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It's the final crawl towards the end of the month and, perhaps the payday that lands the sweetest. So, if you're looking to treat yourself to something new as soon as your bank balance looks a bit healthier then read on as we have all your needs covered. From the Glossier eye cream that ticks all the boxes, to the new addition to the genius franchise that is the Jo Loves fragrance pens, which makes scenting on the go a whizz. There's also a clever blusher duo from Kiko and a not particularly sexy but super-efficient dead skin remover if you want to start prepping your feet for spring because it is coming, we promise!

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Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Daniel Sandler Blossom Colour Beauty Glow Multi-Tasking Primer, £28

"There’s a bit of trend for primers-with-benefits happening, and this is an immediate favourite. I tend to use only illuminating primers by themselves for the gleam (although they are designed to anchor makeup and pimp your foundation) and often find them too garishly golden, rose-gold or pink. This one, however, is the perfect warm platinum, imparting a lush glow that looks like it’s coming from within, whatever skin tone you have. It also slightly blurs imperfections and smooths texture, doing away with pallid, drawn winter faces in seconds."


The Merchant of Venice Maria Callas EdP, £206

"I’m happy to detect the return of rich, big fragrances with serious staying power, and this celebration of opera legend Maria Callas’ 100th birthday is a beautiful (if pricey) example. A scent that belongs in both the chypre and ‘amber’ categories, it's got hypnotic incense-y woods as well as sappy green notes, while sweet florals and blackcurrant are off-set with zesty mandarin and lemon. A successful balancing act that settles as a warm, huggable, expensive-smelling perfume."


CCS Heel Repair Stick, £10.99

"This Swedish  brand means business for gnarly feet, and their swipe-on heel softener stick is particularly handy if you’re too lazy to look after them (like me). Just rub onto callused or cracked heels (no need to get your hands involved) and let the 25 per cent deep-moisturising urea and exfoliating lactic acid do their fast-softening and repairing job. I’ve noticed a marked difference in just a few applications."


Skin Matters Calming Gel, £65

"There are other botanical skin-soothing gels on the market that are teeming with potentially irritating alcohol and fragrance, and as far as I’m concerned, this defies their purpose. But this deeply hydrating glycerine-based one doesn’t have those issues, and is instead packed with proven soothers such as panthenol, niacinamide and mallow flower extract, alongside quenching and calming polyhydroxy acids and skin biome-balancing prebiotics. There are no essential oils either, which are just not great for sensitised or post-procedure skin. Formulated by expert facialist Joanne Evans, it’s based on decades of experience and it works."


Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

“MUA Ruby Hammer showed me a prototype of this double-ended mascara and clear brow duo last year when we were judging Get The Gloss Beauty Awards, and I’d never seen anything so fine and delicate. She explained that the two tiny spoolies were based on interdental brushes because that is what she would use to apply mascara professionally. And it’s genius. On lashes, it gives a completely clump-free lash-lengthening finish (lower lashes look especially enhanced) and on brows, you can see every hair, without the finish turning crispy. The tubing mascara comes off with water.  It’s everything you could want for enhanced natural-looking brows and lashes.”


“Menopause specialist PT Kate Rowe-Ham created a manual so inspiring and useful, that as a one-time £14 investment in your physical and mental health, it will pay back a hundred-fold. It’s a 30-day plan of healthy meals and daily strength-based workouts (from no weights to heavy weights for all levels) with a very clever QR code that gives you access to all the workout videos, like having Kate there with you cheering you on. And she knows that some days it’s a real struggle; she shares not just menopause symptoms advice but tips on reducing sugar and alcohol, embracing cold water and boosting mood.”


Vida Glow Collagen Liquid Advance, £39 for 15 sachets

“One of the OGs of the collagen world, Vida Glow has been making marine collagen powder sachets since 2014 after Aussie founder Anna Lahey had a lightbulb moment with the then niche ingredient, for her ‘unfixable’ hair loss. It transformed her skin, nails and business too (it’s a global best seller) and has now outdone itself with a higher dose liquid sachet packed with collagen-enhancing extracts too. Each has 5g marine collagen (the studied dose for skin benefits is 10g – you can take two) but arguably very low molecular weight and co-factors make it more bioavailable, so you don’t need as much. Tasty, non-gloopy, a lovely pm pick-me-up.”


Rhug Estate Hand and Nail Cream, £32

“When you want to take a breath and gather your thoughts, pop this organic and beautifully aromatherapeutic hand and nail cream in your handbag. I rub it into my hands and cuticles, take five deep breaths and the uplifting and simultaneously calming floral and herby fragrance transports me away from my thoughts, as I try to work out which of the multiple natural extracts I can smell (orange, rose geranium…). It’s not sticky so doesn’t clog my keyboard and the scent lingers for a good hour – a hand cream with breathwork benefits.”


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Roc Derm Correxion Dual Eye Cream, £39.99

“Even I can find beauty products confusing and overwhelming and so appreciate it when brands make things that bit simpler and easier. This eye cream is an excellent example of that. It contains two separate eye treatments; a light retinol gel that is applied to the eyelid and brow bone (I put some above my brows too, because why not?) that’s designed to help lift and firm sagging skin and a peptide-rich, balm-like cream that you apply under the eye to help smooth out wrinkles. All your eye concerns are tackled in one pot. There’s even a handy diagram on the lid directing you to which bit goes where and the lid can only close properly when it’s facing the right way up, meaning the diagram is always correct and you will never get the two confused.”


Tula Skincare Radiant Skin Brightening Serum Concealer, £25

“As someone who is always on the hunt for glow but wants to do as little as possible to achieve it, this product makes my heart swell. It contains skincare ingredients like caffeine to help improve dark circles under the eyes, as well as a seaweed and niacinamide complex that works on brightening the skin. Throw in the brand’s signature blend of pro and prebiotics that soothe, along with the instantly illuminating serum-like concealer and you’ve got a quick and easy way to bring your face to life in the morning.”


Kiko Cosmetics Stellar Love Galactic Duo Bush, £16.99

“I feel like Kiko doesn’t quite get the recognition it deserves here in the UK like it does in mainland Europe, where in some cities there are more Kiko stores than there are Starbucks. The products are of great quality and brilliantly priced. Meet this clever cheek duo. Lift the lid to find a silky powder blush and unscrew the lid for a pot of the same shade in a cream format. I recommend using the cream first and then layering the powder over the top to give it ultimate staying power.”


L’Oreal Paris Panorama Mascara, £12.99

“With the sturdiness and bulk of a bristle wand but the precision and de-clumping ability of a comb wand, I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the hit mascaras of the year. The conical shaped wand can also grab the teeny tiny inner corner lashes, as well as fan out the longer lashes at the edges and the formula is a shiny, glossy black. Perfection.”


Jemma Thompson, GTG Design and Social Media Manager

Sol de Janeiro Delicia Drench Body Butter, £48

"This latest addition to the Sol de Janeiro family arrives just in time for a seasonal skin boost. If your skin is feeling the effects of winter (summer, we're eagerly awaiting your arrival), it's the perfect moment to experience this body care hero. Every Sol product serves a specific purpose, and this purple gem focuses on repairing and protecting the skin's barrier. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and a bunch of nourishing Brazilian ingredients, this luxurious body cream is designed to combat dry and ashy skin, leaving it irresistibly silky smooth and soft. Plus, the warm and delicious gourmand scent is hard to resist!"


Naydaya Postpartum Essentials Gift Set, £62

"This thoughtfully curated set is the ideal gift for any expectant mum, addressing her pre and postpartum needs. The practical 100% natural skincare trio is housed in a luxe bamboo cotton travel bag that includes a lanolin-free nipple balm for dry, cracked nipples, a vitamin-infused scar balm which helps minimise scars and stretch marks and a collagen-boosting oil for perineal massage. It’s just what any new mum needs to help them get prepared!"


Westlab Balance Bath Salt 1kg, £9.99

"I've always been partial to a nice soak in the tub, but even more so now that I'm pregnant. So, when I discovered my favourite bath salts now have a blend specially crafted for the mind and body during PMS, pregnancy, and menopause, I had to get in on it. It uses a blend of minerals, including magnesium, and jasmine and orange blossom essential oils to help soothe muscle aches, calm cramping, and restore equilibrium to the skin. What's even better is that the relaxing scent is also neuro-scientifically proven to boost your mood, making your bath time a truly supercharged self-care ritual."


Laneige Pink Lemonade Lip Sleeping Mask, £19

"Raise your hand if you’ve been personally influenced by TikTok? Guilty as charged. From cult water bottles to trendy green goddess salads, and now a lip balm sensation, I'm all in for a trend. Fortunately, this new limited-edition overnight lip mask is a total game-changer and more than lives up to the hype.

Infused with coconut oil and vitamin C, it works wonders in softening and smoothing lips overnight, providing maximum hydration. The result? You wake up to irresistibly soft, baby-smooth lips without fail. But in all honestly, I truly love it because of the irresistible swirl of the lemon and berry scent - I feel like an extra in Wonka every time I apply it."


Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

Stila Stay All Day Graphic Liner, £21

"I wasn’t expecting to love this jazzy eye-liner. It’s a punchy, metallic turquoise shade which looked way too young for me. But in fact, it looks amazing and I’ve been wearing it every day for the last month or so. I’ve been applying a fine dash on my lash line to give a glint of colour and it stays on all day. There are twelve colours, from disco grey to pink blush to choose from and most handily it has a twisting applicator, so no sharpening is required."


Mac Hyper Real Fresh Canvas Cream-To-Foam Cleanser, £30

"While I love a thorough nighttime cleanse, I need a cleanser that doesn’t dry out my skin, especially as London’s hard water can be horribly harsh. I’m happy to report that this new Mac cleanser is just the ticket. It's soft, creamy and transforms into a luxurious foam with a splash of water. They have formulated it to hydrate and soothe, while effectively removing all long-wearing make-up and the day’s grot from city living. For £30 you get a big tube which will last a good few months, so great value too."


Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush, £40

"My spirits have been elevated this month thanks to the wondrous Jo Love’s Golden Gardenia nifty fragrance brush, with its jolly, floral scent. Designed for on-the-go living, it’s the size of a mascara and very handbag friendly. It comes with a neat brush applicator and you just pump out the scented gel, dabbing it on all of your pulse points. There are three other fragrances to choose from, Amber, Lime & Bergamot, Ebony & Cassis and Rose Petal 25."


Fjor Hydrolytic Moisturizer, £45

"I absolutely love this new moisturiser. I use it at night and can’t believe how silky it makes my skin feel. Surprisingly, it’s a transparent gel rather than a rich cream and delivers way beyond my expectations. The hydration lasts for well over twenty-four hours and has some high-level formulation behind it. It’s the creation of Fjor, a Nordic brand who have developed a unique ‘hyrdrolytic’ enzyme which balances, exfoliates, hydrates and activates the skin's natural renewal process, all in one.  Pretty clever, and heaven on the skin."


Becki Murray, GTG Contributing Editor

Glossier Full Orbit Eye Cream, £28

"It’s scarily like the Glossier team reached into my brain when deciding the direction for this silky, gel-textured eye cream. If you struggle with dry under eyes but dislike heavy, thick creams, expect to quickly feel the same way. The phrase ‘like a cooling glass of water for your skin’ is a little overused, but it’s accurate here; you can actually feel the formula getting to work, powered by the hydrating power-duo of hyaluronic acid and polyglutamic acid. It’s instantly cooling too, providing quick relief for tired eyes, and niacinamide is on hand to knock out some (but not all) of the darkness from your under eye area over time."


Voya Rest Organic Essential Oil, £22

"I’ve loved and trusted Voya as a self-care-boosting body care brand, ever since its Lazy Days Seaweed Bath helped soothe my aching muscles after a half marathon. Now, this small but mighty tincture (one of three new essential oils) offers a quick and portable alternative to Voya’s hero product. When you add the senses-calming aroma to your bath, it is quite simply spa-like, with key notes of lavender, rosemary and lemon. It’s made me want to try the essence aroma for re-energising in the morning too, especially as the drops can also be added to your favourite body cream."


Jurlique Nutri-Define Cream Mask, £63

"My skin has been particularly dry and tired recently, so when a fellow beauty editor recommended this new mask for a complexion refresh I jumped at the opportunity. The 99% natural formula is actually designed with skin lifting in mind, but because that’s accomplished with antioxidant-rich floral extracts, collagen-boosting botanicals and skin-soothing red algae, all kinds of frazzled, out-of-sorts complexions are likely to benefit from it. The calming floral fragrance is another highlight and luckily, with the price in mind, a little goes a long way."


Nere Cosmetic Case with Travel Bottles, £29.99

"If you’ve ever opened up your travel toiletry bag and realised that you’ve left your moisturiser, shampoo, or other important product at home, may I introduce my new favourite solution. With two zippable compartments, a transparent lid and sides, this cosmetics case makes it easy to quickly check you have everything you need, with the option to separate your makeup and shower products too. It even comes with handy travel-sized bottles, if you like to decant your travel toiletries."