If self-tanning your face is a daunting prospect, let us introduce you to Clarins Radiance Plus Daily Glow Booster. You’ll never look back

I’ll lay my cards on the table... I am TERRIFIED of fake tan, especially of the facial variety. Oompa Loompa legs are one thing, but visage à l’orange is quite another. It was with more than a little trepidation that I accepted this Daily Crush challenge, but I’m glad I did, as this novel, nifty little product is like no other self-tanner I’ve come across. It’s the future, both for for lifelong tan fans and scaredy cat pasty people like me.

The tanning elixir is packaged in a tiny Borrower-sized phial, presumably because you need just a few drops mixed with a moisturiser or night cream to transform your skin from grey to glowy.

There was no telltale DHA stench, no streaky tidemarks and no dramatic shift in skintone - just a light, lit-from-within warmth. The customised application method means that you’re in control of the intensity and shade of your tan at all times, which is a godsend for paler skins, and it really couldn’t be simpler to use. Truly a tailor-made tanning breakthrough in my books.

Clarins Radiance Plus Daily Glow Booster, £18, buy online at  www.clarins.co.uk.