In desperate need of a root touch-up? We feel you. Try one of these root cover-up hair dye alternatives for a dose of temporary hair colour until you can see your stylist again

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In the current climate it's unlikely that we'll be sitting in the salon chair anytime soon, but if you had a colour appointment on the horizon your hair might be needing a touch up in the root department.

Luckily there's a legion of temporary root cover-ups and concealers we can reach for in the interrim, keeping hair looking salon-fresh when that's far from the case.

From liquids to powders to sprays and crayons, there’s a myriad of different textures available to match different preferences and hair colours. From blonde to brunette, highlights and lowlights, here's our edit of the best root cover-ups around for when the salon is off-limits.

Josh Wood Colour Blending Brush , £19

Known as the ‘Guardian of Colour,’ Josh Wood’s  collection of hair colour essentials has been created to provide the perfect pick-me-up in between hair colour appointments and that it does. Apply a quick slick of one of the five Blending Brush shades onto dry or damp hair (we preferred damp), blow-dry in and voilà – instant root cover-up without having to step outside your house. It lasts for up to three washes.

New this year is the  Josh Wood Colour Airbrush , £14, a lightweight precision spray that comes in Champagne blonde and light brown and can be used to cover regrowth in extra quick time.

Josh Wood also created Root Markers , £10, in three shades. They're the simplest root cover-up we've seen so far - you literally colour in your grey strands with the crayon applicator and they'd hidden in about five seconds. The marker stays in until you wash your hair - just add more as you need.

Not content with two root cover-up offerings, there's also the Root Smudger , £12, also available in three shades. It has a sponge dabber applicator (like concealers); you twist and squeeze the product onto the applicator and then dab it into your dry or damp roots to eke out a few more weeks from your colour. Each application lasts up to three days.

Lernberger Stafsing Root Camouflage, £19

This Swedish brand came to our attention when we tried the Moisture Boost Serum  and has stayed firmly on our radar since, so we were pleased to learn there's also a root cover up in the range. Available in four colours (dark blonde, light brown, dark brown and black brown) this covers and conceals roots in between colour with this microfine quick-drying formula. It has a unique nozzle for precise application and washes out easily.

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Color Wow Root Cover Up , £28.50

A handbag-sized pocket rocket with a useful brush to ensure expert precision, this versatile hair colour substitute is particularly great for camouflaging re-growth on highlighted hair. Surprisingly mess-free, available in eight shades and easy to use, it’s particularly good for covering small bunches of white hairs that decide to pop up around your temples too.

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Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer , £9.99

The targeted nozzle on this spray root concealer keeps splash to a minimum and proves particularly effective at the parting. Simply pop a towel around your shoulders and spray onto areas that need it most for a quick fix way to cover your original colour coming through, building it up as required. Available in five shades.

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Organic Colour Systems Root Remedy, £12.99

Conceal grey roots or regrowth with just a few quick bursts of this 99 per cent natural and vegan friendly colour retouch. It’s very fine and lightweight for instant on the go coverage - if you’re used to using dry shampoo, you’ll be a whizz with this.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Stick, £20

Another crayon style applicator, this root concealer from Beyonce's colourist Rita Hazan should be swept along grey hairs at the root and crown before combing through with the accompanying mascara-esque wand. It comes in three shades and is buildable.

Rita more diverse hair colours including red, Rita created the Root Concealer Spray , £20 in five shades. It's waterproof and transferproof yet shampoos out easily.

Batiste Dry Shampoo & A Hint of Colour, £3.99

King of the dry shampoos Batiste created a budget root cover-up by adding pigment to the dry shampoo formula. It comes in three shades and is used exactly the same way as normal Batiste products - a quick spritz and hair is refreshed and roots covered.

L'Oréal Professionnel Hair Touch Up, £7.45

L'Oréal's root touch up offering delivers an instantly drying formula with no transfer, for a no-fuss way to disguise roots and greys between salon visits. It works best on dry hair - just spray on and work in with your fingers.

Garnier Express Re-touch Root Concealer, £9.99

This budget-friendly root cover-up has a plush cushion applicator for easy application and minimal mess. It's the most similar to an under-eye concealer that we've seen. Apply to your hair and allow to air-dry, or blast with a hairdryer if you're not scared of a bit of heat styling. It comes in five different shades and has a non-transfer formula so is easily removed if you get it on your face.

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray, £29

This popular root cover-up is currently sold out on Space NK in all colours except black, testament to how popular it is. It dries very quickly so is easy to use on the go, and gives even coverage so anyone who you happen to run in to will be none the wiser that it's been a while since you saw the inside of a salon.

Redken Root Fusion, £10.35

Redken's root cover blends seamlessly with hair to cover up roots, regrowth and grey hairs when you can’t hit the salon. It’s fast-drying and attaches to individual strands for a natural looking grey hair disguiser. It easily rinses out with shampoo.

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