Exosomes are one of the most sought-after skin rejuvenating tweakments – and the new E50 Exosome Skin Treatment is streets ahead for comfort and results. Here's why

Written in partnership with Beyond MediSpa

Exosome treatment has shot up the tweakment charts at speed, with fans praising its superior ability to calm inflamed skin and visibly rev up its regeneration and rejuvenation. 

Tipped as the future of healthy, glowing skin, these tiny bubbles are packed with skin cell kickstarting molecules to rev up your own healing and repair mechanisms. They have joined the line-up of the most popular tweakment options in most skin clinics around the country. 

But super-clinic Beyond MediSpa in London and Edinburgh Harvey Nichols has brought out an exosome treatment called E50 Exosome Skin Treatment.  It's one to watch as it's especially highly concentrated and the way it's delivered into your skin is less invasive with less downtime than many other exosome treatments out there. Plus there's a unique cryo tool that helps the skin-boosting elixir to get even deeper. Very clever!

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Read on to find exactly what E50 Exosome Skin Treatment involves.

E50 Exosome Skin Treatment before and after one month

What is E50 Exosome Skin Treatment?

Exosomes are something the body makes naturally. They are secreted by our own stem cells and are full of biomolecules with healing and signalling properties. They tell the skin to renew itself, patch up damage and sort out inflammation. 

E50 Exosomes, specifically, have the distinction of being derived from salmon, much like those other trending cell-regenerating molecules, polynucleotides.

The beauty of exosomes is that not only do they deliver a whole load of molecules that make a dramatic difference to skin health, but they do so really efficiently. They naturally fuse with our skin cells so that their cargo gets right inside the cells where they are needed.

Results can vary from dramatically reduced redness to noticeably less acne to plumped-out wrinkles and radiant skin. E50 Exosomes delivers up to 10,000 times more exosomes per vial than other exosomes available.

Their animal origin makes them more compatible with our skin than plant-based ones, according to their makers. They also boast something called MIEA technology, which means the cells have been stopped from dividing too often before they were harvested, so maximising their payload of active biomolecules.

What happens during the E50 Exosome Therapy treatment?

Despite being really good at getting deep into the cells, exosomes still need help being driven into the deeper skin layers. That’s why they are often delivered via radiofrequency microneedling (think Morpheus 8), which can be an uncomfortable treatment that leaves skin red and swollen for a few days.

But at Beyond MediSpa, the E50 exosomes are infused with simple microneedling, which is less traumatic and will only leave you flushed for a few hours.

Additionally, if you opt to get the treatment with a doctor (as opposed to a senior aesthetician) at the London clinic, the serum can be applied with a state-of-the-art piece of kit called TargetCool (above) a sort of ‘cryo gun’ that uses highly pressurised, sub-zero air to blast the serum even deeper into the skin. It’s painless and proven to result in 215 per cent deeper penetration of the active substance.

Does E50 Exosome therapy hurt?

"Microneedling is not considered a painful treatment, it's often described as a slightly scratchy feel as your practitioner uses a microneedling pen to create tiny micro-injuries in the skin,” says Dr Sana Sadiq, one of the cosmetic doctors doing the treatment at Beyond MediSpa.

Senior aestheticians with years of training and experience within the industry can also perform the procedure.

The microneedling part of the treatment itself will take around 20 minutes, which doesn't usually feel so long and you will see only tiny pinpoint drops of blood on the skin.  Exosome serum (a clear liquid) is then gently massaged in to start its journey to the heart of your skin cells.

How long does E50 Exosome Skin Treatment take?

A full-face treatment takes around an hour. The eye area can also be treated as a separate area: “The treatment is particularly effective here, at treating fine lines, hyperpigmentation and lax skin, says Sadiq. “It’s also suitable for people with chronic under-eye puffiness.” 

The neck can also be treated, as can the scalp, for stronger hair and boosted hair growth.

What is the downtime after exosome treatment?

You go straight back to work after exosome treatment – if you don’t mind people asking why you’re looking beet-red.  “The majority of patients find their skin can be red and flushed for 12 to 24 hours after the treatment, says Sadiq, who warns that you mustn’t wear any make-up or irritating products on your skin for at least 24 hours after the treatment and avoid the sun.

How many exosomes treatments do you need and what does E50 Exosome therapy cost?

A single treatment gets results but for the best outcome, Beyond MediSpa recommends a course of three, spaced three to four weeks apart.

A full-face session costs from £450 (a course from £1080) in Edinburgh and in London it's £600 (a course is £1500). If you want to add TargetCool in London it's £800 for one and £2000 for three.

Treating the eye area can only be done by a doctor and costs £250 as a stand-alone treatment – a course of three is £625.

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