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Oh, January. Why does it always feel a gazillion days long and just so, well January? Well, we can't make the calendar go any faster, but what we can do is brighten up your day by showing you some brilliant new beauty buys that are hitting the shelves as we type. From a new retinol based body cream that seriously impressed and is just what your skin, from the boobs down, needs for a new year reset, to the genius makeup brush cleaning duo that makes light work of getting your brushes looking dazzling fresh again. There's also a new scent from cult fragrance brand, Phlur and a new lip crayon from Nars that exceeded our Beauty Director's expectations plus a genius aromatherapy-inspired body pen from Selena Gomez. Intrigued? So were we. Enjoy!

SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Nars Powermatte High-Intensity Lip Pencil, £24

“I normally avoid lip products with the word matte in the title for fear of them being drying, and also because I don’t particularly love a flat effect on my pout preferring something with a bit of sheen to it. It was only because a friend said I would love this that I gave it the benefit of the doubt and I’m so glad I did. It glides on like a buttery balm that dries dry down to give it staying power but without feeling tight. The pencil format is far easier to use than glosses or lipsticks, giving the precision you need to line your lips but the ease to fill in too. It comes in 10 wearable and Nars-like shades, ranging from classic red, dusky rose, mid-brown and everything in between.”


Sundae Body Whip Very Berry, £25

“2024 is the year I will apply more body lotion. There. I’ve said it and therefore it must be done. And this is the first one I’ve opened. Immediately my 9-year-old daughter has swooped in on the action too. She loves it for the cute packaging, colours and scent (there are four pastel shades and fruity scents to choose from) I love it for the lovely slightly mousse-like, slightly buttery texture. It’s hydrating - thanks to glycerin and shea butter being in the mix - but not greasy or oily and, most importantly, sinks in immediately. An efficient body product is one that I am more likely to use on repeat so this gets thumbs up from both of us.”


Erborian Bamboo Super Serum, £41

“Containing 80% bamboo extract which is famed for its ability to lock in moisture in the skin alongside classic hydrator, hyaluronic acid this is the sort of serum that January skin needs. Gentle, packed with moisture and super easy to use. One pump is more than enough (I went with two on my first try and it was too much) for the entire face. It sinks in and leaves the skin with a gorgeous velvety matte finish so if you’re popping makeup on top it’s created the perfect base for you.”


May Clean Slate Cleanser, £45

“Meet the cleanser from new skincare range, May Botanicals created by supermodel Georgia May Jagger. The range is certified organic, comes in recycled and recyclable packaging and all the products have been created with sensitive and reactive skin in mind (May has sensitive skin herself). There are five products in total and I was torn between telling you about the Save Face spot treatment (£22) or this cleanser, but the cleanser won out purely because I thought it had more universal appeal. It’s particularly great for anyone with a more oily complexion as it contains kaolin clays to draw out impurities alongside salicylic acid to keep things balanced and has a lovely gel texture that emulsifies to clean without stripping skin dry.”


Ingeborg van Lotringen, Contributing Beauty Editor

Fjor Hydrolytic Moisturiser, £45

"If you like your hydration deep, dewy and quenching but you don’t care for rich oils and creams, then this is the moisturiser for you. A clear, unscented jelly serum in texture (I initially thought this was the brand’s hydrolytic serum, which feels very similar), it consists of powerhouse humectants (water-based, water-binding agents) glycerine, xylitol and pentylene glycol alongside a water-soluble (’hydrolytic’) enzyme that works as a super-gentle brightening exfoliant, a skin-calming microbiome balancer and penetration enhancer. It delivers intense 24-hour hydration (unlike many hyaluronic acid serums, which hydrate for half an hour then leave skin feeling dry) and my skin hasn’t been this settled and glowy in months, just from using this. Top stuff."


Zoeva Brush Shampoo Bar, £11 and Cleansing Pad, £13.50

"I’m awful at cleaning my makeup brushes but I actually quite like doing the job with this easy-does-it set. Just wet your brush, swirl it over the soap (vegan, palm oil-free, don’t fret) and then rub in onto the textured silicone pad until the suds run clean. Get rid of the excess water in your tin of soap and let it dry, along with your brushed, before you replace the lid. Effective and quick, but, secret tip: the soap id a pretty bogstandard vegetable soap that looks cute but could be replaced with any bar!"


Upcircle Lip Balm, £11.99

"Alright, it’s not officially edible (so don’t eat it for breakfast), but Upcircle’s balm is really a concoction of natural oils and extracts only, so it certainly won’t harm you. More importantly, it’s made with upcycled hemp seed oil and shea butter for extreme planet-friendliness, and has added grapefruit and rosehip oil for their regenerative benefits and gentle scent. Like all all-natural plant balms, the oils melt onto your lips which doesn’t make for the hardiest of textures (you’ll have to reapply often), but it’s beautifully soothing, smoothing and nourishing."


Beauty Pie Superluminous Serum Concealer, £28/£12

"I love this, but if you expect a proper concealer, you’ll be disappointed – which may be why on the Pie website, it has been renamed a ‘tinted under-eye serum’. That is indeed more precisely what it is, as it will only conceal the most minimal of dark circles. Its main achievements are that it’s great at deeply hydrating and plumping crepey skin long-term and having a blurring, softening optical effect, creating the illusion of bright, smooth undereyes. Works fabulously under a real imperfection-covering concealer to lift any dullness and flatness and keep skin quenched."


Becki Murray, GTG Contributing Editor

Naturium Retinol Body Lotion, £27

"Ever since NATURIUM’s cult-status Retinol Body Lotion landed in Space NK - I knew I had to get my hands on it. Promising smoother and more nourished skin (a coup for retinoid-based formulas that can traditionally cause dryness as a side effect), I made sure to use it for a four-week test as retinoids achieve their signature skin-smoothing effect by stimulating cell renewal, a process that takes around 4 weeks. That means this isn’t a ‘one application and done’ sort of product, but the results are arguably worth it. My skin has fewer bumps, looks less scaly, and, instead of being worried about flakiness, my limbs are softer and less irritated."


CELF Regeneration Station, £39.99

"Proof you don’t have to pay through the nose to benefit from at-home beauty tech, this assuming tool costs less than £40 and is fast becoming my favourite quick and easy hack for a weekly ‘skin wakeup’ facial. Designed to be attached to your (Oral B) electric toothbrush – making it more sustainable than forking out for a full device - the treatment head uses the micro-vibration from your brush to provide physical exfoliation, enhance blood flow, and stimulate your lymphatic system. Paired with a hyaluronic acid serum that is pushed further into your skin for longer-lasting hydration, I’m hooked on its instant glow-boosting and depuffing effect. A gentler head for sensitive skin is coming soon."


Gucci Gloss à Lèvres Plumping Lip Gloss, £33

"Finally, a lip gloss that doesn’t just disappear seemingly as soon as you apply it – and considering it's over £30, you should demand that longevity if you are going to invest. The consistency is quite thick – all part of its staying power - but it’s still easy to apply and doesn’t glue your lips together either, with a super glossy finish that helps you look instantly a little more put together (don’t we all need a bit of that in January). I wouldn’t say it’s the most hydrating formula – and it won’t be for you if you dislike lip plumpers that ‘tingle’ - but that high-shine look can’t be beaten, and the packaging is super sweet."


Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV Invisible, £12.99

"Ever since Garnier Ambre Solaire (especially the Over Makeup Spray) entered my life, I have been the biggest advocate for the brand’s sun protection. Turns out, this latest addition is the perfect example of why I love the company’s approach to SPF. Easy-to-apply, fuss-free and with a focus not just on high protection, but on helping prevent key skin concerns, such as dark spots, the hydrated, glow-boosting finish means I don’t have to sacrifice on my skin’s appearance in order to protect it. I’ll be eager to see what my friends with darker skin tones think about its ‘invisible’ claims too."


Jemma Thompson, GTG Design and Social Media Manager

Phlur Mood Ring Eau de Parfum, £96 for 50ml

"As someone who grew up in the early 2000s, I’m all about a mood ring, and this new launch makes me feel incredibly nostalgic. The fruity floral fragrance is an addictive sweet treat, with notes of orange, dragon fruit, and fruit gummies (could it get any more Y2K?). It’s sweet by nature, but my gosh, it still feels very bold and mature. If you love scents like My Way by Armani, £73.60 or Kayali Sparkling Lychee 39, £98, and want something that puts you in a tip-top mood, then give this a try."


Rare Beauty Find Comfort Stop & Soothe Aromargerapy Pen, £20

"I’m always on the hunt for something that’s going to lift my spirit and my senses, and this aromatherapy pen from Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty does just that. It’s part of the brand's new collection of body care heroes – think hand and body creams alongside a fragrance mist – all aiming to relieve tension. This clicky pen contains a gel-like blend of peppermint, lavender, and tonka bean aromatherapy oils that you slather onto pulse points;  temples, wrists, the back of the neck etc. It feels instantly cooling before the relaxation and soothing vibes kick in; it’s the New Year boost we all need."


Fenty Lux Balm, £16

"Was I influenced by Rihanna’s boyfriend ASAP Rocky’s Fenty advert for this lip balm? Unapologetically yes. But luckily this product goes beyond hype and delivers and its proved to be just what my winter-induced dry, chapped pout needs. This juicy balm contains Barbados cherry, vitamin e and shea butter which all intensely nourishes, strengthens and smooths the texture. If you need a product that’s going to leave you instantly hydrated and plump for hours on end, this is it. Riri knows what she's doing."


Humantra himalayan lime electrolyte, £28

"For almost two years, I’ve been adding a pinch of Celtic sea salt, £17, to my water to help boost my hydration and decrease my headaches — it really does work! However, since falling pregnant, I can’t stomach the taste of salted water (thanks, morning sickness). In a bid to boost hydration, I turned to these artificial-free electrolyte sachets that you mix with water. They’re packed with six key minerals: calcium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, chloride, and potassium, which all work together to keep you hydrated four times more effectively than water alone. It helps that it’s sweetened with zero-calorie stevia leaf and tastes pretty good too, with three different flavours to choose from. I’ve already got a few packed in my hospital bag too. Ta-ra Lucozade."