Whether you'd rather tie your hair up and away from your (hot) face or want to dress it up for summer, try these Instagram shots for hair style inspiration

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When the heat literally goes to your head, the last thing you need is a mane of heavy hair weighing you down. Try these super cool, effortlessly chic hair style ideas for a sweat-defying summer barnet...

1. The Mini Braid


A post shared by Bianca (@bibigoeschic) on

The inspo: @BibiGoesChic

The look: Take one gently tousled lob (that’s a long bob to the uninitiated), a handful of charms and a neat mini braid and you have this fun, festival-friendly hairstyle that looks like you’ve tried far harder than you have. Bianca uses Pandora  charms for this look but there are some more purse-friendly options at Regal Rose .

2. The Scarf

The inspo: @SymphonyofSilk

The look: With plenty of natural volume to play with, style blogger Lorna has swept back her hair in a loose pony and dressed it up for summer with a scarf - effortlessly chic and perfect for an afternoon at the seaside. Check out ASOS for colourful headscarves such as this flamingo print number  or this chevron-style  sale bargain to complete your 'do.

3. The braided double bun

The inspo: @ffashionails

The look: Twins Amanda and Mathilda have got the heatwave look nailed with this updo. Sweep long hair up, up and away from hot necks with this adorable double Dutch braid look - one braid on each side from the nape of the neck, taken toward the crown and finished into two messy buns. This is best done on hair that’s not freshly washed - or use a styling spray to add a little texture first to make it really hold.

4. The Pom Pom pigtails

The inspo: @Alexlight_ldn

The look: A neat way to keep long hair out of your way in the heat, these pom pom pigtails might not work on everyone but fashion blogger Alex has us convinced it’s worth a go. GHD gave her a helping hand, so copy the look by using heat to blast some volume into your hair before tying it into pigtails and gripping it section by section - try Invisibobble’s Nano range .

5. The side braid

The inspo: @kristin_ess

The look: Simple but effective. A stylish way to add oomph to shorter crops (while getting hair away from hot foreheads), use a volumising spray to add texture, divide off a thick chunk of hair at the hairline and plait it loosely up and to the side. Secure with a metallic grip like Kristin or try a rose gold and enamel kirby grip such as these from Accessorize .

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