Chanel’s Le Vernis is cute, colourful and chip-free certified

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Here at GTG we love nail colour, but not the problems that come with it. Hours of drying time, numerous smudges and chipping when we’re finished can sometimes render the whole experience rather redundant. Enter Chanel with their Le Vernis range for nails, the colourful, caring and glossy polish that’s all set to hot up our summer.

The finger-friendly range is made up of a rainbow of colours and packs a pretty powerful punch as far as summer nails are concerned. Girly shades like Orange Fizz and Ballerina are perfect for laid-back beauty days spent lounging in the sun, while Tutti Frutti and Holiday are just what the beauty doctors ordered for a naughty night out on the tiles. Bright and bold, each shade is perfectly formulated for just the right mix of gloss, glamour and intensity, and comes with its own quirky name to help nails stand out from the crowd.

Not content with great colour, this polish also has a practical edge. Dermatologically tested, it protects the fragile nature of the nail, conditioning and caring for what’s underneath as well as providing a colour-rich coat for what’s on top. Special resins ensure chip-proof hardening action in minutes and specially formualted solvents give a resistant and glossy film finish. For chip-free lasting hold this summer, why not try Chanel out for size?

Chanel Le Vernis, £18, available to  buy online