From the new Jo Loves Christmas candle to the It Cosmetics under-eye serum that tightens skin in seconds as well as the dreamiest makeup palettes from Hourglass. Meet the beauty buys that we've been loving this week

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Whether you're already on the lookout for some Christmas gifting options for loved ones (our writer's father-in-law needs to take note of her pressie request below) or you're on the hunt for some newness for yourself, here are 16 new beauty buys that stopped us in our tracks this week. There's everything from a super impressive hand cream that rivals some of the best serums we've used on our face to the new foundation from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makeup brand that delivers on every level. As well as a new brand that has curated skincare and supplements to suit your skin issues from the inside out. Enjoy!

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Hourglass Ambient Unlocked palette, Leopard, £85 

“Every autumn – ahead of Christmas gifting and party season – Hourglass releases limited edition Ambient Lighting Edit palettes with specially commissioned animal artwork and donate five per cent of profits to an animal charity. This year, choose from  jellyfish, leopard, owl or snake and if you order online you can choose which of three palettes is inside; there’s a light, medium and dark, featuring classic and new shades of bronzer, highlighter, blush and its famous Ambient Lighting Powder, that gives your face ‘candlelit’ finish. Only problem is - you will struggle to pan this mega palette before next year’s beauties come out!”


Sarah Chapman Intensive Hand Cream Limited Edition, £46

“Before you cry ‘£46 for a hand cream!’ think of this as a treatment that you’d do every so often, in the same way that you might book a facial at Sarah Chapman, because you want something that makes a significant impact. There are pigmentation busters, vitamin C, retinol, peptides, barrier builders, SPF: pretty much everything your hands need for post-summer hand rehab and age-proofing. It’s limited edition so don’t wait too long.”


Champo Pitta Brow serum, £24

"Pamela Anderson may be flying the flag for skinny brows, but I’m hanging on to every hair with this twice-daily peptide brow growth serum from Ayurvedic brand Champo (say: ‘shar-pour’). I’ve long been a fan of the brand’s The Pitta Growth Serum, £34 for hair - currently the best-selling hair product in Harrods - and now they have adapted it with a higher-strength peptide complex for brow hair which grows and sheds much faster than scalp hair. I slick this gel serum on and them through with a brow brush. If you have thinning brows, they say you should see results in six to 12 weeks.”


It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Bags Rapid Bag Reducer, £33

"My family always fails the ‘notice anything different about me?’ challenge when I try a new product, but this week was a first! ‘You have less crow’s feet!’ exclaimed my husband when I put on this ‘rapid bag reducer’. I thanked him for spotting that yes, it had definitely ironed out my under-eyes (it also smooths out wrinkles) before correcting his grammar: ‘FEWER crow’s feet!’. The gel goes on as the last step over your concealer, you refrain from moving your face for a couple of minutes while it sets clear (you will feel a tightness) et voila! Instant results for wrinkles that last good few hours. I don’t have eye bags, but my husband does - or rather he did!"


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Mavala Charcoal-Infused Self-Cleaning Kabuki Brush, £16

“Now just to clarify this dinky brush does not clean itself as you may assume from its name. You will still need a makeup brush cleaner on standby. However, the charcoal that is infused into the bristles acts as an antibacterial agent almost self-sanitising as you use it and you shouldn’t have to clean it as frequently. However, I just really like it as a brush. The bristles are super soft and there are loads of them so it’s great for whizzing powder bronzer or loose powder over your face quickly, easily all the time feeling very calming and relaxing on the skin.”


Koba Soap Bar, £19

“I am a huge fan of solid soap versus liquid. It’s far more eco friendly and soaps have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years - as have solid beauty bars - and this one is testament to that. Containing safou, olive and coconut oil as well as lots of nourishing butters it feels creamy when you’re just holding it in your hand. Once water hits, oh wow. It is so silky smooth and the lather is almost like a serum consistency. It can be used on the face and the body and doesn’t leave skin feeling tight, just clean, soft and supple.”


E45 Dry Lip & Skin Balm, £8.99

“If your skin get chapped and sore in the cold weather then this little pocket-sized balm is what you need. It contains lanolin, vitamin E and beeswax to not only add moisture but act like a protective shield from the elements. I am slathering it all over my lips as well as my 9-year old’s eczema, my husband’s dry hands and my 5-year old’s grazed knees.”


Rose Inc Softlight Skin-Smoothing Liquid Foundation, £42

“This is everything I think the best foundation should be. It has a silky fluid consistency that blends into skin without requiring too much effort. It feels hydrating on the skin and like it has some flex so it moves with your skin, which prevents it from looking cakey and settling into pores and lines. Talking of pores, it has a non-comedogenic formula so it’s great for oily skin types. It also leaves a gorgeous glow that’s not too shiny and could edge over into looking greasy but also prevents skin looking flat and lifeless. It comes in 31 shades and I love using my fingers to work it into my skin.


Ingeborg van Lotringen, Contributing Editor

Christophe Robin Luscious Curl Reactivating Mist with Flaxseed Milk, £25.00

"Fine, dry, naturally wavy or curly hair? Me too, and I find that blowdrying this hair type can manage frizz but can also leave hair, and particularly the ends, limp and straw-like. I’ve tried reviving them with leave-in creams and hair oils but they respectively turn my hair lank and stringy. This mist, though, which is a mix of water-based hydrators and light plant oils, hits the spot just right. It weightlessly puts the spring back into my waves, giving them gloss and definition without any greasiness at all and without me even having to touch my hair. It’ll do the same for much thicker or much coilier hair. Love it."


You’re Looking Well Regime, £150 for 4 products as a monthly subscription 

"Interesting idea, seizing on the growing interest in beauty supplements to complement the effects of your skin creams. This brand offers and day and a night cream alongside a day and a night ‘pill’, with the creams relying on proven but gentle skin health-supporting ingredients such as niacinamide, amino acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, and the pills majoring on probiotics (a healthy gut microbiome leads to good skin) and good levels of antioxidants. The day pill helps hydrate and protect while the night pill promotes relaxation and skin repair. Takes out all the guesswork, and it’s well formulated."


Lanolips 12-hour Overnight Lip Mask, £13

"Some (but not very many) people are allergic to lanolin, and of course, the (cruelty-free) sheep wool oil is not vegan. But it’s one of the best and most intensive skin nourishing and moisturising agents and I always find the best lip balms featuring it. So too this thick, thick paste that lasts all night to knit cracked and parched lips back together. There’s smoothing, protective vitamin C, hydrating hyaluronic acid and healing ceramides as well – I would trust this to save my lips in the next Arctic blizzard the tabloids are so fond of announcing."


Beauty Pie Superluminous Skin Genius, £55/£20 for members

"I’m very pleased the focus on matte, heavy-duty foundations has shifted in favour of hydrated, luminescent skin-tints that (literally) highlight the health and radiance you’ve worked so hard on with a good skincare regime and nourishing nutrition Beauty Pie’s ‘tinted hyaluronic complexion brightener’ is just that: a weightless lotion in eight shades that blurs and evens out small imperfections but leaves skin itself as the glowing star of the show, with this beautiful luminescence that neither feels nor looks oily or greasy. If you want more coverage, you can mix this multitasker with foundation or use it as a primer."


Marie Louise Pumfrey, Contributing Writer

Elemental Herbology, Five Elements Vital Cleanse, £38.00

"If lots of cleansers leave your skin feeling tight, let me steer you towards this. It's formulated with natural botanicals to protect the skin barrier and leaves you face feeling hydrated, clean and plump. It has a wondrous jelly texture that I like to massage in a leave for a few minutes so the brightening ingredients can work their magic and I can breathe in the zingy citrus fragrance.It contains wild flower honey, a powerful anti-inflammatory, vitamin c to help with collagen production and reduce redness and green tea, which protects the skin and helps with radiance."   


Creed, Carmina EDP, £165 for 30ml

"What’s your favourite Christmas present? Mine is perfume and every year my father-in-law gives me a bottle of perfume of my choice. What a great family tradition! This year House of Creed’s new launch, Carmina is top of the list. I had a sniff of it a few weeks ago and haven't stopped thinking about it since. It has an uplifting blend of rose de Mai, black cherry and pink pepper and is both sweet and lively and if you love amber and floral notes this one is for you."


Jo Loves Snowflakes scented candle, £55

"November is official scented candle season, and we all know who does them best. Jo Loves. Every festive season she launches a new collection, and I have the new Snowflakes candle burning away as I type these very words.  The blend of eucalyptus and cinnamon is giving me early festive vibes. The other fragrances in the collection include Log Fire, Roasted Chestnut, Plum Pudding and Christmas Tree.  Each candle last over 37 hours and have to be the perfect home-treat to capture the Christmas spirit."


MZ Skin Lightmax Minipro Eyeconic LED Eye Patches, £300

"If you suffer from dark circles or puffiness around the eyes, listen up.  Dr Maryam Zamani, oculoplastic surgeon and eye specialist has devised these ingenious LED eye-patches. They smooth under the eye using red and infrared wavelengths to help stimulate collagen, soften fine lines, reduce discolouration and inflammation. Simply attach the sticky patches, which are infused with skincare, to the LED crescents, place under the eye and switch it on. You leave them on for five to 10 minutes, and use three times a week. My daughter who suffers from dark rings is currently trying these out and is impressed with the results."