Discover the latest drops that have impressed our editors this week

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As we compiled this selection of Glossy Picks - our weekly roundup of the best launches - our thoughts have been on sunny, summer days. If only! But the latest beauty and wellness buys – including hot new brands Noyz, Diome and Self Glow – have brought metaphorical blue skies. While there are some practical buys in this week’s edit, there are many pick-me-ups too. From scents that transport you somewhere exotic, body washes that soothe the soul and aching limbs at the same time,  and makeup that instantly boosts confidence and mood. So get yourself a cuppa, get scrolling and enjoy!

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Noyz Sh**ty Day Eau de Parfum 50ml, £85

"Noyz is the cool new fragrance brand to know about and it’s the absolute antidote to the ‘pretty models dancing around the Eiffel Tower’ tropes that we’re all a bit tired of. It’s edgy and real as opposed to escapist. It's reflective of what you might actually be feeling and gives you what you need. I reached for Sh**ty Day (don't ask!) when the collection landed in the office, and you know what? After a spritz of refreshing fig, eucalyptus, clary sage and amber, it suddenly wasn’t such a shitty day after all. The other fresh scent in the Noyz collection is Lost + Found (lemon, pepper, jasmine, rhubarb and cedarwood) which I love. The others are by turns sweeter and woodier. Sustainability is built into the brand. If Diptyque went to Glastonbury, this would be it."


Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Balm Serum Boosted Skin Tint, £34 in Sephora (usually £42)

"This is the first stick foundation that’s made it into my makeup bag. Where others have been thick and claggy on my dry skin, this solid ‘serum’ has a lovely melting texture. The coverage is light-to-medium, which means the 16 shades are pretty ‘stretchy’ and the fact that it’s in stick form means you can apply it more evenly than if you’re putting liquid foundation on with your fingers (although you do need to work this in manually once you’ve swiped it). It’s new this month and Sephora has a £8 off offer (£34 instead of £42)."


Wuka Midi Brief  Dry Tech For Light Leaks, £21.99

"Urine leaks affect 50 per cent of menopausal women, say period pant pioneers Wuka. And - hooray! - they’ve added a pee-proof reusable range to their roster.  Although I’ve had vaginal radiofrequency and the Emsella Chair, both clinic treatments for urinary incontinence, some days ( when  I have had lots of caffeine, which can irritate the bladder or I’m tired) I need extra support. They really do not look like you are wearing' special knickers'. I also wear their period pants (as pee pants) as the range is broader: the seamless stretch thong for yoga and the teen period pants for every day as I find the fit (around size 8-10) better than the one-size adult ones."


Diome Rested, £60 for 60 caps

"As a long-term troubled sleeper, I know that the solution is more complicated than a pill (and I’ve tried them all!). However, I do think this doctor-formulated newcomer, which combines B vitamins with chamomile extract and California poppy, linden, verbena, magnesium bisglycinate and myo-inositol (all proven sleep enhancers) has been helping me nod off. I met the founder Jianne Jamil recently who impressed me with her explanation of just how much research, tweaking and consumer testing went into getting the balance of ingredients just right. If you struggle with sleep, this could well be a great addition to your bedtime routine - take two capsules 30 minutes before sleep."


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

David Jack Daily Skin Trio Discovery Set, £95

"Travel sets can be a bit random but this is a trio I would throw into my bag on a mini break as it basically covers my (and your) daily needs; just add cleanser. A vitamin C-and-niacinamide antioxidant serum with a light and deeply quenching SPF50+ lotion over the top will keep skin covered on sunny days while a retinoid, gentle acid and niacinamide night cream will repair and regenerate holiday skin while you sleep. Sorted."


Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Skin Tint, £13.99

"I’m old enough to remember the first weightless tinted serums; their hydrating feel, matte-yet-radiant finish and a surprising level of coverage for such a fine film of product was a revelation, and their price tags were suitably steep. But today, we can get all that at high-street prices, and Maybelline have even thrown in vitamin C which is never wasted on your skin. In 20 shades, it has real staying power too."


Wildsmith Stillness Nourishing Body Cleanser £38

"Everything about this natural stone-look bottle, sleep-inducing fragrance and soothing formula says ‘calm’ to me, so job done. The suds don’t strip; in fact they nourish with the help of hyaluronic acid, glycerine and chamomile distillate. It’s like a bottle of hydrating plant sap to calm your senses and your skin."


James Read Self Glow Dusk To Dawn Overnight Tan Facial, £44

"Now that our haircare, body care and even our dental care all come with added youth-promoting ingredients, the lovely James Read saw no reason not to do the same for self-tan products. The whole of the Self Glow range promotes skin health and regeneration as well as a sun-kissed glow, with this creamy mask transforming your #tiredface overnight. It has an impressive amount of hydrating humectants, soothing, antioxidant mushroom extracts and plant oils alongside plant-based DHA and gets the job done beautifully."


Isla Huffadine, GTG Content Coordinator

Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil in Coconut Frost, £24

"This cult favourite lip oil is back with a limited edition scent for summer. Imagine the fragrance of coconut and pineapple transporting you to a tropical island, while their signature blend of mirsalehi honey and bee garden oil delivers a hydrated shine. Simply swipe on the non-sticky formula, packed with hyaluronic acid, and jojoba oil, ensuring your juicy-looking pout stays moisturised and plump all day. The pearl pigments add shimmer, making it perfect for everyday wear or as a glossy finish over your favourite colour."


Morphe Huephoric Rush 3-in-1 Silk Blush, £16

"Cream blushes are having a serious moment and this is a great option. Available in six shades, the candy-like swirl integrates primer with the pigment and it melts on the skin to create a natural, sunkissed flush. Enriched with vegetable collagen and hyaluronic acid, it leaves your skin hydrated with a subtly blurred finish. Just swipe on with your fingers or a brush and the creamy formula blends out easily to create a really natural flush."


Drowsy Eyelash Protecting Silk Sleep Mask, £79

"Drowsy are known for their luxurious silk sleep masks, but they have elevated the game by introducing a new eyelash-protecting range. The innovative design cocoons fake  lashes, eyelash extensions and natural lashes by minimising pressure on your eyelids - while still providing light-blocking benefits. It's also a great option if you find other sleep masks slightly claustrophobic as its structure allows for 1.5cm of space around the eyes. It speaks volumes that it has already sold out so make sure to join the waitlist for the next drop!"


Lilly Lashes Self-Adhesive Lashes in Go Getter, £15

"The thought of applying putting glue on my eyes has always scared me off false lashes. However when I saw these new lashes that use body heat to activate the pre-applied adhesive, I was intrigued. Simply trim to your desired length, stick along the lash line and press against your natural lashes to blend. It really was that simple. I opted for the ‘go getter’ style, offering a wispy, voluminous appearance that added a touch of glam. There are six styles in the range, each promising up to five uses and my lashes lasted a full day in the office and evening out with friends. I think I'm a falsies convert."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Moroccanoil Purple Treatment, £28.85

"This purple-hued oil has been designed to counterbalance brassiness in blonde hair. An oil wouldn’t normally be my first port of call because like so many blondes, my hair is fine and most oils too heavy. However, some sort of witchcraft is afoot, because it didn’t weigh it down at all. It made my hair shiny, smooth, seriously bouncy and the blonde looked revived and almost back to salon-best after just one use. I don’t think I’ve used a styling product that has had such a profound impact so quickly. Blondes, you need this"


Nars Powder Blush in Forbidden, £34

"Nars blushers have earned icon-level status thanks to the pigment-rich formulas. I always have at least one in my makeup bag and didn’t think they could (or needed) to be bettered. Yet Nars, being leaders in the makeup game, have managed to improve on perfection. The formula has been rejigged so they sweep on with even less bother than they did before and the colour stays in place for longer. They have also had a colour audit by introducing some new shades and tweaking some existing ones. There are now 20 colours with something for everyone. My favourite shades are Orgasm, a universally flattering shimmering peachy pink or Forbidden which is a matte coral - perfect for summer."


Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Cream Moisturizer, £32.50

"Many moisturiser try to tick so many skin issues they’re not actually that great at hydrating. Not this one with big-hitting hydrating ingredients: glycerine, hyaluronic acid and meadowfoam. It comes in three consistencies to ensure optimum absorption. for your skin. There’s a light gel for oily skin, this cream moisturiser for ‘normal’ skin types and a richer cream for drier skin. My husband has nabbed this as the refillable packaging and light scent appeal to all. My tween daughter also has her eye on it."


Grown Alchemist x Equinox Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser, £33

"I’m not a gym goer but if you happen to be a member of the very trendy Equinox gyms then you will now find the changing room showers filled with Grown Alchemist products. I’m popping the giant-sized version of this brilliant cleanser in my shower at home for my husband and me to share as it’s a great fit for both of us: gentle enough to keep our skin hydrated and balanced but effective at washing away a day’s makeup (me) and the grime of a commute (him)."