Keep hold of that holiday feel-good factor with these 5 hair and beauty treatments to boost mind, body and spirit

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Do the post-holiday blues hit home hard? Then pre-empt the inevitable and book in for one of these rejuvenating beauty treatments to make the transition all the more bearable.

From hairdressing rehab to soothing facials and jet lag fixers to revitalising pedicures, this menu of body boosters will put to rights any wrongs that have occurred due to too much sun, surf or sangria. Whether you’re suffering from a case of frazzled dry frizzy hair , disturbed sleep or nerves following your impending return to work, don’t let impending deadlines or lack of sunshine wear you down when reality starts to hit home.

The Hydrating Facial: Gazelli Awakening Revival and Diagnostic Consultation

To give slumbering skin the boost and tools it needs for a new season and new lease on life, this amazingly invigorating treatment is sure to restore balance back to your complexion. We booked in at The Josh Wood Atelier  for our Gazelli Diagnostic Consultation where a hands-on analysis from our therapist determined any areas of concern such as dehydration and lack of elasticity. You also refreshingly get the chance to examine your complexion yourself, which provides a valuable insight into the workings of your skin and places that require a little extra attention.

Using a mixture of steam, massage techniques and a variety of temperatures, it gives skin the wake-up call it needs to spring out of holiday mode. Refreshing yet relaxing at the same time too, our skin felt super hydrated, dewy and healthy afterwards, plus we went away with a treatment programme and regime with handy skincare tips and advice to ensure we could carry on the good work at home too.

30 minutes, £75. .

The Jet Lag Busting Massage: Aromatherapy Associates Jet Lag Cure

Travelling between time zones can prove a nightmare for getting a good night’s sleep, so imagine our joy upon discovering this beauty treatment for helping our body clocks get back on track again.

Being huge advocates of the wondrous powers of the brand’s essential oils, the cocktail of products sounds like a dream combination to us. The ones selected (think zesty pink grapefruit, sandalwood and chamomile to name but a few) are designed to stimulate kidneys, liver and digestive system to help you feel back on track for when you land back on home soil. An inhalation of eucalyptus enables the airways to become unblocked and body brushing and massage techniques are used to rev up sluggish circulation and get body and mind working as one again. A great pick-me-up for both physical and mental clarity, if flying often takes it out of you, ensure you have the Boutique’s number entered into your phone contacts for when you return.

90 minutes long and starts at £75.

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The Hair Rehab: Rahua Omega Pro 9 Treatment

Available at Harrods’ Urban Retreat, this miraculously conditioning treatment will help kiss goodbye dry beach-fried locks and say hello to an autumn of good hair days.

Deeply nourishing, the products are enriched with the transformative Rahua oil, sourced from the Rahua nut trees that grow in the Amazon rainforest. An ingredient that is wonderfully hydrating in its effects, it leaves hair with a high-shine, high-gloss finish that feels soft and supple to the touch. 100% organic, vegan-friendly and great for both scalp and hair alike, we haven’t been so impressed by the results of a hair treatment in a long time.

£25. .

The Replenishing Pedicure: Margaret Dabbs Ultimate Luxury Foot Therapy

If a long-haul flight often wreaks havoc with your feet and ankles, then the next step up from the spa’s renowned Medical Pedicures could be just what your poor limbs are in need of.

Feet and lower legs are treated to a luxurious massage with uplifting Oxygen Therapy and the full range of Margaret Dabbs products (which are amazing btw) to help reduce stress levels and give tired toes the extra spring in their step they’ve been looking for. The Medical Pedicures are one of the best beauty treatments that we’ve tried. Conducted by one of the experienced podiatrists, they’re tailored to your individual needs. Think you need all of your hard skin removed? Think again – these areas are actually an indication of the parts of your feet that need an extra level of protection due to the way you walk. Intelligently created and expertly carried out, you’ll be tempted to wear your flip flops long after the holiday’s over.

From £135. .

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The Dry Skin Saviour: Elemis Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap

After two weeks of sun, air conditioning and chlorine, the condition of our skin is usually crying out for an urgent surge of moisture to get it feeling smooth and soft again. With the beautifully exotically-scented Frangipani Monoi Oil at the centre of this beauty treatment, this particular service provides an instant reminder of sunnier climes, without having to rack up the air miles.

Encompassing body brushing to begin with to aid lymphatic drainage and increase exfoliation, the warm Monoi oil is drizzled from tip to toe to provide the perfect inner thermostat re-jig as we head into chillier months. Limbs are then cocooned in foil wrap to trap in the heat and enhance the hydrating qualities of the oil to quench the most dehydrated of skin. A relaxing foot massage or face or scalp massage is then carried out while you’re reaching new depths of relaxation to provide a welcomed moment of bliss, even in the most hectic of back-to-work schedules.

50 minutes from £40. .