We're talking immunity boosting supplements, sleep enhancers and anxiety lifters. Basically, all the good stuff

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Do you have a wellness toolbox that can shift your mood, change your energy levels and stave off a lurgy? Between us on the GTG team, we have quite the collection - and our weekly Glossy Picks roundup of newness launches and recent discoveries is devoted entirely to wellbeing and self-care.  Meet the salts that turn ordinary bathrooms into a spa, the supplements we take for skin health, the sneaky way we get our teens to dose up and the chocolate drink that helps supermodel Elle Macpherson - and us - fall asleep.

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Better You Magnesium Water, £19.99 for pack of 12

"I don't know a single mid-life woman who doesn’t swear by magnesium, especially for sleep. This new collection of still drinks with 48 per cent of your magnesium RDA, is a delicious way to add extra into your diet (or into your Sleepy Girl Mocktail, if you’re a fan of TikTok trends with nutritionist's backing). Magnesium is also one of the key electrolytes that make your water even more hydrating – especially important if you’ve been working out. I like all three of these Magnesium Waters: Energy, Focus and Hydrate. They blend magnesium citrate and magnesium bis-glycinate with extra botanicals, no sweeteners and have 20 calories per can."


Welleco The Evening Elixir, £39

"Elle Macpherson’s Welleco does the best vegan chocolate protein powder there is, so the bar was high for her new evening cacao drink. It blends all-important chocolate with skin-boosting vitamins and calming herbs such as passionflower, chamomile, lavender and lemon balm, while still managing to taste delicious. I have a sweet tooth (the drink is mildly sweetened with stevia; 13 calories a pop) and reaching for this instead of a biscuit after a meal has satisfied that and given me a lovely new bedtime ritual.”


Revive Active Teen Revive, £17.50 for 20 sachets

"Persuading my kids to take vitamins in pill form is an unwinnable battle, but when it’s a powder sachet that I just have to tip into a glass of water and shove between my son and his phone, it’s instant success. I know he’s not just getting his essential vitamin D, but a hefty dose of probiotics (15 billion CFU) and an impressive array of vegan vitamins, minerals, fruit and veg powders and prebiotic beta-glucans."


Ilapothecary Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller, £29

"I was drawn to this by the name when I was teaching a course on chakra yoga recently. The throat chakra is all about speaking your truth - which is what this big-hitting but sweetly soft blend of rose and sandalwood reminds you to do. I’d noticed that poses such as shoulder stand or humming breath that stimulate the throat chakra, would cause me coughing fits - as if something was stuck. For whatever reason, this blend calmed them. If you think that’s all woo-woo, I promise you’ll love this potent fragrance that invites you to take a deep breath and relax ."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Wildsmith Bath Salts, £55

“There are bath salts and then there are Wildsmith bath salts. They are made from grains of fine sea salt which dissolve away to nothing in the water and don’t leave a horrible residue around the bathtub. But it’s the scent that’s the masterpiece here. It’s the brand’s signature blend with chamomile and cedarwood  - which turns a regular bath into a moment of self-care. The salts also contain hydrating ingredients so you may not need to moisturise afterwards, and that’s the sort of product efficiency which I really appreciate.”


Nod Pod Sleep Mask, £28

“As a team, we love the best weighted blankets and the best sleep masks. Imagine the excitement when I showed off my new purchase that marries the two. Meet Nodpod; each pod along the length of fabric contains microbeads that sink onto and around your eyes. The comforting pressure has helped get me to sleep quicker. Choose from the soft jersey side that feels cooling or a warm fleecy side. You can pop it in the freezer to help soothe headaches, but it’s not compatible with the microwave. It isn’t designed to stay over your eyes all night but if you wake up then you simply drape it back over your eyes and it’s back to the land of nod you go.”


Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser Connect, £185

“If you’re looking to scent your home without lighting the best winter candles around, let me introduce you to the newest waterless, heatless, wireless electric diffuser from scenting experts, Aromatherapy Associates. Its stylish design means you can incorporate it into your decor rather than hiding it away somewhere and it’s very portable and has 16 hours of power when fully charged. But its two USPs are that it can house two scents (you just pop the bottles inside the diffuser) and then either stick with one scent, or the machine can blend them. And the piece de resistance is an app so you can turn it on before you get home to walk through the door to a gorgeously scented space. We have entered an entirely new era of diffusing!”


Stella by Stella McCartney Alter-Care Supplement, £60 for 60 tablets

“The newest addition to the Stella McCartney skincare range is this  vegan and gluten-free supplement for skin. I am rubbish at sticking with supplements but because you take these at night I’ve kept the chic jar by my bed, which reminds me to pop two  before hitting the pillow. They contain a patented ceramide complex to plump up skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, plus omega 3,6, 9 and evening primrose oil which are all known for making skin look good. After a few weeks of taking them, I believe my skin looks more hydrated and juicy. "


Kerry Potter, GTG Contributing Editor

Sow Women’s Immune and Serene 60, £49.99

"This winter’s cold and ’flu season has been particularly relentless; in my household, there’s always someone off work/school.  I was keen to try this  women's supplement that promises to boost your immune system and manage stress. You take two capsules per day and it includes amino acid L-tryptophan to boost focus and mood (yes please) and vitamins D3, C and zinc, among others, to help banish bugs. I like the brand’s eco-mindedness – you get a glass jar with the first purchase and are encouraged to buy refill sachets."


Healthspan Collagen Glow, £27.99

"Another day, another collagen launch but this one caught my eye. You get a little squeezy bottle (like those ones of concentrated fruit squash), from which you mix three squeezes with a glass of water. It’s convenient and there’s less waste than with sachets. You get two bottles, which is two weeks’ supply for £27.99, so it’s around the same price as most others on the market. The passion-fruit flavour is perfectly palatable, each dose contains 5000mg of marine collagen and it’s pimped with selenium, biotin, vitamins C, E, B2 and D3 and hyaluronic acid for max skin, hair and nails plumping."


Rare Beauty Hydrating Hand Cream, £18

"I’ve just had to retrieve Selena Gomez’s bodycare line from my 15-year-old’s dressing table – it was stolen the moment I brought it into the house. Yep, Gen Z sure love Rare Beauty but, despite myself, I really like this too. There’s a body lotion, a body and hair mist and an aromatherapy pen, all packaged in chic putty-ish purple, but the hand cream is my pick of the bunch. It absorbs quickly, has a surprisingly grown-up jasmine, lemon zest and cashmere wood scent, and the unique dispenser (like a mini highlighter pen) looks stylish in my handbag."


Jemma Thompson, GTG Design and Social Media Manager

Diptyque's Fleur de Peau Cleansing Hand and Body Gel, £43

"If you're a dedicated Diptyque enthusiast, you're likely acquainted with Fleur de Peau, the musky romantic scent that has captivated fragrance lovers since its debut in 2018. They've now introduced body care  in the fragrance ranging from a body balm, £67 to a  hair mist, £58 and more. My standout is this elevated hand and body gel that transforms into a silky cleansing foam. If you're in search of a self-care indulgence with a 'posh hotel' vibe, this is it."


Neom Wellbeing Soak, Multi-Vitamin Bath Oil, £45 

"Neom's Magnesium Bath Milk was one of my most cherished beauty discoveries of 2023. So, when I learned about a new addition to their bath and body range, I was eager to get my mitts on it. This luxurious bath soak provides a serene moment with a harmonious blend of lavender, jasmine, and sandalwood, known for their stress-relieving and relaxing properties. Adding a dash or two of this soothing oil to running water not only fills the air with a delightful scent but also leaves my skin remarkably soft after bathtime."


Knude Society Melt Candle, £25

"I am still in my cosy girl era, which means I’m burning a winter candle left, right and centre. My go-to choice is this multitasking candle, which doubles up as a comforting massage oil. As the warming black pepper and raspberry scent burns, you’re left with a safe-to-use (just slightly warm, but not hot!) body oil. This multitasking gem leaves you with incredibly soft skin. Whether you choose to pamper yourself or enjoy it with a partner, this candle-oil combo offers a delightful relaxing moment.


Weleda Stretch Mark Body Butter, £21.95

"Throughout my current pregnancy, I've been indulging in this rich body butter, not just as a preventive measure against stretch marks, but as a self-care ritual with my growing bump. The cocoa and shea butters work wonders for smoothing and hydrating the skin, alleviating tightness. The invigorating scent and fast-absorbing formula enhance the overall pleasure, making it a moment of relaxation and connection with my changing body. There’s always a layer of comfort with Weleda products too, knowing that they are natural and safe for both mums-to-be and babies."


Becki Murray, GTG Contributing Editor

Dr Ross J Barr Calm Patches, £15 for 10

"If you are a nervous flyer, these are the calming mood patches I really couldn’t be without whenever I start to feel my heart rate rising when I get onto a flight. Most importantly, they never make you feel groggy on landing. The clever combination of herbs makes for a totally natural solution for nerves and tension, and I’ve been known to pop them on when a headache strikes too."


Aeyla The Mela Weighted Blanket, was £159 now £66.83

"My twin sister introduced me to weighted blankets and my sleep has been better ever since. I’d recommend this one from Aeyla in particular for restless sleepers, as it helps you cocoon up and is super soft so it's really easy to get cosy. It’s also made from 100 per cent cotton, so while it's weighted you don’t spend the night getting really hot."


Gallinee Skin Microbiome Sequential Test, £50

"Call me a nerd, but I get really excited about tech that can help you learn more about your personal skin and gut health. This test is by far the biggest innovation I’ve seen in that space in years! You apply the sticky pad to your face and then send the simple yet award-winning skin strip to the lab to be analyzed to reveal the state of your skin microbiome - the source of many key concerns, such as redness and sensitivities. In even better news, you can get personalised skin health-boosting recommendations as well."


Mirror Water Soak Bath Salts, £42

"It’s a running joke in my family that my bath salts collection could rival a pharmacy, but whenever I get stressed these are the flakes that I instinctively reach for. They’re a mix of three salts - Himalayan pink rock, magnesium, and Epsom - meaning they offer the full trifecta of results: soothing tired muscles, improving skin hydration, and, of course, being uber-relaxing. Plus, the forest-inspired aroma is calming but not really overpowering so you don’t end up with a headache."