From boho to bridal, sleek to messy, take your low bun game to the next level with these Pinterest-ing picks

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With Pinterest  searches for them having reportedly risen by 250% since January, low buns are this summer’s standout hairstyles. But not as we’ve come to know them. Whether for brides or bridesmaids, beach-textured or braided, there’s an interpretation to fit every occasion and every taste.

Here are the styles that are currently piquing our Pinterest.

The undone low bun

Image:  @kykhair  via Instagram

Boho styling at its best, the secret behind this multi-textured bun lies in bobby pins - and lots of them. Full of twists, folds and strategic tugs, is it intricate? Yes. Imperfect? Thankfully, yes to help take the pressure off. Complete with flowing tendrils of hair to frame features and enhance bone structure, it’s one of our favourites. See a tutorial here .

The bridal low bun

Image:  @ulyana.aster  via Instagram

With pieces of hair expertly interwoven to create an enviable amount of height and volume, this Grecian-inspired updo has all the makings of a piece of art. Finish with a golden flourish of metallic foliage to add subtle accents such as this True Decadence Leaf and Pearl Hair Piece, £8, from ASOS  for ultimate wow factor.

The polished low bun


Cool and chic, this low maintenance low bun idea created by hair stylist Jen Atkin is all about how well you roll, rather than twist. Smart but stylish at the same time, all you need are a few small rubber bands and a packet of bobby pins. See the full step-by-step here .

The braided low bun

Image:  @emmachenartistry  via Instagram

A braided bun that takes inspiration from the beach, (but belongs anywhere but), this style’s combination of different twisting and plaiting techniques adds depth and dimension to more traditional alternatives. A great way of showing off hair’s high and low lights, opt for a Hersheson Braided Headband , £30, for a quick fix version if you don’t have time to go down the DIY route.

The loose low bun

Image: Hair by  Elstile

For a nonchalant bun that looks more casual at the front and more formal at the back, this low bun idea from Elstile  provides the best of both worlds. Prep is key for achieving the silky, high-shine finish that this updo boasts. Apply a few drops of Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry Style Enhancing Oil , £22.40, on damp mid-lengths and ends to help give your blowdry a dullness-fighting boost.

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