From glow-giving makeup to clever SPFs with wellness teas and genius supplements in the mix too. Proving, once again, that great products don't need to cost a fortune

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Nothing causes more excitement in the GTG offices than when we are inundated with brilliant products that come with affordable price tags. Because, while there are times when it’s definitely worth investing your money in certain beauty bits, there are so many amazing skincare, makeup, and wellness products out there that really do what they say they’re going to and don’t leave you financially ruined after paying for them. So, that’s why we wanted to pull together the newest and the best of everything that has landed on our desks in the last few weeks that are brilliant value for money and will make a fantastic addition to your makeup bag, bathroom cabinet, or supplements drawer (should you happen to have one!). Enjoy!

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Pixi OnThe Glow Blush, was £18 now £12

"PH beauty is a big trend this year largely thanks to TikTok and we’re seeing more ‘reactive’ lip and cheek stains that change hue depending on the pH of your skin, or so they claim. Pixi calls this barely-there blush a hydration stick with a tint, and I think that describes it perfectly. As someone whose mature skin struggles with glow, it’s a great top-up. What you get is a subtle natural-looking flush. It isn’t as tinted as Pixi’s standard On The Glow Blush, which I’ve used for years, but with the same handy lozenge shape and twist up stick, this is another winner."


Soap & Glory Fresh as Fig Body Butter Limited Edition, £7.99

"This whipped shea butter body cream has a surprisingly sophisticated fragrance – a mix of zingy lemon and fresh fig. Fans of Sol de Janeiro’s fruitier body creams will love this limited edition, which by comparison is a complete steal. It’s a teeny bit stickier than its pricey rivals but kept my skin well moisturised and I enjoyed catching the fragrance notes wafting from my limbs throughout the day; one to snap up for summer before the limited run sells out."


Mother Cuppa Relax Herbal Tea, Relax, £8.99

"I’m very much enjoying the boom in wellness teas. And a hot cuppa is even better for the soul now thanks to these three unusual and tasty caffeine-free blends called Energise, Hydrate and Relax. They’re made with women in mind to balance our skin, hormones and stress levels with ingredients such as lavender, ashwagandha and oat flowering tips. They smell as good as they taste and if you have a bit of a sweet tooth the Relax blend will give you that fix without sugar.  They’re 15-20 per cent cheaper on subscription too."


Botanics Rose Quartz Facial Roller, £12.99

"Botanics is one of those unsung bio-beauty brands that makes really good plant-based skincare that leaves you change for a tenner. Their bottles are always teeny, mind, but that’s not a bad thing as it makes it easy to try a few things from the range (I like the Snow Mushroom Serum, which is only £3.99). They also do tools such as Ice Globes and gua sha, but my favourite is this cooling roller with a lovely curved wooden handle. It makes light work of strained eyes, jaw tension, and puffy cheeks (and it doesn’t squeak!). I like to put a face mask on and roll this over the top."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Happi Patch Easee Sleep, £12.99 for 6 patches

“If you find swallowing supplements a bit tricky then vitamin patches are a great alternative. They work the same way that nicotine or HRT patches do by utilising transdermal technology and entering straight into your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach which is where lots of supplements can end up getting stuck. Hapi offers a whole range of different types of patches (including hormone-balancing, energy-boosting and libido-enhancing) but my husband and I gave these sleep-inducing ones a go. They contain valerian root, passionflower and hop extract. I can’t say we noticed a difference on night one but on night two we both slept the best we had done in a long time. Coincidence?”


Estrid Ultimate Shave Gel, £4.95

“Hands up who also doesn’t use a shaving gel as regularly as they should?! Thankfully, Estrid has come to the rescue with their new offering which I can confirm gives a far closer shave than using shower gel but also leaves legs, arms - wherever you’re shaving - feeling much softer and smoother after too, thanks to the inclusion of shea butter and niacinamide. I also really appreciated how controlled the foam came out from the spray so I didn’t end up with too much but just the right amount.”


L’Oreal Paris Bright Reveal Dark Spot UV Fluid, was £19.99 now £9.99

"Not only does this lightweight and gorgeously scented SPF protect skin against future pigmentation, which of course all SPF does, but it contains skincare heavyweights, niacinamide and LHA (lipohydroxy acid). The two per cent Niacinamide gets to work on reducing redness in the skin and reducing the appearance of pigmentation, while the LHA very gently exfoliates the skin to also reduce pigmentation. It feels silky smooth on the skin and leaves no cast making it super easy for everyone to wear every day."


Rimmel London Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters, £12.99

“I’m not a huge fan of the whole dupe culture however, you can’t help but see similarities between products so if you were on the lookout for a more affordable version of Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter, £39, this is it at a third of the price. It is a 3-in-1 primer, highlighter and glow giver and comes with an oversized wand which means you can quickly dab it all over and blend in with your fingers, a brush or a sponge. It comes in 8 shades all in the bronze-gold zone and is designed to be worn either under makeup, combined with your moisturiser ,or if you’re having a great skin day pop this on over your SPF and a luminous healthy glow will be yours.”


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Simple Active Barrier Care  Repairing Rich Cream Face Moisturiser, £9.99

"Helping skin produce its own active molecules is always preferable to putting them on top of skin in hope that they penetrate. This barrier-repairing cream proudly has 22 per cent ceramide boosters that help your body churn out this internal ‘mortar’ all by itself, thereby strengthening its own protective wall of cells. There’s also cica to calm and soothe, and plenty of humectants such as panthenol and glycerin to keep things quenched. The unscented cream feels like a super-light but leaves skin nourished and velvety, yet without any greasiness."


L’Oreal Paris Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer, £11.99

"The public apparently demanded these multi-purpose glow lotions (formerly in the True Match franchise) back after having been pulled, so here they are in four glistening shades. Use them as a subtle highlighter, mix them with your base (not your sunscreen please) or simply whack them all over your face; you can’t really go overboard. They’re cool-feeling, light lotions that have glycerin and shea butter in it, so they hydrate - and won’t irritate skin with some sickly sweet scent because there is none."


Together Health Vitamin D3, £7

"Now available in Waitrose, these handy month-supplies of essential vitamins are always vegan and responsibly packaged in compostable pouches, as well as third-party tested and teeming with plant extracts. Vitamin D3 is an essential for all of us (even more so in this never-ending winter) and this wild lichen-extracted D makes it affordable and easy to get your 1000IU a day."


Indu Stand Up Tubing Mascara, £14

"I keep liking these teen-focused products for myself. The formulations are gentle (as they should be) while the packaging tends to be compact and usually delivers some added value. This tubing mascara doesn’t melt but is easy to remove with just water and comes in a dinky tube that doesn’t just feature a small precision-wand but is also anything but bulky (like so many attention-grabbing mascaras are these days). So it’s easy to slip into your pocket or minimalist packing. Better yet, it has its own lanyard so you can even hang it off your phone, should you so desire."


Isla Huffadine, GTG Content Coordinator

Elf Lash ‘N Roll Mascara, £6

"My ultimate makeup essential is mascara and this brown offering has gone into my favourite top three. The curved wand lifts and elongates my lashes, while ensuring they remain separated without clumping and I rarely find the need for multiple coats as the first application provides ample product. Throughout the day there’s been no flaking or smudging and I haven’t needed to use an eyelash curler beforehand. Plus, it's a bargain."


Lottie London Stay Press'd Nails, £6.95

"Slightly hesitant about using false nails? Me too. I worry they look a bit cheap and obviously false but these are a bit of a game changer. They’re easy to apply; simply match the appropriate size nail, apply a bit of glue, align with your cuticle line and hold down until bonded securely. The almond shape with a blue French Tip is on trend, allowing you to experiment with a fun design without breaking the bank or committing to the same style for weeks on end. Plus everyone who has complimented me on them can't believe they're not my real nails. Result."


Elf Skin Holy Hydration Coconut Mist, £8

"Mists often don’t get the credit they deserve, yet they’re incredibly handy for those on the move or seeking a quick hydration pick-me-up. This coconut mist serves as a versatile option, perfect for applying on bare skin or over makeup to freshen up throughout the day. I always keep it handy on my desk; a simple spritz rejuvenates my face when my makeup is looking a bit tired (not the most glamorous scenario I admit!). Its lightweight formula avoids any sticky residue, while the blend of coconut oil, vitamin B5 and vitamin E deliver on hydration, soothing and softening of the skin. And let’s not forget the tropical coconut scent that instantly boosts your mood!"


Catrice Skin Glaze Serum Primer, £5.50

"It can be tricky to strike the balance of looking glowy without veering into looking greasy. But this luminous primer massively helps. It has a liquid-based serum formula that isn’t too thick or sticky and sinks in immediately - a win for the oiler skin types. And it creates just the right level of subtle radiance, ensuring you won’t resemble a disco ball when used all over your face! It can be worn alone for a more natural glow, or as a primer beneath makeup."