The award for the best metrosexual selfie goes to... P Diddy. Emma Gunavardhana has her eye on the new trend for 'beauties'

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The morning after the Golden Globes and Glossip Girl's Instagram feed was not what we were expecting. Instead of red carpet triumphs there was re-gram after re-gram of one super star's pre-event beauty regime.

And it wasn't Jennifer Lawrence in a dressing gown, Amy Adams with her rollers in or Emma Thompson doing a selfie in her pre-awards bath - it was super cool producer/rapper/actor P Diddy.

We've learned a lot from Puffy/Diddy/Sean over the years - not least that more money means more problems - but at the Golden Globes he schooled us in beauty and the benefits of a little pre-red carpet prep. Suited and booted with eye patches - presumably for bags or dark circles - he looked a picture. And let's face it, it takes a real man to pull this off. This takes metrosexual up a notch.

Normally we only hear about how the stars get red-carpet-ready via their glam squads who share the secrets after the event. But there is a trend, as evidenced by Puffy, for being upfront and honest about the getting ready process.

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Kim Kardashian has Instagrammed pictures of facial acupuncture and the vampire facial - the latter being rather alarming to see, while Michael Buble showed his metrosexual side by sharing a close-up of a mud mask.

Jared Leto, who is winning award after award at the current crop of ceremonies for his portrayal of transgender Rayon in The Dallas Buyers Club, shared part of the preparation for his role when he posted images of him getting his eyebrows waxed. Over-sharing maybe, but we have to admit to giving him props for taking a picture instead of wincing.

Chrissy Teigen shared full-on nudity during a spray tan, Bar Refaeli shared a pre-op selfie before having a mole removed, while Jessie J shared how she looked wearing a hydrating sheet-mask.

As ever there's always one celebrity who'll take the whole thing a little further than perhaps it needs to go... Enter, Gisele Bundchen. Let's face it, she's pretty much thought of as one of, if not the, most beautiful women in the world and for some that might be enough. Gisele, though, has more to prove and her latest upload, which comes after sharing images of her doing yoga with her daughter, is having hair, nails and make-up done whilst breast-feeding.

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