16 new skin, hair, makeup, candles and beauty accessories and tools that have impressed us this week

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With party season, festive shindigs and the need for gorgeous gifts just around the corner, this week's Glossy Picks cover all the aforementioned. We've got skin prep and party makeup buys aplenty - including an eyeliner that our Editorial Director, Victoria described as 'the one' in the office this week. There are also new candles from Floral Street and Jo Loves that are ideal for gifting yourself or others, not to mention bargain noise-cancelling headphones and gorgeous makeup bags that have a charity initiative. Enjoy!

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Dr David Jack Supernova Cleanser, £45

"Dr David Jack’s skincare is always impeccably formulated to do the thinking for you with a day cream, night cream, SPF and masks. Now comes a cleanser that has everything you need to get makeup off, unclog, brighten and prep. Think of it more as a skin treatment that’s also an effective cleanser. You can leave it on as a mask for a couple of minutes, which I do as I want the goodies such as vitamin C, niacinamide, gentle acids, hyaluronic acid and ceramides to work their brightening and barrier-building magic.  It’s a gel/balm texture and officially unscented but has a zing frim the grapefruit essence and if you subscribe to the refill service it brings the price down to £29.75!"


Lisa Eldridge Seamless Glide Eye Pencil, £21.60

“I have forsaken all other eye pencils in favour of this new collection by Lisa Eldridge because it’s the softest, most pigmented yet budge proof crayon I have found. It’s perfect for the upper waterline, as well as smudgeable for a smokey eye and comes in five shades – black and almost-black with a hint of green, grey, aubergine and brown. Despite being super soft if doesn’t print on my hooded upper eyelid and stays put all day ­– a pencil to up your eye game in party season, for sure.”


Skin Rocks The Rich Moisturiser, £65

"For my dry winter skin, I’m practically face-planting in Skin Rocks’ The Rich Moisturiser. As its name implies, it’s a richer version of founder Caroline Hirons’ original The Mosituriser for protecting and repairing the skin barrier with the golden trio of essential fatty acids, choletsreol and cereamides, plus calming oat kernel oil.  Don’t be fooled - rich does not mean thick and greasy. This lovely whipped texture makes it ideal for daytime too. Choose from this fragranced version or an unfragranced one but whichever one you go for, that 4pm ‘flake’ that those of us with dry skin have, will be a thing of the past."


Studio 10 Hydra Fusion Daily Defence SPF 30, £48

"Which is your favourite winter SPF? This is mine because it’s simply so light that it can easily be used alone as your ‘everything’ cream or layered into a cold weather routine where your moisturiser is a bit richer. With a light universal tint and glow, this SPF 30 has serum-like benefits too in the form of HA and peptides and hydrating astaxanthin. It’s worthy dupe of Arden’s Prevage City Smart and Sarah Chapman’s Skin Insurance, both of which are SPF50 (yes, for summer). It has the brains of  Dr. Barbara Geusens, who specialised in epigenetic skincare, behind it too."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Wildsmith Skin Super Hydrating Overnight Mask, £68

“Even with everything I know about skincare there are some nights where I just don’t know what to use. This is the perfect product for those nights as it does it all, and a bit more if you ask me. It contains probiotics to reduce redness and calm the skin, perfect if you’ve overloaded your skin with actives such as retinol and it needs extra TLC. It also helps strengthen the skin barrier which makes your skin more resilient. There’s also grape extract which has been found to tap into the skin’s circadian rhythm to kickstart the repairing mechanism at night. The slightly thicker texture is why it identifies as a mask but use it just like a night cream; apply a light layer (it sinks in almost instantaneously) and let it work its magic. I promise you will wake up with a revived and rested-looking complexion.”


Floral Street Fireplace Candle, £28.50

“Who doesn’t love the smell of a roaring and crackling fire? If you’re not blessed with an open fireplace in your home or don’t fancy the faff that comes with getting the real thing going, then this candle is a wonderful alternative. It doesn’t have the crackling sound of a fire but the notes of woody birch and papyrus give it that authentic smoky feel alongside a mix of amber and orris which creates that warm, cosy and comforting feeling of spending a night in feeling safe and warm.”


Scamp & Dude Swag Bags with Purpose by Sam Chapman, £25 and £35

“A few years ago the brilliant founder of Scamp & Dude, Jo teamed up with beauty insiders and experts to create gorgeous ‘swag bags’ in different colours and prints all of which raised money for different charities. They sold out immediately. The good news is, the swag bags are back but you’re going to have to be equally speedy to get one. There are seven different prints with GTG Beauty Award judges Ruby Hammer and Adeola Gboyega having each designed bags for Parkinson's UK and Black Women Rising respectively alongside makeup artist Hannah Martin for Future Dreams but I’ve got my eye on this neon pink and gold design from makeup artist Ruth Champan for Refuge either for myself or for giving to my bestie.”


Fussy Bodywash Bar, £8

“I’m a huge fan of the Fussy natural deodorant in fact I’ve finished so many that they’ve popped up in many of our Empties Edits so I was excited to try the brand’s new bodywash bar. It has a soap-free formulation so won’t sap your skin of all moisture, contains colloidal oat to soothe and probiotic to strengthen the skin. It comes in two scents, I’m favouring the zesty Tropic Tonic Lime scent to help pep me up in my morning shower. It is completely plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free and only contains natural ingredients. One bar delivers the same volume of body washing capabilities as three plastic bottles of shower gel so it’s also a no-brainer in terms of being kinder to the planet.”


Ingeborg van Lotringen, Contributing Beauty Editor

Loop Quiet Earplugs, £19.95

"Easy to mistake for Haribo friendship rings (keep away from children), Loop’s ‘Quiet’ plugs are designed for noise cancellation. Made of hardy but soft-feeling silicone material in jaunty colours, they come in a case with three sizes of interchangeable ear tips to ensure yours fit snugly. I find switching these tips a pain as the bouncy material of both the tips and the plug you push them onto makes it exceedingly hard to successfully join the two (I struggled so hard I partly tore one of the plugs). But having eventually managed this and the art of ‘twisting’ the plugs in place (also not as easy as it seems in the funky demo video), they do obliterate any racket, which is essential for me to sleep through the night. Easy to clean, they can last forever which saves the environment from endless single-use microplastic and polymer plugs. They also make an excellent affordable present this Christmas."


Iraye The Shaping Body Cream, £95

"A healthy lymph system means taut, glowing skin on your face and body, and Iraye has made it its business to create skincare that helps rev up your lymph with the help of indulgent skincare. Its latest launch is a body cream meant for your arms and legs, where a sluggish lymph can cause bloated tissues and cellulite. It’s powered by butcher’s broom, caffeine and goldenrod extract which act as vasoconstrictors (reducing bloodflow to alleviate inflammation and puff) and diuretics (helping to drain stagnant fluids) alongside other anti-inflammatories and skin firmers. The light, zesty-smelling lotion absorbs instantly but nourishes really well, leaving you feeling like you’ve done an invigorating body brush session with zero effort."


Polished London Hyaluronic Teeth Whitening Powder, £27.99

"It’ll be hard to distinguish this smooth pebble-jar from a posh pot of moisturiser, but the sharp mint tang when you open it gives the game away. A powder you dip your moistened toothbrush in before getting to work on your teeth, it gently polishes with the help of clay and silica and whitens with a new-gen organic peroxy acid that doesn’t sensitise like hydrogen peroxide. There’s also good old hyaluronic acid, aloe and gentle surfactants to make sure your mouth and gums stay nice and hydrated. All the brightening benefits and none of the drawbacks – that’s how we like it."


Hershesons The Wavemaker, £149.50

"This ‘automated curl creator’ is indeed that. Forget struggling to wrap hair around scalding tongs or getting rollers Velcro-ed stuck into your lengths (it’s beyond me how anyone has ever made either work) – simply feed strands of blowdried hair into the Wavemaker’s rolling barrel and watch them get gobbled up, then re-appear as a perfect mermaid wave. There are settings to suit your hair type, an in-built cooling system to set your style, and buttons to determine the direction of your waves. How very clever and useful."


Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

Jo Loves Christmas Trees Candle, £55

“If posh scented candles are high-up on your Christmas wish-list, then get your skates onto Jo Loves. Every year she creates a specific Christmas candle (and gifts) and the 2023 offering is extra spectacular thanks to a collaboration with Warner House, one of the greatest names in British textiles. All the gifts look super festive with pretty red bow garland patterns that are a contemporary twist on the Warner House's historical archive patterns. And the Christmas Trees candle has a glorious pine forest fragrance that creates serious festive vibes. The Jo Loves scent throws really well (that means you will smell it all over your house) and I think this is such a special gift to give or receive.”


Perricone MD High Potency Retinol Recovery Overnight Cream, from £20

“I’m always a bit nervous when it comes to using retinol after having a terrible reaction one winter that left my skin feeling sore with red patches. But the wondrous skin buffing benefits of vitamin A are well documented, so I’ve been soldiering on albeit with some trepidation. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been using this at night. It’s a skincare brand I know and feel safe with and I’ve been slapping it on and am happy to report I’ve had no adverse reactions. In fact, the opposite. It’s formulated with a supersonic triple blend of retinol to reduce fine lines, exfoliate and stimulate skin renewal but also lots of hydrating ingredients which has resulted in my skin having a plump dewy glow.”


Ipsum Best Skin Eye Oil Balm, £37.00

“Thanks to my ongoing dry and taut feeling skin I’ve developed a serious obsession for every kind of moisture-drenching balm-related skincare. New to my collection is this super delicious eye oil balm. Ipsum is an Aussie brand that knows a thing or two about organic and botanic ingredients and uses indigenous plants that you won’t find in lots of other brands.  The eye balm is oozy, rich and melty and I’ve been gently tapping it under my eye and around the brow area at night.  This is a great product for de-puffing and brightening around the eyes and is formulated with calming cucumber extract and squalene, plus the deliciously nourishing Australian macadamia seed oil.”


Eleven Australia Hydrate Trio Neon Holiday, £37

“The older I get the more important a high-quality shampoo and conditioner is. I have straight, coloured hair which needs a good feed and as much extra gloss only a quality product can deliver. One of my go-to brands is Eleven Australia which I’ve been using for years.  For Christmas, they have launched a series of trio sets for all hair types.  You get a shampoo, conditioner and after-care spray in a chic neon bag.  I love their hydrating range which is rich without being heavy and their detangling sprays are some of the best I’ve used.”