Would you forgo your usual ‘squoval’ for a coffin shape at your next manicure appointment?

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If the Addams family did manis, the ‘coffin’ would surely be Morticia et al’s signature shape. Technically a stiletto shape tapered off and squared to resemble the top of a coffin, the coffin nail is also known as the ‘ballerina’, due to it’s resemblance to a pointe shoe, but frankly that’s a lot less badass. Ironically less harsh and ‘witchy’ that a pointed stiletto shape, the coffin is also less likely to catch on jumpers/ hairbands/ other people, extending the life of your manicure, and possibly that of those around you (death by ‘stiletto’ is a bad way to go). We asked legendary nail stylist  Trish Lomax  for tips on nailing this spooky shape…

“This is definitely the on trend nail shape of the moment! It has been around on the nail scene for about 12-18 months now but has now creeped into the mainstream in the last few months.”

“I would recommend only creating this nail with an enhancement or overlay whether it be L&P (liquid and powder) or hard gel just like you would stiletto nails.”

“To create this look you would mimic the shape of the stiletto nail. The nail shape is tapered so you angle the side walls from the free edge but instead of the pointed tip you would square the tip off.”

“I think that the coffin nail is best worn in an opaque nude, or a nude with a matte finish.”

O.P.I  educator  Bryony McMillan  agrees that the coffin nail is far more flattering than freaky:

“Coffin or ballerina shaped nails are my favorite look to create. I personally find this look much easier to create with acrylic rather than a hard gel as the acrylic lends strength to really help support the structure of this type of shape. I use the liquid and powder over free forms to sculpt the shape and build it up. Sculpting means less nail filing, so application is much faster this way.”

“Coffin nails can really elongate the fingers, making the hands look more elegant. This style suits anyone wanting the length and strength that they can’t achieve with their own natural nails.”

The name of the nail shape may not be particularly tasteful, but the effect is. Leave it to the pros as the likes of Rita Ora do; building your own coffins as above ain’t easy.

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