From energy-boosting electrolytes to travel-sized wonders, these are all the beauty and wellness buys we have used to the very last scrape and squeeze

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It feels like we blinked and it’s the end of another month, which means another empties roundup. Of course, we love our usual Glossy Picks roundups where we show and tell the newest products to land on our desks but there’s something even more special about when we do empties. And that’s because these are the hallowed few products that have made it beyond the preliminary testing stage and have become part of our daily routines. So much so that we’ve used them up to the very last drop and drip. This month we’ve got travel-sized favourites that make packing light a dream and a brow booster that garnered genuine results. Not to mention a protein shake that actually tastes like a chocolate milkshake and the blusher you need to create that Bridgerton glow. Enjoy!

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Nutri Advanced Megamag Perimeno, £29.95

"When this supplement scooped Silver at the Get the Gloss Wellness Awards 2024 in the Best for Menopause category, I knew it had my name on it. Judge Dr Sophie Shotter praised its combination of magnesium glycinate (the one that relaxes you before bed), vitamin B6 for hormone balance plus medicinal herbs KSM66 ashwagandha (for stress), sage (for hot flushes) and saffron for mood. I take two tablets before bed although you could also take them in the morning as they support your sleep processes rather than making you sleepy. If you already take magnesium and you’re menopausal, consider this your upgrade."


Straand The Daily Duo, £38

"My son and husband both have dandruff and they love this anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner with their zingy minty feel. They work not by stripping the scalp but by restoring balance using prebiotics. The shampoo has oil-busting salicylic acid too for a really clean feel. There’s a travel set The Mini Duo, £14 if you want to try before you fully commit. There’s something lovely for everyone in this impressive Aussie scalp range."


BBB London Sandalwood Candle, £30

"BBB London, the retail arm of Blink Brow Bar, may not be your first thought for buying a scented candle, but it’s a top insider tip! They burn beautifully and smell  both simple and divine. I’ve just finished the Indian Rose, known to be the scent of joy and optimism (there’s plenty of rose in BBB London skincare too), but as it’s currently sold out I’m replacing it with the soothing sandalwood candle. Both scents reflect the Indian heritage of Blink’s brand founder Vanita Parti, a brow pioneer who brought threading to the UK high street."


Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Luminous Blush Powder in Cheer, £26

"If you want next-level luminous Bridgerton cheeks, this is the powder blush to buy. It blends high pigment with just the right amount of iridescence in six shades (mine is the pale peach/rose Cheer). It’s easy to shop online thanks to swatch pictures on different skin tones. It makes a very pretty eyeshadow too. I recommend the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush Brush, £23 too which is perfectly shaped to create that rosy apple cheek."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Naturium Fermented Camellia Creamy Cleansing Oil, £22

"I am genuinely sad this cleanser has come to an end but I’ve squeezed and scraped every last drop out of it. The reason I love it so much? Firstly, it’s a great price. Secondly, it does everything you want a cleanser to do; cleans the skin, removes makeup all without leaving the skin feeling stripped but hydrated and plump instead. And finally it’s not overly cumbersome but still contains lots of product - it’s a great size for taking away with you, throwing in a gym bag or for in the shower. It fits into your life easily, and isn’t that what great beauty products are all about?"


Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist Travel Size, £23 for 12ml

"Tatcha skincare is expensive so thank goodness they do substantia travel sizes of their cult buys so you can try them first and decide if it’s worth investing in the more expensive bigger size (spoiler alert: it is). I have kept this spray in my makeup bag to use as a primer, on my desk for mid-afternoon perk-me-up spritzes and in hand luggage to keep my skin hydrated during a flight. Containing hydrating hyaluronic acid, rejuvenating algae, detoxifying green tea and nourishing rice extract, Tatcha say you can even use it to detangle hair. I wouldn’t waste it on that if I was you, keep all the goodness for your face."


Phlur Missing Person EDP, £29 for 10ml

"Continuing with my travel-sized theme is this slim 10ml bottle of cult fragrance, Missing Person but you can get this handy size in all of their brilliant scents. I keep the full-sized bottle at home and have this in my handbag and also took it on holiday to save space and weight. This scent has led the way in a resurgence of ‘naked’ scents; fragrances that almost mimic the scent of skin and this is so-called because it’s meant to remind the wearer of being embraced by a loved one they're missing. It’s a bit woody, a little musky and super comforting and the good news is that Phlur is now available at Space NK so you can go and sniff it for yourself."


Foodspring x Davina McCall Protein + Focus, £32.99

"Like many women, I struggle to eat enough protein and had always assumed protein powders were for gym bunnies or bodybuilders. However, when Davina McCall’s protein powder came into the office I thought I’d give it a go and haven’t looked back since. It contains plant-based protein from whey and sunflower seeds along with zinc, vitamin C, magnesium and ginseng, which is meant to help with mental focus. I mix three tablespoons of the powder with ice cubes, milk and water and whizz it up in a blender so it’s like a chocolate milkshake. It is quite sweet but it helps curb my afternoon craving for biscuits and makes the perfect post-run fuel."


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Tata Harper Vitamin Infused Creme Blush in Flirty, £25

"I’ve got cream blushers scattered all over my flat, and I never expected this one to become such a firm fave. Much more of a solid-oil consistency than a cream and boasting all-natural ingredients and nourishing seed oils, this little pot of blue-berry coloured ointment which somehow doesn’t look or feel oily, blends beautifully and gives a full-on wind-burnt flush. I also love the rich red ‘naughty’, which fortunately I haven’t finished yet."


Ilapothecary Magnesium & Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak, £59

My husband is threatening to get rid of our bath because neither of us use it very much, but It’s products like these that make me put paid to his plans. Bloody expensive (especially when you know that to really benefit from transdermal magnesium salts, you need to use at least a quarter of this pot per bath), this does really calm the system. The scent is deeply hypnotic (benzoin, vetiver, cedarwood, juniper – nothing limp and wimpy) and there’s amethyst in here, which is supposed to be anti-inflammatory and able to relax the nerves. Whatever it is, it appears to be working.


Living Proof Clarifying Detox Shampoo, £31

I just love this shampoo – so much so that I’ve been using it all the time even when you’re only supposed to reach for it once a week or so. A detox formula designed to remove build-up, it leaves hair literally squeaky-clean but does so without stripping surfactants so it doesn’t dry out my hair or scalp. Instead, it leaves them light and bright (it has charcoal and chelating agents to remove pollutants and heavy metals that dull and discolour hair), and, followed by a good conditioner, my hair comes out very soft and healthy-looking. The shampoo is a black cream that doesn’t foam – case in point that iridescent, rose-scented bubbles are no requirement for a hair wash that works.


E45 Face Foaming Cleanser, £9.99

I’ve probably said this a thousand times but I love cleansing mousses, whose bubbles are created by pushing a cleansing liquid through a pump mechanism and not through a chemical reaction from sulphates. It means you get tiny bubbles that help break up makeup and grime, but without any stripping of your skin. Some of these mousses are a bit watery and ineffectual but this is one of the good ones: a creamy-feeling, dense yet airy mousse that smoothly gets rid of even eye makeup (it’s not scented so safe around your eyes) while leaving skin comfortable and hydrated. And it’s less than a tenner!


Isla Huffadine, GTG Content Coordinator

Revitalash Cosmetics Revitabrow Advanced Eyebrow Serum, was £105 now £84 for a four-month supply

"We all know Revitalash for its popular eyelash serum, but I’ve finished my first tube of their brow conditioner and am onto the next. After a couple of months I have noticed fuller and healthier-looking brows and have done far less filling-in with my brow pencil. It contains their signature biopeptin complex, lipids, peptides and green tea extract to strengthen and condition brow hairs. Swipe a coat over your brows after cleansing,  I find it easiest as part of my night routine and remember consistency is key. Don’t expect an overnight transformation of bushy brows!"


Artah Cellular Hydration, £32

"If you struggle to drink enough water, this is for you. It's a citrus flavoured electrolyte that pimps up your water so you're taking in everything your body and mind needs to stay energised in one go. It's also a great way to replenish post-workout or as a way to get the minerals your body needs if you follow a keto or low-carb diet. As well as electrolytes it contains magnesium to aid sleep and muscular repair and vitamin C to boost immunity. As festival season approaches, I’ll be restocking as I’ve heard it's a lifesaver for the morning after the night before."


The Inkey List Hydrocolloid Invisible Pimple Patches, £9 for 22 patches

"Pimple patches can sometimes draw even more attention to pesky pimples, however these are completely transparent and have a matte finish, which helps blur and minimise shine. The combination of 99 per cent hydrocolloid, salicylic acid and succinic acid draws out pus and oils, manages redness and creates a protective layer over spots. You can even wear them under makeup and honestly you'll be amazed at how invisible they are."


Is Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum, £64

"When I saw US TikTok sensation Alix Earle using this serum to combat acne, I instantly snapped it up hoping it would sort my unhappy complexion out. Thankfully, it proved to be influencing to the finest degree as it has been brilliant. The blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and mushroom extract offers a soothing formula with rejuvenating benefits and antioxidant protection. Not only has it calmed my breakouts and balanced my skin but my acne scars look less obvious. Time to open the next bottle!"