Guerlain have reformulated their Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum to be even more effective than before. And it's all down to one seriously impressive wonder ingredient.

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Written in partnership with Guerlain

After already creating what is widely considered to be the first-ever serum, Émulsion d’Ambroisie back in 1952, luxury French skincare brand Guerlain haven’t rested on its laurels. They have become renowned for creating gorgeously silky serums, as well as every other skincare product you can think of, that use the finest natural ingredients along with the best technology available to create products that deliver seriously impressive results. And their latest offering, Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum, £118, is no exception.

This may be a product that sounds slightly familiar. It originally launched back in 2020 to huge acclaim. In fact, it was so popular that one sold every minute worldwide. Which does make you wonder why a brand would dare to improve on something that is obviously working well. But Guerlain isn’t any brand. In the interim years, their team of researchers had created a new technology that they knew would elevate this serum to even dizzier heights and that is why Guerlain Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Advanced Serum has come into existence.

The newer version has been reformulated with new technology (more on that later) to make it deliver even more impressive skincare results, its been given a new double glass bottle made from 20% recycled glass and now contains 96% naturally derived ingredients. In short, they’ve improved on perfection.

Guerlain’s star ingredient

But before we delve into what makes this new version of the serum so special, let's explore the key ingredient used in all of Guerlain’s Abeille Royale products; honey. Honey and bees have been at the heart of Guerlain for decades. In fact, it was when a bee was featured on a Guerlain cologne bottle in 1853 that the bee then became the symbol of the brand and the beginning of their journey into the world of honey.

Guerlain’s extensive research teams have spent decades studying honey's ability to heal and repair the skin as well as its prowess at strengthening the skin’s barrier and combating the appearance of wrinkles and the loss of skin firmness. In fact Guerlain are so invested in honey as a skincare ingredient that they created the Guerlain Bees Conservation Programme to ensure that bees are protected and that bee keeping and honey harvesting is done sustainably and with zero impact on the natural world.

In this serum, Guerlain have focused on two powerhouse honey elements at work. The first is Guerlain’s Dynamic Blackbee Repair technology an ingredient that has combined some of the most potent and luxurious honey there is - a combination of the legendary Black Bee honey from Ouessant Island in France and three other kinds of honey from unspoilt and biodiverse areas in Corsica, Greece and Finland - with high-tech skincare delivery mechanisms. This has resulted in an ingredient that energises the connections between skin cells allowing them to repair themselves faster and more efficiently resulting in younger-looking skin. The second element is a bio-polyfermented honey which Guerlain has proven to strengthen the skin making it firmer and look more sculpted.

A serum of two halves

With its striking dual chamber and bottle inspired by the design of a hive, this is a serum that looks as impressive as the nectar inside.

In the ‘Repair’ chamber is the combination of the Dynamic Blackbee Repair technology and the bio-polyfermented honey to create a fresh translucent gel with zero stickiness. This side of the serum provides an advanced lifting effect to the skin that visibly reshapes and refines the contours of the face.

On the other side is the ‘Renew’ chamber. This contains a silky-smooth honey emulsion of resurfacing AHAs and PHAs. These latest-generation acids are known to exfoliate the skin’s upper layer and the gradual soft peeling effect visibly refines skin’s texture and boosts its radiance. These have been combined with a precious white honey concentrate that works in perfect synergy with the AHAs and PHAs but adds an extra luminosity and glow to the skin.

As a whole, the serum also works to tackle many other skin issues. In fact it’s been proven to reinforce the skin barrier for 24 hours, deliver hydration that lasts for 48 hours and have an instant tightening effect after just one application.

How to use it

The Abeille Royale Double R Advanced Serum can be added to your current routine or as part of the rest of the Abeille Royale range which also uses honey from Guerlain’s bees to protect and repair the skin.

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