From the SPF that our writer described as the best she's ever applied to the new eye balm that reduces puffiness and makes you look like you've had a week in St Tropez. Here are some of the new beauty wonders that have caught our attention this week

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Summer holidays are a mixed bag of emotions. There is the relaxation and freedom that comes with having (hopefully) some time off from the usual daily routine. Then there’s the stress of filling quite a few weeks of empty time if you have small people in your life. This is why there’s never been a better time for some beauty newness that will either boost your hair, skin or makeup bag when you’re away or simply bring you a little bit of happiness first thing in your bathroom at home. So that is what we have to offer this week. There’s the new fig-based perfume from Phlur which is set to be a huge success, a throat and décolleté oil from neck experts, Prai that plumps up vertical skin lines in front of your very eyes as well as a skin tint from Hourglass that is perfection in a tube. Not to mention the room spray that helps sparks creativity and comes with a pencil floating about in it. How could that not make you smile every time you use it?! Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

The new cult fragrance: Phlur Father Figure EDP, £96 for 50ml 

“Phlur (the cool US fragrance brand) has got another smash hit scent on their hands with this. Father Figure (an excellent name for a fig-based perfume) follows on from the viral sensation that is Missing Person and their summer scent Solar Power. It is not dissimilar to Missing Person in that it contains the brand’s signature note of skin musks which gives everything they create a sexy, sultry and familiar feel but this has a bit more oomph thanks to the gorgeous fig notes mixed with waterlily, vanilla, iris, jasmine and sandalwood. If you love fig fragrances then there’s no way that you are not going to adore this one.”

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The does-it-all serum: Liz Earle Skin Repair Hydrating Serum, £20.80 

“I am continually asked about which is the best serum to use and of course the answer is nuanced and slightly complicated depending on your skin type and needs. However, if you have uncomplicated skin and looking for a serum that’s going to hydrate your skin and give it some gentle TLC then this is a great option from a brand that everyone trusts. It contains hyaluronic acid and snow mushroom to offer hydration, niacinamide which helps with skin texture and echinacea for calming.”

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The upcycled cleanser: My Skin Feels Clean Fruity Foaming Face Wash, £28 

“Taking eco credentials to the next level is this clever brand (created by Danielle Close who was Charlotte Tilbury’s right hand woman for years) it uses recycled water and Italian food waste (which is organic and sustainable) - most specifically tomato skin from ketchup manufacturing and orange juice, both rich in vitamin C, leftover olive oil that is super nourishing and breakfast oats that are skin-soothing. The products are all made in Brighton and one per cent of sales go towards Brighton and Hove Food Partnership to help fight food waste. Most importantly though, it is a good product - a light gel cleanser that slightly foams up but doesn’t strip the skin. A great option for the whole family from tweens, teens and grown-ups alike.”

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The fine hair filler: Living Proof Full Volume & Root-Lifting Spray, £26

“Calling all fellow fine haired beauties. If you’re looking for a blow-dry spray that creates extra oomph, doesn’t feel sticky and offers heat protection then here you go. There’s not a Living Proof hair product I haven’t enjoyed using and this not only made my hair easier to blow-dry, but smells gorgeous too and does everything you need in one bottle making life (and hair styling) far simpler.”

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Kerry Potter, GTG Contributing Editor

The superlative dark circle disguiser: Tula Gold Glow + Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm, £29

“This little golden stick of magic from Tula, the cult US brand founded by a gastroenterologist, is fantastic for minimising dark circles – and I speak with authority as someone who has suffered them for over 40 years. I slick it on under my eye concealer and then reapply several times a day. It gives a delicious golden sheen, not too sparkly but just enough to make me look suspiciously awake and alert during the 4pm weekday slump, while the blend of caffeine, hyaluronic acid, aloe and rosewater soothes, plump and hydrates. You will find it in my handbag for evermore.”

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The skin plumper that nixes sun damage: Prai Beauty Ageless Throat and Decolletage Oil, £20

“This is a new companion product to Prai’s mega-hit Ageless Throat and Decolletage Crème (£27), of which one sells every 60 seconds in M&S. I’ve been rubbing in a couple of drops  daily on my horribly crispy summer chest (yes, I do wear factor 50 but I didn’t when I was a twentysomething idiot) for a fortnight and it has noticeably improved the appearance of a long, vertical line of sun damage. You can either layer it over the original cream, add a few drops into the cream or use it alone. It totally works.”

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The no-nonsense spot zapper: Dermalogica Deep Breakout Liquid Patch, £35

“Touted as an antidote to all those eco-unfriendly spot stickers, this liquid patch – well, just liquid to be honest – is designed to be rubbed over blemishes at night. I was keen to test it as it contains 4% niacinamide, an ingredient that has worked wonders on improving my skin, plus sulphur and camphor. After just one application it calmed down and dried up a smattering of forehead zits that were threatening to ruin my day.”

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Ingeborg van Lotringen, Contributing Beauty Editor

The easy breezy eyeshadow fix: Rare Beauty All Of The Above Shadow Stick in Compassion, £21 

"Gotta be honest, not a fan of tiresome celebrity-led beauty brands. But these products ‘by’ (not really of course) Selena Gomez are good and quite up my street. Rich but wearable colour, multi-purpose, easy to build and easy to apply. And featuring no less than six shades of long-wear eyeshadow sticks, my favourite! This one called ‘Compassion’ (how very Millennial, all the names are ‘empowering’) is a bit different in that it’s a rich burgundy. Scary at first to use around the eye (mixomatosis springs to mind), it’s actually very flattering and makes green and blue eyes pop like mad."

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The stimulating room spray: Free The Birds Beautiful Thinking Room Spray, £39.99 

"Speaking of empowering, this scented mist really does. Free The Birds donates all its profits to Create, a charity that aims to empower people via the important but much put-upon creative arts. This functional fragrance was designed to light up parts of the brain for imagination and focus, working hard at inspiring original ideas and breaking through writer’s block (many thanks). Rich and broody, it’s a woody blend of cedar, patchouli, peppermint and rhubarb that brings to mind fresh allotment soil as well as pencil shavings – hence, I assume, the pencil in every bottle. Much more intense than your average room spray, the scent hangs around forever to assist you in your creative endeavours."

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The shampoo that's so much more: Ilapothecary Head Space Shampoo, £38, 

"Clearing your head in more ways than one, this aloe and plant-derived cleanser-based shampoo is intensely scented with mint, lavender and niaouli (which smells a bit like eucalyptus) for a really bracing, reviving aromatherapy hit that feels calming and fortifying at the same time. The oils have antiseptic, antibacterial, calming and circulation-boosting properties so help to deep-cleanse the scalp without stripping it. Like a cold scalp rinse without the chills."

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The modern multitasking flush: Mii Cosmetics Colour Wonder Lip and Cheek Balm, £23.50 

"Judging from the number of launches in this category, people have lost their fear of cream blushers, and as well they might. Some may have been a bit oily in the past, risking interfering with your foundation, but modern balm formulas have a velvety finish that can be effortlessly dabbed on with a finger and blended with just a few easy pats from said finger or a blending brush for a flushed-from-within colour. These Mii ones are ultra-high in pigment so watch out: a little goes a very long way. As a lip balm, they are slightly on the dry side and look more like an intense stain; top with clear balm for comfort and gloss."

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Amy Rostas, GTG Beauty and Social Media Assistant

The makeup-skincare hybrid: Hourglass Veil Hydrating Skin Tint, £49

"I am obsessed with skin tints and this new one from Hourglass has gone straight into my makeup bag. It's suitable for all skin types, but as someone with dry, sensitive skin this feels like it was made for me as it's packed with hydrating ingredients and feels more like skincare than makeup. It gives very light coverage, which is buildable but you may need to team it with concealer. I can wear this all day without it making my skin feel tight. There are 18 flexible shades to choose from, I’d recommend using or visit a store to find your perfect match."

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Holiday glow in a bottle: NARS Afterglow Liquid Blush in Brazen, £30.50

"This new liquid blusher has also taken up permanent residency in my summer makeup routine. It gives skin the most beautiful, radiant glossy glow quickly and easily. It's incredibly silky and blends like a dream, even when I use my fingers. It comes in five shades including the brand's iconic shade, Orgasm but the peachy-coral shade, Brazen is my personal fave. The finish is a lovely blend of blush and highlighter. Loving it!"

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The speedy mascara: Huda Beauty 1 Coat WOW!, £20

"The brand promise you only need one coat of this and I can confirm they are correct! I am lucky enough to have quite long lashes, so I'm not sure if this gave me more length but the curved side of the brush definitely brought bonus volume. And anything that makes my makeup routine quicker is a winner in my book."

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The tinted balm: Kylie Cosmetics Tinted Butter Balm in She's Lovely, £17

"This has had some major TikTok hype – and let me tell you, it deserves it.  If there's one thing Kylie Jenner knows it's lips. This balm is agorgeously understated mauve-nude shade with a dash of rosy goodness. It applies smoothly like a balm, leaving you hydrated but with a pigmented wash of colour (less sheer than you'd think, but not as heavy as a lipstick). Plus, it's got lots of lip-loving and hydrating ingredients in there."

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Jemma Thompson, GTG Design and Social Media Manager

The undetectable SPF: Ultra Violette Fave Fluid SPF 50+ Lightweight Skinscreen, £37

"This is quite possibly the thinnest SPF consistency and best face SPF I've ever come across. Which is a godsend for someone like me who dislikes heavy, gloopy formulations. With my oily/combination skin, I'm always in search of a product with a light texture that won't congest my pores and can provide incredible comfort all day long — this ticks all those boxes and more. Infused with niacinamide, it bestows a dewy, balanced complexion, while vitamin E enhances skin hydration and reinforces the skin barrier. This SPF effectively safeguards against UVA and UVB rays, leaving you with a luminous, radiant complexion."

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For effortless radiance: By Terry Brightening CC Luminizer, £32

"This highlighter/luminizer hybrid has become an essential in my makeup routine, effortlessly blending into the skin to provide a natural, vibrant glow. It features light-reflecting pigments that subtly blur imperfections. For anyone who’s a fan of YSL’s Touche Éclat £23.20, they both have very similar textures, although I’d say By Terry contains slightly more shimmer (never a bad thing if you ask me). The universal shade is ideal for all skin tones and is super versatile, as it can be used alone as a highlighter, as a thin base, or mixed for an all-over radiance."

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The spa in a jar: Ella & Jo Melt The Day Away Cleansing Balm, £36

"This cleansing balm is like a mini spa treatment wrapped up in a Barbiecore jar. It combines a luxurious texture with impressive cleansing power. Its rich formula, supercharged with antioxidant ingredients including squalene, raspberry seed oil, and more, effortlessly dissolves makeup, impurities, and SPF, leaving you with skin that feels soft and hydrated instead of tight and dry. The subtle, soothing scent of lavender, geranium, rose, and mint makes my double cleanse routine a relaxing experience I look forward to every day."

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For hair and scalp therapy: Manta Pulse Electric Scalp Massager, £65

"Here's the thing – I've never been a fan of using scalp brushes. I've always considered them gimmicky and with my thick, coarse hair, I've never come across one that could reach my roots. However, this is a real game-changer! The two settings employ magnetic pulsations (around 2,000 or 4,000 per minute) that effectively stimulate the scalp, provide a gentle exfoliation, and minimise hair breakage on dry or wet hair (it's 100 per cent waterproof). I also really like using it on dry hair when I have a headache or to alleviate stress and tension. The ergonomic brush is suitable for all hair types and it boasts an impressive battery life – a single charge can last up to 90 minutes. This is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to boost their hair and scalp health with a side of stress relief too."

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Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

Summer Skin Essential: Dermatica Photodamage Defence Sunscreen SPF50, £15.95

"After years of ignoring the warnings of the damaging effects of UV rays I now suffer from pigmentation spots on my face. Now in my late 50s, I’m always on the look-out for great SPF face creams that are not too cloggy. My latest discovery is this by Dermatica, a science led affordable skincare range that you can rely on to deliver good results. Their new SPF50 sunscreen easily applies, is non-greasy and doesn’t leave you looking like a ghost. It works as a great base under moisturiser and doesn't peel with foundation. It absorbs quickly, has no fragrance and is keeping those blasted sun spots away."

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All Eyes on You: Emolyne Lac Rose Eyeshade Crème, £24

"My favourite lipstick brand, Emolyne has launched a range of dazzling five eye-shadow creams inspired by the deep colours of Africa. Pigment rich pots of shimmery colour which have a weightless, creamy texture, and a sparkle to their buttery buildable formula. My favourite is the Lac Rose shade which is inspired by Senegal’s dramatic coastline and the coral-hued salt rich waters. It’s leaves a glistening rose hue and is perfect for day or night but there's also a mineral-rich earthy hue, a dewy green, a  shimmering silver and a gorgeous golden sand colour."  

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Unlock radiant skin: Skinician Hyaluronic Elixir, £38 

"I'm always on the look-out for deeply hydrating skincare solutions that will make my taut skin feel supple and plump. Skinician is an excellent, science based brand and I’ve been using their new hyaluronic acid serum for the last couple of weeks and it hasn’t disappointed. It’s been formulated with three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to deliver intense hydration as well as plumping fine lines and shielding the skin’s natural barrier. I’ve been slapping on a few drops on cleaned skin at night and the weightless, slippery texture instantly absorbs. The results are immediate and long lasting."

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Travel in style with beauty minis: Jo Loves Pomelo Travel Collection, £45 

Cabin bag only lovers listen-up! Jo Loves has launched the most delicious travel sized toiletries collection in best-selling scent, Pomelo which for the uninitiated is fresh and woody, with grapefruit, vetiver and patchouli and conjures up everything wonderful about the summer. I’m always amazed by how much I can get into my hand-luggage case but the last minute beauty product grapple before security is always a pain. Thankfully this range that comes in its own transparent, airline approved travel bag and includes a bath and show gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner is (pretty much) all you need."

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