The launch of Sam McKnight's new hair styling range means we can all have a little bit of his hair magic at home. He discloses his all-time 'cool girl' hair tricks to Susannah Taylor

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Sam McKnight is quite probably the world’s greatest hair stylist, with a career spanning four decades and over 100 Vogue covers under his belt. Legendary for creating modern, jaw-dropping, sexy hair  - the ultimate hair that women want - here Sam reveals his tricks of the trade.

ST: What essential tools do we all need in our kit?

SMcK: “A pair of medium curling irons, a really good brush (Sam likes YS Park,a very cool Japanese brand that will smooth even the most unruly hair - try Amazon), and a dry shampoo such as my  Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo , £19 for creating texture.”

ST: How do you make long hair modern instantly?

SMcK: “I would give long hair a bit of texture using my  Cool Girl texturising Spray , £25. Tip your head upside down and spray to rough hair up a bit. Don’t  - whatever you do - brush it.”

ST: How would you make short hair modern in a flash?

SMcK: “I think it’s great to make shorter hair look a bit homemade, not too tidy and not too done is important. I would go for something that’s a bit choppy, as if you did it yourself, that’s less masculine in feel but more rock ‘n’ roll. I love hair that has a lived-in look.”

ST: How can we all keep our hair in tip-top condition?

SMcK: “Obviously eating well and looking after yourself is important but the best thing you can do is have some great colour - if you have bad hair dye it will show and make hair look really bad quality. Also I would keep heat application to a minimum - I see a lot of overheated and over tonged hair. Don’t use heated appliances every day, and make sure you use masks and oils to put moisture and nourishment back in.”

ST: How do I turn a seriously bad hair day into a good one?

SMcK: “I would use something like my  Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo , £19 which is a styler too and will give barely-there texture. I would probably then tong it to add a bit of shape.”

ST: What, in your mind, is a real hair no-no?

SMcK: “Without a doubt, overdone, overcurled, extensioned, fake hair. I’m also not keen on over saturated or over exaggerated hair, I think with modern hair it’s important to keep a lightness of touch.”

ST: What is the key to sexy, stylish hair?

SMcK: “Hair that glows, that moves, that shines and looks touchable. Healthy and touchable hair is, to me,  sexy hair.”

ST: How would you do an easy, stylish up-do?

SMcK:  “I would use my  Easy Up-Do , £25 which adds bite and hold to the hair. If you have slippery hair that falls out easily, this is for you - it holds twists, backcombing and braids but then brushes out easily. If you’re looking for an easy chignon I would backcomb hair slightly at the roots, before pulling hair into a ponytail with an elastic and wrapping the ends round the elastic.”

ST: What do you recommend to people who have unhealthy hair?

SMcK: “I see a lot of people whose hair isn’t in great shape due to diet or stress, one thing I often recommend is Viviscal which does seem to make a difference to the thickness and quality of hair.”

ST: Any other advice on always keeping ourselves modern-looking?

SMcK: “People need to start having fun with their hair. You dont need to stick with the same look forever.”

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