With team A-list leading the way, you no longer need to let time catch up with your body...

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We’re used to seeing the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook and various Victoria’s Secrets models posting selfies and bikini-body-shots all over social media. With youth on their side it’s easy to put their long, lean limbs and taut tums down to genetics and access to the best trainers around, as we swallow our admiration/jealousy.

But things have taken a turn… Just last week Elle Macpherson posted an image of her bikini body and the world’s media has collectively described it as ‘stunning’, ‘rocking’ and ‘insane’. It’s not a surprise to see Elle looking so smokin’, after all she’s the model who was dubbed ‘The Body’, but why have jaws dropped everywhere? Because at 50 Elle has no business looking so hot, or does she?

The idea that the body beautiful is reserved only for the young has been turned completely on its head of late, with Elle, being just one star who still looks taut and toned despite being way past her twenties.

Having recently launched her Super Elixir , a super-greens supplement powder that alkalises the body, it seems the answer lies within the Macpherson gene pool and the addition of this daily vitamin boost. After a visit to her doctor having described herself as ‘not feeling great’ the results came back that Elle’s body was acidic - caused by ‘stress, travel and lack of sleep’. Elle is the epitome of beach chic and has made no secret of her love of staying active, but even she has to lay a lot of the credit at the Super Elixir’s door.

Likewise, Sofia Vergara is in her early 40s, but has a bikini body to rival most. On a recent holiday in Mexico the mother-of-one was snapped in a two-piece and even she admitted, ‘damn, I still look good!’ when her taut, toned bum looked like the rear of a 20-something in her Brazilian brief bottoms. While, like Elle, Sofia is the first to acknowledge a luck of the biological draw, ‘I have genetics to thank, I’ve always had a fast metabolism,’ she admits, ‘I’ve never really had to suffer for it like some of my friends do, but now that I’m older, it’s about trying to keep it up.’ She’s now quite the fan of TRX and one-on-one sessions with famed celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Then there’s Jennifer Lopez, who like Elle has been moving away from acids and towards alkaline thanks to her Vegan diet under the coaching of Marco Borges (the man behind Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s new lifestyle). At 45 she’s looking hotter, and dare we say, younger than ever.

Yes, these girls have access to the best know-how around and have the incentive to work extra hard for their bodies, but the real lesson here is that if they can, then anyone can…