From Trinny Woodall's new lifestyle manual to the £3.50 body lotion that wowed our Beauty Director, here are the products to get you in that new season mindset

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Autumn is here. Not only are we swapping our iced lattes for pumpkin-spiced ones but we're making some switch-ups to our skincare, makeup bags and general outlook. Assisting us with the latter is Trinny Woodall's new book, a self-help guide  covering everything from knowing which colours suit your skin tone, to the power of yoga (taught to Trinny by our very own Victoria Woodhall) to some handy makeup tips. 

Then there's the new pore de-clogging serum from It Cosmetics, a whole host of self-tans that suit sensitive skin so you can keep your summer glow going into the darker months, as well as a bargain body lotion from Dove that contains the type of skin-caring technology that's essential as the weather gets colder and that products ten times the price don't contain. Enjoy! 

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Your new life manual: Trinny Woodall, Fearless, £13

“No surprise that Trinny’s first solo book (without Susannah) has rocketed up the bestseller lists, as millions of women want to know her secrets for staying glamorous, resilient and relevant after three decades in the public eye. Fearless covers everything from finances (her time at Debtors Anonymous, how she had to sell her dream home to fund her business) to fashion pairings, finding your colour chart, skincare – and a section on yoga, written by yours truly! I’ve been teaching her for three years and yes she is as positive and supportive and funny in person as she is online."

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Sexy twist on a classic: Jo Loves Amber Lime and Bergamot Parfum, £115 and candle, £55  

“You can tell from the animal print packaging that Jo Malone, the fragrance brain and nose behind Jo Loves, has sensuality in mind with this fresh but heady scent that blends her classic lime and bergamot combination with earthier smokier notes of amber sandalwood and suede. It gave me autumn and party season vibes so I was surprised to read that her inspiration came from a summer vintage festival The Concourse D’Elegance: think 1920s elegance, vintage cars, champagne and lush, green gardens. Smokin’!"

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The balm for all ages: Ren Evercalm Barrier Support Body Balm, £35

"Ren’s first ever product more than 20 years ago was the Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream for sensitive skin and since then the Evercalm range has grown a cult following. It’s the first thing I turn to (cleanser, serum, everything) when I have a reaction or an aesthetic treatment. Now comes its first body product a concentrated balm that’s for everything from newborn nappy rash to sore nipples, chafing, eczema patches, very dry skin, you name it. It’s rich in barrier repairing oils and has the clinical studies to prove it works. Every home should have one."

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Collagen boosting cleanser: Facegym Wonder Cleasning Balm, £45 

"Cleansing balms are becoming ever more sophisticated and Facegym has created its first one with  the brand’s signature biotech collagen, which doesn’t involve animals and is actually a peptide chain that stimulates collagen synthesis. Think of it as a serum that also happens to clean up your crud as well.  It has a light texture and gentle soothing scent, perfect for face massage: scan the QR code for the video tutorial. When you add water it turns slightly milky making it easy to wash off. It left my skin neither dry not greasy, yet well fed."

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Ingeborg van Lotringen, Contributing Editor

The non-irritating self-tan: Xen-Glow Dark Lotion, £29.99 

“It’s very rare for me to find a self-tanner I like. Invariably, they leave my skin with rashes (probably from the perfumes that are meant to hide the stale biscuit smell, which is hard to avoid as it stems from a chemical reaction with your skin), and dry as a bone (because the self-tanning process is a skin-drying one). But this one, which I believe is a return of Xen-Tan, doesn’t just go on silky-smooth (the brilliant velvety mitt, sold separately, helps as well), it’s rich in nut oils that prevent skin getting parched and it only has a subtle almond scent that doesn’t irritate at all - wondrous. The guide colour and eventual tan are decidedly non-orange and last well – and despite the ‘dark’ moniker it’s pretty subtle and not some sort of tacky mahogany. Great product.”

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The healing moisturiser: Cultured Biomecare Biome One Rich Cream, £55

“All Cultured’s products are skin barrier heroes, full of ingredients that truly calm, support and strengthen skin. This latest-generation skin microbiome-boosting formula is rich in its healing powers and skin-comforting ability but pretty light in texture, so don’t expect anything thick, heavy or greasy. It boosts skin’s own ceramide and lipid production for inside-out benefits, thanks to fermented plant extracts teeming with peptides, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. With mushrooms, algae, glycerin, lactic acid, green tea and more all working away, you have the best botanicals at your service in a delicious moisturiser you can use day and night.”

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The breakout nemesis: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Breakout Serum, £22

“A gold-standard 2% salicylic acid to clear out pores and calm pimples plus a powerful-but-not-ridiculous 3% lactic acid to peel skin and, over time, smooth acne marks and scars – very clever. It’s got hydrators and calming, balancing niacinamide as well, so it can be used as an on-the-spot treatment as well as all-over serum without it aggravating your skin. There is no fragrance; this is a serious worker bee of a serum.”

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The all-over patches: Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Collagen Hydragel Face & Eye Patches, £49.60 

“This brand really delivers on serious levels of high-performing ingredients, so these half-moon patches actually do more than plump your undereyes a bit for an hour or so. With firming peptides and a lot of calming ingredients, they’ll support skin long term to help soften lines, including expression lines elsewhere on the face which you can target with the additional almond-shaped patches that you can slap anywhere.”

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SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

The overnight dry lip saver: Lanolips 12-Hour Overnight Lip Mask, £13

“This isn’t a product I think everyone needs, I’m speaking straight to those who suffer with really dry and chapped lips and feel like they spend their entire life applying lip balm, like me. I’m thinking of starting a support group for us, but in the meantime there's this. A richer and more unctuous version of Lanolips’ ‘regular’ lip balm designed to sink in overnight as you sleep. I would argue that on cold days or when your lips feel particularly sore that you could also use a little during the day too. Be prepared for long-lasting relief.

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The perfect base: Yensa Skin on Skin BC Foundation SPF40, £35

“I whooped out loud when I first put this on my skin. I’m not joking. This is everything I look for in a base product and find so many of even the best foundations can’t deliver on. It feels lightweight but delivers a brilliant level of medium coverage. It isn’t cakey, it doesn’t feel dry, it leaves skin looking glowy but not greasy and it even contains clever colour correcting pigments to reduce redness in the skin, has SPF protection and superfood skin-caring ingredients. It comes in 16 shades and it’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.”

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The budget but brilliant body lotion: Dove Body Love Essential Care Body Lotion, £3.50

"You wouldn’t know to look at it but this unassuming bottle of body lotion contains whizz bang technology that body product ten times the price don’t. I'm talking about a ceramide restoring serum that actually helps your body create ceramides in the skin. I’ve often heard dermatologists compare ceramides to grouting; they act like a protective and cohesive bond between skin cells and if it cracks or breaks that's when problems occur. They lock moisture in and prevent it from escaping meaning the more you have the stronger and more resilient your skin becomes. Not only does this deliver them but it helps your body make more. And all for under a fiver.”

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The new classic: Narciso Rodriguez All Of Me EDP, £63 for 30ml

“It’s rare for a fashion brand to become more defined by their fragrances than their clothes, but I believe that’s what has happened with Narcisco Rodriguez and I mean that as the greatest compliment. The iconic ‘for her’ fragrances are an olfactory delight with a bottle that is recognisable solely from its silhouette. Now we have a new fragrance. It contains the brand’s signature musky accord of sandalwood and six musk notes which has been teamed with an ingredient normally used in men’s fragrance, geranium bourbon. This has been combined with rose to create a sexy but very modern scent that’s set to become a classic.”

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Amy Rostas, GTG Beauty and Social Media Assistant

The post-summer skin saviour: Caroline Hirons Let’s Get Even Kit, £160 

"This multi-brand kit has been curated by skin guru, Caroline Hirons and is everything that's needed to help correct any damage summer might have caused - paying particular attention to pigmentation and dehydration. It contains a full routine (except SPF) that's suitable for all skin types and tones, and is worth over £430. Inside you'll find the hydrating Jane Scrivner Purifying Cleanser, the soothing and revitalising Zelens Triple Action Eye Cream. Followed by two serums, the skin brightening and pigmentation zapping Sachi Skin Triphala Pigmentation Corrector Serum to use in the morning, and either Skin Rocks Retinoid 1 or 2, to use in the evening to target breakouts, hyperpigmentation, texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Then there's the rich Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream that seals in hydration and protects your skin barrier."

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 The tan for eczema prone skin: Solskin Tan Mousse, Mitt and Tan Drops Bundle, £39.99 

"I am the GTG tanning aficionado, but a few months ago I over-scrubbed my skin removing some old tan and caused my eczema to flare up. So that's when my search for the perfect self-tan for sensitive skin began. Usually the only self-tanning options for sensitive skin are gradual tans, but I prefer the impact of a mousse. Luckily, I came across Solskin, a tan that has been developed by a family specifically for their daughter who has eczema. Their derm-approved tans (they currently have a mousse and drops) are formulated to help calm and soothe skin whilst providing a natural, even glow with no streaks in sight. I can now tan without fearing a reaction. It also smells delicious, like a fruit salad."

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The blow-dry extender:  Living Proof Full Thickening Blow-Dry Cream, £27 

"This thickening blow-dry cream is a genius multi-purpose product. It provides heat protection, adds thickness and body, and most importantly for me, hold. If I style my hair when its freshly washed, curls or waves instantly drop, but not with this - in fact my style lasted four days without any touch-ups required. It really is a miracle in a bottle. It also contains corn starch to absorb oil acting like a  dry shampoo and extending your blowdry."

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The one for lipgloss addicts: Milk Makeup Odyssey Lip Oil Gloss, £24 

"I’m obsessed with lip oils and glosses but hate when they’re sticky. You will be pleased to know this hybrid oil-gloss-formula doesn't have a smidge of stickiness about it. Packed with rich hydrating oils, this vegan, cruelty-free product also helps to promote firmness overtime, leaving you with pout perfect lips overtime. There are eight shades available (one being completely clear)that come in  mix of cream and shimmer finishes and smells sweet but not overpowering."

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Jemma Thompson, GTG Design and Social Media Manager

The boujee body spray : Sol de Janeiro After Hours, £22 

“This is Sol de Janeiro’s first foray into an evening body spray scent and my gosh was it worth the wait. It is limited edition - so don't hang around - and smells like a sultry cologne with vanilla, woody notes. It’s nothing like the fruity, sweet mists they’ve released before. In fact, it’s incredibly strong so do bear that in mind if you’re someone who prefers a lighter scent. But the longevity is unreal. I'm stocking up before it sells out."

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The suits-all skin hydrator: Dr Hauschka Apricot Day Cream, £30 

"Although my skin is on the oily side so normally can't cope with anything too heavy, this works like a dream. If anything it's too good as my boyfriend has nabbed it for his dry skin. It is fast-absorbing, 100% natural and revives lacklustre, dry skin leaving it feeling velvety soft. It also works as a good primer pre-makeup. If you’re after a day cream that’s lightweight but contains enough nourishing and vitamin-rich ingredients to hydrate your skin then look no further."

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The hand mask: Bioeffect EGF Hand Serum, £39 

"As the seasons change the one beauty item that always stays a permanent fixture in my arsenal is hand cream. This one has more of a serum-like texture as opposed to a thick greasy lotion. It uses skin barrier-loving ingredients including niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and ceramides (which do a great job of protecting skin from harsh weather). I've been using it at night but it will also feel quite refreshing during the day and because it's not sticky or greasy, a great option for when you need to be able to use your hands! It aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by supporting your skin's natural collagen production — not that I'm fussed about that yet. I just like to wake up with silky soft mitts."

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