Sk:n clinics has revealed a new site that shares exclusive revelations about what your life will be like over the next five decades

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Skin clinic sk:n has launched Find Your Future Face , a website which gives you an insight into what your life will be like 50 years from now. Using results from an exclusive lifestyle futurology report, compiled by futurologist Ray Hammond, sk:n reveals what’s waiting for you half a century from now. Once you enter the site and answer a selection of lifestyle questions, you’ll be given a glimpse into how your daily routine and beauty regime will change.

This Glossy was told she’ll be taking holidays in space, get a chip implanted under her skin to alter between realities and will have a holographic at-home trainer to encourage getting more active. Think Total Recall meets The Jetsons.

As advances in health and wellbeing have improved, we could be set to live longer, while reversing the effects of ageing. Hammond, who has dedicated his work to looking at advances in technology, social trends and medicine, said: “With massive leaps in technology and medicine affecting almost every aspect of our lives, our lifestyles and attitudes seem fated to evolve exponentially, with the majority of people living for longer.

“Interestingly, the over-30s should expect to live up to 10 years longer than their parents, while today’s under-30s could live 30 or 40 years longer than the generation before them.”

Predicted changes painted an interesting picture for what the future may hold. These included DNA-tailored medicine to help grow ‘back-up’ organs, driverless cars by 2060, 3D printing to create bespoke items of clothing (can we have this now?!) and glowing trees to light up your journey home. Additionally, you could find yourself feasting on insects as a source of protein. Bon appetit.