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Anna Hunter 17 September 2014
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Shaving Grace: No Hassle Hair Removal

Let’s not beat around the bush, hair removal is not the most exciting or glamorous department in the grand beauty hall of life, but for most of us it’s a necessary evil that facilitates strapless or short wardrobe options, bodily contact and comfortable gym sessions. Unfortunately, body hair is a stubborn entity, and no hair removal method seems foolproof or straight forward.

If staying hair, bump and rash free is proving a struggle, don’t fire up the lawnmower. We won’t change the subject or shy away from your burning bikini line, we’re here to flesh out the ins, outs and ouches of hair removal. Click through for instant relief…

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bliss poetic waxing kit

£38,  buy online

If waxing is your weapon of choice in the war against body hair, chances are you’re spending a small fortune on half-legs at your local salon or flapping about with wax strips. I’m prejudiced as I’ve never gotten on with them (lukewarm wax equates to patchy results in my experience), but  this home waxing system  strikes the perfect balance between speedy professional job and waxing for dummies. The spa standard wax is microwaveable, all paraphernalia is provided and the skin cleanser and pre and post waxing oil ensure superior results without the rash. It’s DIY without the dire consequences.

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Venus & Olay™ Razor

£5.49,  buy online 

It’s my Venus, it’s my fire, it’s always my desire when stubble rears its ugly head. Shaving is by far the most simple, faff free hair removal option, the downside being that hair grows back thick and fast. This skin friendly smooth operator almost makes up for that though; it shaves close without nicking (always opt for five blades) and has nourishing moisture bars that allow you to scrimp on shaving gel if you need to, although I find a good lather both satisfying and softening. I suffer from fewer ingrown hairs when I use this particular model too. Speaking of ingrown hairs…

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bliss ingrown hair eliminating pads

£28,  buy online

These soothing, exfoliating pads have achieved cult status amongst most females in my family thanks to their cooling effect on red, angry, recently waxed skin. Nothing I’ve come across performs quite so well when it comes to stopping ingrown hairs in their tracks, wherever they’re lurking, although go carefully if you’re very sensitive of skin as ingredients such as witch hazel could make matters worse. For the majority of women (and un-beardy men), these should become a bathroom cabinet staple. Leave the aftershave alone lads.

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bliss trim and bare it bikini trimmer

£55,  buy online 

If you’re into creative ‘topiary’,  get your mitts on this hedge trimmer . The Swiss Army knife of hair removal (SO many functions) it cuts bikini lines down to size, without actually cutting you, which unfortunately is not always a given with electric grooming tools. Four different attachments let you tackle hair down there, nasal hair, facial hair and any other rogue growth that has sprouted up uninvited. It’s sharp, safe, precise and pain free. If you’re not bothered about removing hair from the root and simply need a quick tidy up, you could do a lot worse than hopping into the shower with this shearer.

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Inhibitif Hair-Free Deodorant

£8.99,  buy online 

While it doesn’t make up for actual hair removal, or indeed leave you ‘hair free’, I was impressed by the prickle-reducing powers of this clever hair thinning roll-on. After a month or so of using this deodorant I did notice that I was much less of a hairy Anna Mary and my underarms were in a better condition in general. How the ‘high concentration of active technologies’ works to slow the rate of hair growth, I haven’t the foggiest- the blurb is fairly mysterious, but whatever the science behind it, it thins thickets of armpit hair painlessly.

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bliss ‘fuzz’ off facial hair removal cream

£18,  buy online 

I’m not a huge fan of depilatory creams, having suffered chemical burns in the past (a moustache is preferable to a numb, inflamed trout pout I assure you). This nifty facial hair removal cream did, however, make me reconsider- the packaging and puns make lady tache maintenance almost enjoyable and the three-minute development period means less time hiding your Santa Claus upper lip away from sight in the bathroom. The sleek applicator ensures there’s no mess and aloe and vitamin E help to calm skin, although I’d recommend patch testing on your wrist or behind your ear if you’re prone to reactions as the formula contains quite a bit of fragrance.

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Decléor Aroma Epil Post-Wax Double Action Gel

£15,  buy online 

My laser hair removal therapist Sonya Cross  swears by this skin pacifying lotion- smooth it on post waxing, shaving, epilation, laser treatment...the hair removal method doesn’t matter, but this gel heals all manner of depilation complications. It’s also so efficient at reducing regrowth (by up to 92%) that Sonya’s clients often move their appointments back. Possibly not great for business, but great news for your bank manager. Daub it on to even the most sensitive areas daily to experience smoother skin for longer, not to mention reduced redness thanks to calming aloe vera.

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Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL Hair Removal System

£450,  buy online 

First things first, don’t balk at the price. This isn’t flash in the pan depilation, it’s hair removal for the long haul. One of the superior home IPL models, Philips Lumea reduces hair growth on the legs and face (bikini too if you’re brave/dextrous) by targeting the hair at its root with intense pulses of light to essentially “kill” it. Treat your fuzzy bits with this space age gadget fortnightly and you’ll notice that hair growth slows down noticably after eight weeks. They aren’t lying, and the 140,000 flashes of light per zap aren’t nearly as painful as you think they might be.

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