There's a spenny skincare product she has to keep hidden away from husband Wayne and a surprising item in her makeup bag - everything you've ever wanted to know about Frankie Bridge's makeup, skin and hair routine

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There are many strings to Frankie Bridge’s bow. She became a household name as one-fifth of pop sensation, The Saturdays having previously been in the teen pop group S Club Juniors. She has written two books around the importance of talking about mental health, and is a regular panellist on Loose Women, TV shows and podcasts.

When we sit down to chat (over Zoom) 34-year-old Frankie has recently finished her West End debut in play, 2:22 A Ghost Story.

However, her stellar career wasn’t the hot topic for our convo. I of course wanted to delve into Frankie Bridge’s beauty must-haves. And I wanted to know it all; from the products she relies on to get her ready whether she’s dashing off to work or taking her two boys to school to anything she has to keep hidden from her husband, ex-footballer and Strictly sensation, Wayne Bridge.

What is the bargain beauty product you buy on repeat?

"I am brow-obsessed. I’ve tried so many different products but my makeup artist - Malin Coleman - recommended Schwarzkopf got2b Glued 4 Brows & Edges 2in1 Gel, £5.50 and I haven’t looked back. It’s really good. It literally sticks brows down and they do not move."

What is the most expensive beauty product that's worth the splurge?

"It’s another brow thing. Revitabrow, £105 . There are cheaper options but I’ve found that it works. I was really sceptical at first but as everyone raves about it I gave it a go. I over-plucked my eyebrows back in the day and I have no eyebrows in the middle. I started using this every night and they’ve grown back in the middle for the first time in 15 years. Every time I go and get my brows done, the girl who does them says ‘I just can’t believe it. It just makes me so excited that they’re there!"

Anything people wouldn’t expect to find in your makeup bag?

"My youngest son is obsessed with rocks and crystals so I get given random ‘good’ rocks. And when they find a really good rock you’ve just got to stick with it."

What is the one product you couldn’t leave the house without using?

"Alongside a brow product, it would be lip balm. I mainly use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm, £15.40. I have a tub of it in every handbag, each of my cars and a few somewhere around the house. I hate having dry lips, it’s a bit of an obsession and I like the matte finish that a balm gives. If I’m going out for dinner and I don’t want to wear lipstick I’ll use a tinted balm. I like the Honest Beauty Tinted Lip Balm, £18 or the By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Balm, £40."

What’s the best tip a makeup artist has told you?

"There are two. The first is layering makeup. Instead of going in heavy with foundation, concealer or eye shadow build it all up instead. It gives you more control of what your look is like at the end. 

The second is something really simple, but I don’t think enough people do it and that’s washing your brushes. I’m not saying I’m great at doing it myself by the way and then I wonder why I get spots! But when I do remember to do it, I either use a specific makeup brush cleaning solution and wipe it clean on a tissue or I use shampoo and clean them in the sink."

What was the first beauty product you ever bought?

"Lancôme Juicy Tubes, £18.75. In S Club Juniors we were obsessed with them! They were such a makeup moment then. We weren’t really allowed to wear much makeup but they were something we could use. Watermelon was my favourite. I don’t normally love a glossy lip but I would go back for a Juicy Tube."

Anything from your beauty stash that you have to keep hidden from your husband?

"I have to hide my Obagi ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish, £65 from him. I use a pea size amount but when he finds it he uses a whole handful. Then I go to use it and it’s gone. And it’s really expensive! Also, he never takes it out of the shower when it’s empty, it just lives in there and then I go to use it while I’m in the shower and I can’t. I got him his own one, but that made no difference because his runs out and then he uses mine. My son found my Olaplex once and started using it. His hair looked great but he absolutely didn’t need it."

You’re known for your gorgeous hair. Are you good at styling it yourself?

"It’s a real mix. My hair is quite stubborn. I have found since my hairdresser Bobby Collier from Larry King cut my hair into this bob that I can leave it like this all day and it looks fine."

What would you be your hair desert island product?

"Probably Slip Skinny Scrunchies, £21.75 . They don’t get tangled in your hair or make it as kinky. And if I’m on a desert island and can’t wash my hair then they are really nice for shoving your hair up and getting it off your face."

You’re an ambassador for Perfectil - what's your top tip for taking supplements regularly?

"I keep them my Perfectil Original, £24.25 in two places where I am guaranteed to see them. One is in the kitchen next to the tea and coffee. I have a cup of tea every morning, so that helps remind me to take them with my breakfast. Then I always have some in my handbag so if I’m rushing out the door going to work when I sit down for breakfast or lunch, it’s in there and I can take it with food or once I've eaten."

As a busy mum, what are your go-to products for a 5-minute face?

"Of course something on my brows and some lip balm. A bit of concealer, I’ve really got into the Rose Inc Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer, £24 and I also like Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, £25. And then some powder bronzer - I like the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder, £32. It has a really good staying -power."

Do you have a signature scent?

"I have worn Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline EDT, £60 for 30ml for about 20 years. It’s the only perfume I’ve ever worn. I’m really sensitive to smell. Lots give me headaches and make me feel sick. This is the only one I can wear."

Are there any beauty looks your husband and kids don’t like on you?

"When I was in The Saturdays and on tour I would wear three pairs of strip lashes on stage. Wayne had never seen me like that as we had just started dating. I went back to his house after a show and he was like ‘What have you got on your eyes?’. They were like slugs in my eyes! My kids don’t like it when I look too different. So if I do a red lip they say ‘What have you got on your face? Why are you wearing that?’ You can’t get anything past kids!"

Frankie Bridge is a Perfectil ambassador. Perfectil is available to buy at Boots, Superdrug and independent pharmacies nationwide