We've hunted down the latest beauty buys to see you into 2024 and the great news is they all come with a budget price tag

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Oh, January. It's not the most fun of months, is it? But we're here to change all that. Because, while we know that budgets are tight following December's festivities, we still all need some beauty treats to either replace what has been used up or to simply try out something new. And, boy oh boy, do we have some great options for you. From the new glow-giving face product that's a best-seller in the US and has just hit our shelves to the £10 blemish-busting gel that our writer declares is the best she's ever tried. All these products come with a GTG seal of approval and are £20 and under. Enjoy!  

SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Maybelline Sky High Mascara in Burgundy Haze, £12.99

“I’ve always favoured brown mascara thanks to it being less severe on my fair lashes compared to black, but some browns lack a bit of punch, which is required now and again. This strikes the perfect balance. It is a gorgeous deep reddy brown, which makes the whites of eyes whiter and more sparkling and gives a little bit more something-something than standard brown. I don’t need to tell you how brilliant the actual mascara is as it’s the best-selling mascara in the UK, so chances are you’ve already tried it in its original format but I believe this new colour option is going to take sales to a new height.”


L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion, £18.70

“New to us in the UK but a firm-favourite in the US where it's L'Oreal's best-selling face product, is this hydrating, glow-giving skin tint. It comes in four shades - fair, light, medium and deep -  with a side of hyaluronic acid powered hydration. Do not expect it to conceal or even out skin tone as it isn’t about that; it’s more about delivering of a veil of shimmery healthy glow so you instantly look more revived and refreshed - something we could probably all do with right now. You can pop it on bare skin for a little bit of luminosity or add it to your skincare or foundation to give it extra glow. It works on all skin tones because it has the flex to either add highlighter sheen or a bronzing effect.”


Naturium KP Body Scrub & Mask, £20

"I'm guilty as most of not exfoliating my body enough, deeming it one step too many for me to deal with in my always rushed morning shower. However, January is the perfect time of year to pay a little more attention and this product makes it even more effortless and effective. It contains AHA's, BHA's and PHA's that gently dissolve and lossen dead skin as well as pumice and jojoba grains to provide mechanical exfoliation. So all you need to do is a cursory swipe and wipe over your skin and it does the rest. Plus, as with all Natuium products, you get a lot of product for your money making this a inexpensive investment."


Cerave Advanced Repair Ointment, £14

“Containing Cerave’s usual blend of skin-repairing ceramides, hydrating hyaluronic and pharmaceutical-grade petrolatum, this rich balm will be a lifesaver for anyone with severely dry, chapped or eczema-prone skin. I’m not a skier but can imagine this would also be used for protecting the skin against the cold and wind on the slopes. A little goes a long way and it takes a while to sink in but if it’s repairing, healing and hydration you need then this is it.”


Ingeborg van Lotringen, Contributing Beauty Editor

Lotil Nourishing Foot Cream,£4.69

"A bargain for a pot of cream so rich you need very little of it each time. Based on deep-moisturising lanolin and supremely hydrating glycerine, it also has antioxidant rosemary extract and soothing cannabis oil and aloe, plus oleic acid which helps other ingredients penetrate better. It’ll have your crusty winter feet feel soft again in just a few applications, and smelling pepperminty."


Feeling Wonky Rebalance + Restore, £17.99

"How cute – three pocket packs of nutrients to prevent the worst of your hangover. Rip open a pack before bed after a heavy night and down six caps (it has to be said, by husband is his inebriated state baulked at this) of multivitamins, minerals, and nootropic mushroom and herbs such as ashwagandha and reishi to replenish what you’ve guzzled away. Then take the only two bright green caps in the pack the next morning to repair your system with amino acids and liver-supporting milk thistle. Having been on the Absinthe for New Year’s Eve, these didn’t quite prevent us feeling rubbish on New Year’s Day but it could have been a lot worse, and bizarrely I looked pretty sprightly."


Indu Cheeky Smile Creamy Lip & Cheek Tint, £12

"Created for teenagers but why should they have all the fun? These blendable cream colours (in four shades) come in a bouncy mousse texture that’s soft but not oily (so the finish is matte), and are delivered in recyclable plant-fibre packs. The colour pods inside can be clicked into an £10 customisable palette (free if you spend £20 or more on colour pods – there are eyeshadows, highlighters and bronzers too). Clever idea, but more importantly, the makeup is really good, understated and easy to use."


Straand The Crown Cleanse, £20

"Rebalancing the scalp microbiome with prebiotics and without stripping ingredients is a great idea for fighting dandruff and dry, itchy, flaky scalps; it should keep the problem under control long-term. This big bottle of Australian shampoo is mild and mostly plant-based, regulating sebum-causing fungi with rosebay extract, clogged scalps with salicylic acid, and dull, tired stands with hydrating and conditioning agents. Best of all, it comes in a nice shouty colour so my husband can recognise what it is and stop trying to wash his hair with body lotion."


Kerry Potter, GTG Contributing Editor

Umberto Giannini  Rosemary Scalp and Hair Oil, £9.99

"My 15-year-old daughter is obsessed with getting her corkscrew curls to grow longer so was all over the TikTok rosemary oil trend (in fact, she probably started it). She was thus desperate to test this one from the high-street brand that’s brilliant for curly girls. She’s only two weeks in so it’s too early to say whether it’ll turn her into Rapunzel (and the science is shaky there) but it’s certainly making her hair smell delicious, softening her curls and taming split ends. She loves the precision pipette which means, unlike some other brands, you don’t end up with an oil slick scalp."


John Frieda ProFoller Shampoo and Conditioner, £5.70 each

"After a bout of Covid that made my hair fall out and having my much-loved filler extensions removed, my crowning glory was looking limper than a month-old lettuce. Hurray then for this shampoo and conditioner dynamic duo, pimped with biotin and hyaluronic acid, which absolutely do what they say on the tin (well, tube). My fine bob looked far, far thicker after just one go, and I can now get loads more volume in at the roots when I blow dry. A game-changer for me - and an affordable one too."


The Inkey List Bio Active Ceramide Rapairing and Plumping Moisturiser, £19

"The Inkey List is always a smart bet for well-priced products for the skincare savvy (you do need to know your stuff to be able to navigate around this range). This new moisturiser is stuffed with next-gen ceramides, which are, apparently, better than the current ones. What I can tell you with confidence is that it felt as luxe on my face as a product that costs two or three times more, it plumped and calmed my skin barrier during this filthy winter weather and encouraged makeup to glide on beautifully. It’s no frills and won’t look sexy on your bathroom shelf but it works."


Becki Murray, GTG Contributing Editor

Pantene Molecular Bond Repair Conditioner, £5.99

"Bond-repairing haircare products are having another big moment at the moment, but you don’t have to break the bank to see and feel the benefits (Olaplex who?). Designed for damaged hair that may have seen a tad too much hair dye recently, I found this conditioner was just what my tangly-hair needed, making it soft and silky so I didn’t need to really pull my brush through it. That’s lead to visibly less broken hairs and the biggest bonus is it doesn’t weigh your hair down in the process, so you can retain that all important swish."


Elegant Touch Salon Edit Stick-On Nails, £6.99

"There’s nothing quite like getting your nails done to make you feel a little more put-together, but there’s also no denying that monthly mani appointments can get expensive fast. So, when I need a great-looking manicure before a big event but want a faster, more affordable option, I always turn to Elegant Touch’s stick-on falsies. The brand’s new season nails are even better at providing you with a statement nail look that actually looks natural, due to easy-to-use glue, bold colours, and a medium-length style."


Acnecide Face 5% w/w Gel, £10

"I couldn’t let a budget-themed Glossy Picks pass me by without sharing hands-down the best skincare product I’ve tried recently for breakouts that’s under £10 - although, forgive me, it’s not technically new. The packaging may be unassuming, but if you get those annoying under-skin breakouts that are really sore, this gel - which contains 5% benzyoyl peroxide, aka an absolute hero for fighting acne-causing bacteria - helps knock-out most of the redness overnight. Just bear in mind to only use a small amount - otherwise it’s potent enough to dry out your skin a bit."


Dr Teals Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, £7.99

"As an ultra-marathon runner, I’m always on the look-out for actually effective post-workout products to soothe tired legs and provide some much-needed relaxation. Dr Teal’s epsom salts with hemp seed oil certainly offer a hefty amount of just that, not least because the bag is so big - its 3kg worth! Proving self-care doesn’t have to be expensive, you can pour a generous helping into your next bath to benefit not just from the muscle-soothing salts themselves, but also the tension-relieving aroma."


Jemma Thompson, GTG Design and Social Media Manager

E.L.F Glow Crystal Clear Lip Oil, £8

"This isn’t just any old tinted lip oil; it’s a lip care winter essential with a glossy finish. With seven shades to chose from, the non-sticky formula hydrates and enhances your pout effortlessly. Loaded with nourishing ingredients the vegan formula makes your lips feel as good as they look. I love to pair shade honey talks with my favourite Vieve Modern Lip Definer for the ultimate bold and glossy 90s inspired pout."


Glow Hub Baby Beam Dew Filter Glow Base, £14

"I’m always on the hunt for a good dupe of the Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops. This luminous primer made waves on TikTok for its blurring, soothing and dewy finish and for good reason. The skincare-infused multitasker works as a primer, skin tint and highlighter adapting effortlessly to your makeup routine. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, squalane and glycerin (you could say it’s the holy trinity for hydrated skin) it helps to provide skin with a radiant filter like finish."


Bubble Over Night Hydrating Sleep Mask, £19

"I can't seem to make the time for face masks that require waiting for 10 minutes before wiping off. But one that gets to work while I’m sleeping? That I can manage! Bubble skincare launched in the UK at the very end of last year and already has huge hype surrounding it so I was intrigued to give this a go. It’s a thick-ash creamy mask that you apply a thin layer of all over, hit the pillow and the combination of hydrating ingredients and acids work on exfoliating, plumping and hydrating all while you dream away. I woke up to refreshed-looking skin that felt silky smooth so, for one, I think the TikTok hype could be real.”


GRIN Double Floss Pyxs, £2.99

"Flossing may not be glamorous, but it's a necessity, and this new US brand has nailed a compact and eco-friendly solution for a cleaner, greener oral care routine. Crafted from recycled plastic, these picks boast the thinnest, strongest floss I've ever encountered, guaranteeing no breakage or shedding. The dual lines of floss efficiently tackle plaque and food. Compact and convenient, I often toss a few in my bag for on-the-go use. With 60 in a pack, it's a steal at £2.99. The only drawback is the non-recyclable outer packaging, but here's hoping for a more sustainable option in the near future!”


Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

Catrice Soft Glam Filter Fluid, £7.99 

"If you are suffering from January pasty face, this radiant primer is an instant quick fix. It glides on over a day cream, and under foundation, with no irritating pilling and gives a natural lift. It’s super translucent, slightly glossy and comes in nine shades, from fair to deep. I’ve been using it all over, but it’s also works as a highlighter and it gives good hydration too, thanks to vitamin E and squalane. Catrice is an incredibly great value eco make-up brand, with an impressive commitment to sustainable beauty and this is a steal for only £7.99."


E45 Face Night Cream, £14.99

"My mum first introduced me to E45’s iconic body lotion years ago, and it’s been a family favourite ever-since.  Sensitive skin, itchy flare-ups, eczema patches; you name it, E45 will soothe it. And now they’ve launched a face cream range. There are a few different options but my husband and I have been trying out the night cream which is for dry and sensitive skin. It takes a little while to soak in and feed the skin but it more than delivers on its promise of deep hydration and our skin feels amazing in the morning. It’s fragrance free and formulated with vitamin E to repair and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier."


Hair Gain Scalp Massager, £11.50

"I’m not a lover of scalp scrubs. I know they are an effective way to remove product build up, but when it comes to rinsing out, I tend to find there's some grit left behind.   But I do love a deep hair clean and this scalp massager is a great alternative. I use it with my shampoo to really massage it into the roots and stimulate the follicles but it also works well for combing through conditioner too. The ergonomic design sits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is made from silicone so the spikes are soft, yet firm, which makes it ideal for also using on dry hair for a gentle head massage."


Trinny London Lash2Lash, £18.00

"If you are a fan of bite-size handbags, then you’ll know how tricky it is, squeezing everything in. For me, apart from a lippy, make-up tends to be left behind. Fortunately clever Trinny London has launched a mini mascara, perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and travel.  As well as its handy size, the mascara gives great volume.  The brush has been tapered so it lifts, lengthens and separates and there’s no annoying clumping and it contains organic chestnut extract to condition and leave the lashes shiny and healthy. It’s limited edition, so you best be quick."