the rest of the year why not add a festive spin and swap out your usual white for silver glitter, @gelsbybry also shows how to add even more festive cheer by adding some delicate but chic ribbon detail too.

If silver isn't your thing: try gold glitter this festive season

Theres no need to commit to just one nail design christmas 2022, when you can mix it up and have a few different designs on each nails, @vwnails_ show how you can mix up nail art and look so chic, using gold glitter, chrome and white nail art, this combination of textures compliement eachother so well, we're dying to try this one.

Go for grinch

There is no better time to give green a go and how do you make it look festive? Add a glitter topcoat of course! The result is fun and fabulous nails that work on both short and longer lengths and will make you happy every time you look at them even on days when you feel a bit grinch-like. 

Metallic mani

If you're looking for a nail look that will take you into 2024 then may we recommend keeping things simple - kind of - and opting for block, chrome metallic all over. It's a far more versatile look than you might think. In fact, we're going as far as to say that metallic is the new neutral. 

Santa baby

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! We love the little added detail of turning a sparkling red tip into a Santa hat like Bryony Howell has done . They give all the glitz and glam of Christmas but add a little humour. These hats would suit any nail shape or length and would look super cute on the kiddos too if you fancy doing them yourself.

Tinsel talons

This chrome and glitter-draped tinsel effect - painted by Nails by Mets - makes your nails look bejewelled. You need a bit of length to sport three drapes but shorter nails could opt for two or have them placed diagonally instead.

Starry night 

Proving that Christmas nails don't have to be too OTT, we love this very subtle and chic design from @iramshelton using a mix of stars and spots with a clean base and silver tips.