The pop star turned fashion designer doesn’t miss a trick to stay super fit and healthy

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Few Twitter feeds are as a) entertaining and b) informative as Victoria Beckham’s. How she has time to populate such a never-miss-a-tweet feed in between designing garms and being a mother to four children is quite beyond us. But while some stars have someone tweeting for them, we’re pretty confident VB is solely responsible for everything that hits the twittersphere under @victoriabeckham .

From hilarious snaps to sneak previews of her fashion collections with a few cute family pics thrown in, what’s really standing out lately are her insights on health and beauty. We know Victoria loves nothing more than pounding the treadmill to get her cardio on, is an avid follower of Vicki Edgson's Honestly Healthy  book, and now we know, thanks to her June 10th tweet, that Flight Club NYC is where she heads to get her gym shoes. Days later she tweeted out quite how much she loved her latest buy – a swish new pair of Nike Air Max. They have most certainly been added to Glossip Girl’s ‘most wanted’ wish-list.

As for that never-looks-anything-other-than-flawless skin of hers, Victoria’s June 9th tweet gives a little insight into how she get camera ready. The fashion designer tweeted a pic of her This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up , a mask, moisturiser and all-in-one that took pride of place in and amongst some Stila goodies in her bathroom.

It’s long been known that Victoria prefers her food steamed and her meat white, but her sweet tooth and a few health check-boxes are getting what they need with a teaspoon of Virgin Raw Foods Bee Panacea  every day. The Royal Honey is infused with 20 superfoods and herbs and its list of benefits, which includes; anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, supporting the immune system and hormone balancing benefits, is seemingly endless. Again, Glossip Girl is ordering a job lot – no questions asked.

A teaspoon of honey will either be closely preceded or followed by a wheatgrass shot, if her May 6th tweet is anything to go by. Another tiny dose that packs a powerful punch wheatgrass’ many benefits include being a blood builder, aiding digestion, alleviating a sore throat and treating many skin complaints.

If you’re into a protein shake immediately after a gym session then think again because VB’s choice is much more saintly. Not dissimilar in ingredients to the infamous Master Cleanse Victoria fires up her metabolism with a Juice Crafters Elixir containing cayenne pepper, lemon and ginger.

All in all her health and beauty choices – which are hugely intermingled for what seems to be an inside-out approach – are all sound options for a more beautiful outside and a healthier inside. Perhaps all of that is nicely wrapped up in her April 12th tweet that simply read: “Take your journey, change your body, find your soul.”

Never change Victoria, never change.

Photo Credit - @victoriabeckham