If a two week manicure is too much hassle but your average polish isn't up to scratch, CND has the answer to all your beauty prayers, writes Judy Johnson

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CND, the makers of Shellac, has done it again and wowed our little beauty minds. We all know nails are one of the hottest trends in beauty these days, but while Shellac and other gel nail systems allow for the convenience of long lasting wear - sometimes up to three weeks of chip free polish - the inconvenience of booking into a salon for the application and, later, the removal is a little bit of a headache. Because really, who has the time? And no, peeling it off at home is not an option if you're to remain glossy at all times, unless you want to permanently damage your nails...

So, CND has made what women want - a longer lasting nail polish with none of the fuss. Vinylux, available now, is a week-long polish that you can apply at home with no need for lamps or an appointment to remove it; finally, the product we've been waiting for.

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With no need for a base coat (which would actually inhibit the long-wear formula), all you need for up to seven days of flawless nails is your CND Colour Coat, £9.95, and a Top Coat, £9.95, which has 'ProLight Technology'. Using just two thin coats, the colour polishes are self-adhering, sticking to your nail bed without any staining and drying quickly to a slightly dull finish.

Then comes one coat of the Vinylux Top Coat, which - here's the clever bit - in natural light, toughens over time to enhance durability and harden the polish to ensure a longer wear. Removal simply involves using an acetone-based nail polish remover and works as quickly as it would on normal varnish. It makes sense; Shellac and gel nails traditionally use UV lamps to cure the polishes, giving them that durable, glossy feel we all know and love. CND has simply taken the idea and made it more accessible and convenient.

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While Shellac manicures and pedicures are a luxurious treat when you have the time, this new system from CND is revolutionary for everyday colour addicts who want to change up their nails more frequently, without having to cover up chips just a few days in.

The best part? It dries in eight and a half minutes - honestly, we tested it - so you don't have to worry about smudging the minute you go to Instagram your latest look. With 62 colours to choose from (including 30 of our favourites from the Shellac range), you could have a different chip-free manicure for every week of the year. Imagine that.

Vinylux is available as a salon manicure and for individual purchase at select salons worldwide - to find your nearest salon, visit  www.lovecnd.com .