From the bone-strengthening collagen supplements that have Dame Kelly Holmes' seal of approval, to a limited edition Jo Loves fragrance that comes in travel minis and an exciting M&S beauty collab freebie launching this week, don't miss the latest summer beauty newness ...

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The GTG team is always on the look out for the best beauty buys that are really worth splashing out on - and this week we have a haul of exciting summer newness for you. From the limited edition Jo Loves travel minis to pamper yourself with, to the SPF stick you’ll be stealing off your kids, a lightweight glowy foundation and a sun-soothing lip treatment worth upgrading your Vaseline for, there’s plenty to pack for your next holiday.  There's also an eco-friendly upgrade for your daily moisturiser, which you can feel smug about, and plenty of luxurious pay-day treats. Plus, we've got the inside scoop on the hot new M&S beauty collab freebie launching later this week… Yes, you heard right. Get, set, GO!

Kerry Potter, GTG Contributing Editor 

Heliocare 360 Pediatrics Stick, £21.24 

"This is the kids’ sunscreen that you will want to steal... My children, notorious sunscreen-swervers, actually queue up to use this before they head off to school. I can totally see why: the sheer, balm-formula is incredibly easy to apply, it doesn’t stain their white shirts and the vanilla scent is addictive. Heliocare, the highly trusted, derm-approved Spanish brand, really knows its SPF stuff so as you’d expect this gives full-spectrum factor 50 protection and it’s suitable for children aged 2+, including those with sensitive skin."


Balance Me Super Firming Body Oil, £12

"After I slathered the body oil on my arms at a photoshoot recently, everyone in the studio stopped in their tracks to enquire about the dreamy fragrance and demand a try. This Balance Me best-seller, scented with juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender, is now available in a travel-friendly 30ml size, with a pipette so you don’t spill it everywhere. Perfect for summer, it makes limbs deliciously sheeny and smooth, plus it’s an affordable treat. The only drawback is that if you take it out in public, you will have to share."


Chantecaille Rose de Mai Body Cream with Retinol, £135

"The rose petals used in très chic French brand Chantecaille’s new body cream are harvested by hand in the famous flower fields of Grasse before being distilled in local well water. It’s quite the process which explains the hefty price tag. The results are reassuringly luxe though – a divinely scented, highly nourishing body cream that soaks in like a dream, and, over time, promises to smooth skin, thanks to the inclusion of retinol. Put it on your birthday list."


Prai Beauty x Scamp & Dude beauty bag gift with purchase at M&S, worth £75 

"If you’re a fan of Prai Beauty (lots of midlife women are as the brand is M&S’s top beauty seller), consider this a PSA. There's a free £75 gift with purchase when you buy two full-priced Prai products at M&S. You get this cute beauty bag – a collab with fashion label Scamp & Dude (loved for their zingy leopard-print dresses) plus Prai’s Radiance Tonic (usually £24) and a 10ml travel-sized eye serum, which is usually only available in 15ml size for £33. It kicks off this week on 6 June, so bookmark this link to watch out for the launch. It’s a good week to stock up."


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Ancient + Brave Noble Collagen, £31.20

"I don’t get on with collagen drinks, as I can’t abide their cringey synthetic sweetness. But collagen capsules usually can’t deliver the amount of hydrolysed collagen needed per serving to be effective. So I’m pleased with these new capsules that get around the issue by offering an undenatured (not heated or broken down) form of collagen, which is made from chicken cartilage. This, unlike other supplements, principally supports joints and cartilage (as opposed to skin) and works to boost the body’s immune system. This is a completely different mechanism from ‘skin’ collagen and doesn’t require ingesting the same daily amounts, so a single cap suffices - and should help you stay supple and injury-free if you like your exercise (Dame Kelly Holmes is an ambassador). "


Suqqu Vialume The Wash, £75 

"Although  admittedly expensive for a face cleanser, this is such an interesting product that I like it nonetheless. It’s a thick gel with the tackiness of solid honey, which means that you have to put some elbow grease into massaging it in your skin (good for circulation). Once you do, though, it turns into a smooth, thick foam that, while infused with some moisturising oils, has no greasiness at all and rinses off clean, leaving no grime behind. There is glucosamine in here which has the mildest exfoliating and brightening effect, and the tiniest nugget of gel suffices for a full-on cleanse – so it might turn out to be value for money!"


Parfums de Marly Perseus EdP, £200

"If (I say if) a real summer ever decides to make an appearance this year, this would be the perfect fragrance to keep you feeling cool. A riot of seriously refreshing grapefruit and bright vetiver, it also has green mandarin, bergamot, blackcurrant, geranium and ambergris for added zest, plus a soft yet tenacious base. The dry-down is more like a traditional men’s fragrance, so if you like your scents gender-neutral and under-the-radar, this is the one for you." 


Cosmetics a la Carte Fresh Faced Watercolour Balm, £36 

"Anyone who thinks they don’t like cream blushers: try this. A transparent gel stick in three shades (peach, red and grape), it feels like a cool slick of water with no oiliness at all. You have to rub it on with a bit of conviction because the colours are super-sheer, which is perfect for blush-phobes who want to dip their toe in (not literally). The finish is exceedingly dewy, which should suit that tiresome glass-everything trend that’s doing the rounds."


Marie-Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

Jo Loves, Cobalt Patchouli and Cedar travel collection, £85

"I do love a travel mini, and with holiday season winking at us, Jo Loves has launched a luxury new summer set to lighten your suitcase.  It’s a limited edition Cobalt Patchouli and Cedar fragrance that comes in a handy 50ml bottle. Plus you get  75ml versions of the shower gel and body lotion, too - all packaged in a pretty travel bag. The fragrance is more of a cologne: fresh and clean, with grapefruit and geranium over a base of her classic vetiver, patchouli and cedarwood. If you are looking for a new signature scent for the summer this one won’t disappoint."


Gatineau, Age Benefit Hyperpigmentation repair, £69

"Every year more dark spots appear on my face, despite copious  SPF50 and wide-brimmed hats. The damage was done many moons ago when I was blissfully ignorant of the ageing effects the sun can do.  Fortunately, numerous skincare products can work to reduce pigmentation, but you need to commit to them morning and night. This new serum from Gatineau claims to reduce all dark spots on your face with hardworking actives including niacinamide, marshmallow root and vitamin C.  It’s great for tired-looking skin, too."


Et al Intelligent Skin Radiant Foundation, £45

"In summer I prefer lighter foundation and this new foundation from Et Al is a winner as it gives buildable coverage (dot it on as a concealer) and a natural, silky glow with serum-like skincare ingredients for blue-light protection, hydration and radiance. Available in an impressive 32 shades, it comes in a recyclable glass bottle with an airless removable pouch to make recycling easier and keep ingredients fresh. There’s a basic  level of SPF 15 too."


Hayo’u Method Body Sculptor, £89

"Cellulite has been the bane of my life since my 20s  - I have it on my thighs and the tops of my arms despite doing yoga three times a week, drinking gallons of water and eating well. Apparently, it's caused by fluid retention in the stiff or blocked connective tissue (fascia) and so I was delighted to try Chinese Medicine practitioner  Katie Brindle's beast of a body tool made of healing bian stone, which claims to 'virtually eliminate cellulite'. There are three curved edges on the tool (one serrated) that work deeply into all parts of your (oiled) body to sculpt and shift excess fluid. It makes your skin a bit red, but that's a sign it's getting your circulation going. Don't be surprised if you need to pee afterwards! I’m doing it at night and it feels great. I think it's finally getting into my stubborn cellulite!"


Florence Scordoulis, GTG Contributing Editor 

Pai British Summer Time Glow SPF 30, £34:

“I’m a big fan of this female-owned, luxurious organic beauty brand. Its founder, Sarah Brown, started Pai after her own hypersensitive skin reaction - so sensitive skin is at the core of everything they do. Their latest launch is a two-in-one sunscreen with a pearly tint that blends into a subtle glow, suitable for all skin tones. The consistency is watery with a slight creaminess to it, and feels light on the skin. It is formulated with a mineral SPF, instead of chemicals, to avoid nasty skin flare-ups. The perfect solution, if your skin is easily irritated - so no more SPF swerving!”


Medik8 Total Moisture Daily Facial Cream Refill Pod, £40

“If you prefer a minimalist bathroom shelf, this new multi-tasking day and night cream is for you. The super hydrating hyaluronic acid formula gives it a watery, lightweight consistency, that your skin will thirstily drink up all day round. The prebiotic peptides help to keep your skin’s microbiome healthy, with added complexion-brightening ceramides and lipids, that give you an instant glowy, plumping effect. Best of all, although you can buy the cream in it’s original glass pot for £45, this is Medik8’s first product to come with a cheaper, eco refill pod option, too - which will save 1kg of packaging per year per person. So you can feel smugly sustainable, and smooth-skinned."


OGX Rescue Fusions Deep Recovery Overnight Treatment, £7.50

“This is like a magic night serum for your hair: it uses keratin and vitamins B5 and E, for strengthening, reducing breakage and adding shine while you sleep (and doesn't leave residue on your pillow). Plus, the lavender and chamomile scent is, indeed, dreamy. It’s part of a new OGX range, designed to make healthy hair habits easier: this means that you don’t have to wash it out in the morning, which is ideal if you can’t be bothered with  faffy, lengthy hair masks. For any textured, frizzy hair types like mine that get dry easily, I’d also recommend using a small amount like a styling gel for a mini hydration boost during the day.”


Ella & Jo Luxury Lip Treatment, £20

“Do your lips have a skincare routine? This luxuriously thick hydrating treatment is certainly an upgrade on your Vaseline. It is packed with nourishing ingredients, from blackcurrant seed oil containing omega three, to antioxidant-enriched jojoba oil and all the good fats in avocado oil, for an instant smoothing and plumping effect. The finish is much more natural than a gloss, which I like. The precise, angular nozzle is satisfying to apply. And it comes in two flavours: cherry (with a subtle pink sheen), or lemon and mint, which tastes like a zingy summer cocktail. One to pack for blitzing chapped lips on your next holiday.”