The new Scholl Pedi Roller ensures totally flawless feet this summer

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Not just a time for baring legs, bums and tums, summertime also means exposing our feet which can be just a daunting process as any. Tucked away for the majority of the year, our feet can become a little, shall we say, neglected. However, you can say goodbye to foot phobias and hard heel dramas with the Velvet Smooth Express Scholl Pedi Roller, which helps to buff weary, winter feet into silky, soft skin.

A rotating electrical device, the Scholl Pedi Roller works to remove hard skin from feet quickly and effortlessly. Simply rotate the device over problem areas of the foot and move in circular motions using light to medium pressure (be prepared for seriously tickly patches). In just a matter of minutes your feet are left looking and feeling refreshed, revived and totally renewed - the ideal at-home pedicure pamper product.

For an extra soft and silky finish follow by applying a splash of extra hydrating and nourishing foot moisturiser to leave you with soft and flawless feet.

Scholl Pedi Roller, £39.99, is available from