Want to change your hairstyle without having to blowdry it? Check out these great Fashion Week and celebrity hair ideas

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Let’s be honest, blow-drying your hair is a bit of a faff isn’t it? So, for days where you just can’t be bothered to get the hairdryer out, take inspiration from the runway and red carpet and opt for one of these on-trend hairstyles instead.

Whether you want to wear your hair up or down, the hair stylists at this season’s fashion weeks provided a bevy of hair masterclasses and a range of amazing hair ideas for making the most of two day old or freshly washed hair. From modern ponytails to slicked back locks and hair colour dos and don’ts , read on for the insider hair tips and tricks of the trade...

Look 1: Exotic Hair Colour Without the Commitment

Image: L'Oreal Professionnel

Catwalk Inspiration

Ashish SS14.

The Look

Hair stylist Ali Prizadeh wanted to create a nod to African inspired pattern formations.

The Occasion


The Hair How-To

Step 1: Ali prepped hair extensions, using  Mythic Oil Milk , £13.60 to nourish and then taped them into sections of varying widths to create the template for colour block stripes.

Step 2:  L’Oréal Professionnel’s Hair Chalks , £12.75 were then applied using a sponge. Coffee Break was used at the root to help the wefts blend with the hair and brighter shades including Coral Sunset and Blue Ocean Cruise towards the ends. Dramatic colour contrasts were highlighted by sporadic use of Black Tie.

Step 3: Natural hair was prepped with  Tecni art Volume Lift , £10.60 in the roots and  Tecni art Volume Architect , £11.45 in the lengths for added texture.  Mythic Oil , £13.60 was used on the ends to add shine.

Step 4: A medium barrel tong was used to create a natural wave, (we’d recommend  Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves Hair Tong , £25). Wefts were placed high to show the vibrant colour blocking and lastly hair tucked behind ears to further showcase the patterns from the back and side on the catwalk.

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Look 2: The Bodypump Ponytail and Ballerina Bun

Image: by Aveda

Catwalk Inspiration

Adidas by Stella McCartney SS14.

The Look

Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders and her team styled a “perfectly prepped to perform” ponytail and bun with braided detail for the aerial yoga artists, dancers, spinners, runners and synchronised swimmers that debuted the collection. “We designed a low ponytail and bun at the nape of the neck with subtle braid detailing and a high shine sport-luxe finish to look good and withstand a high performance workout,” said Antoinette.

The Occasion

Workout to play hard.

The Hair How-To

Step 1: A flat iron was used to smooth the hair and Air Control Hair Spray , £19 was misted on each section of hair for a strong but barely-there hold.

We’d recommend the pretty yet practical ghd V Sunset Professional Stylers , £129 for a sleek, high-shine finish.

Step 2: Hair was styled into a ponytail at the nape of neck and secured tightly with millinery elastic. The length of the ponytail was combed through and smoothed through again with a flat iron for a perfectly groomed finish.

Step 3: For the ponytail look: A small section from the length of the ponytail was braided, wrapped around the base of the ponytail and secured with grips. For the bun look: Hair was braided to the length of the ponytail, wrapped around the base of the elastic and pinned in place.

Step 5: Aveda Control Force Hair Spray , £20 was applied for hold and a glossy healthy looking texture.

Look 3: The Romantic Ponytail

Celebrity Inspiration

Jennifer Aniston.

The Look

Come  boho wedding , this summer, Jennifer Aniston’s feminine and effortlessly signature ponytail is sure to fit the bill. Commenting on her potential wedding hairstyle, Anna Baker, Senior Stylist at  Errol Douglas Salon  said, “Given Jen's trademark look is polished and loose, I predict she may choose a simple ponytail with a soft, romantic texture to flatter her effortless style which is light and comfortable for a warm beach wedding venue. This look also offers a fresh difference from her previous loose hair from her wedding to Brad Pitt.”

Who This Hairstyle Suits

Those who have long hair and want their outfit to be the talking point. “Strapless or V-neck lines are perfect shapes with this look, showing off a beautiful décolletage and shoulders.”

Anna’s Hair How-To

Step 1: “Prep hair with serum and a light setting spray, and then set hair in medium velcro rollers for volume and soft curled texture.” We like Redken Two Smooth , £11.85 and L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Normal Strength , £6.60 for keeping flyaways at bay.

Step 2: “Remove the rollers and section off the top section from the corners of the hairline back to the crown.”

Step 3: “Brush back the underneath section to form a ponytail at the crown and secure with a band.  Backcomb the top section for fullness and allow any shorter tendrils to fall around the face to frame the eyes and cheekbones.”

Step 4: “Brush back to the base on the ponytail and wrap around to conceal the band and pin securely.”

Top Tip: “Take a clean big bronzer brush and gently dust over the surface of the hair shape to loosen out soft strands for a modern, romantic, undone effect to this ponytail style,” recommends Anna.

Look 4: Wet Look Hair With A High Fashion Twist

Image: L'Oreal Professionnel

Catwalk Inspiration

Felder Felder SS14.

The Look

Hair stylist Johnny Engstrom turned models into mermaids of the sea to reflect the young, romantic and edgy style of the aquatic-inspired SS14 collection.

The Occasion

From beach to bar.

The Hair How-To

Step 1: To create the look, Johnny started by colouring the ends of the hair using  L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Chalks , £12.75. The brunettes were given ocean blue tips and the blondes were given coral pink.

Step 2: After the Hair Chalks set,  Tecni art Liss Control , £13  was generously applied layer by layer to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, scrunched in to give a wet effect. The Liss Control doesn’t set like a gel, which meant that the hair was still able to move and be sculpted after the product had dried.

Step 3: Johnny then scraped the hair back from the front of the face and clipped it in place at the back of the head, using  Mythic Oil Milk , £13.60 and a little water as a finishing touch.

The overall look was wet, textured, romantic and edgy.

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Look 5: Sophisticated Ponytails

Image: L'Oreal Professionnel

Catwalk Inspiration

JJS Lee SS14.

The Look

Hair stylist Halley Brisker created elegant high-shine ponytails with low, side-swept partings. The side-partings were strong, but not severe - the natural-looking texture of the pony giving the look a certain softness.

The Occasion

Daytime chic.

The Hair How-To

Step 1: To achieve the look, Halley started by creating the perfect parting with a fine toothed comb - taking into account each model’s face to create the most natural parting for them and securing with  Tecni art Fix Design , £9.35 for hold and added shine.

Step 2: Adding a spritz of  Tecni art Pli , £10.80 they then twisted the ponytails up, left them for a bit then brushed through for a natural kink. This resulted in a final look full of natural texture and flyaways which would float down the runway.

Step 3: To finish, pretty pastel hair elastics were used to perfectly match the collection.

Look 6:  Beach Luxe Hair

Image: Wella Professionals

Catwalk Inspiration

Alexis Barrell SS14.

The Look

“Alexis’s designs are cool, laid back, natural and luxe – we wanted to replicate this for the hair look,” said Adam Reed, Wella Professional Style Ambassador. The hairstyle was based on the collection itself which was inspired by a road trip along the coast of California – ‘Highway one.’

“There’s something very fresh, soft and simple about this look, she is driving from one beach to the next in her convertible with the music turned up. The girls look like they have just come home from a long day at the beach, the look is soft and feminine, yet luxe – the perfect highway hair,” said Adam.

The Occasion

Post hair wash.

The Hair How-To

Step 1: Hair was freshly washed and conditioned, using  Wella Professionals Brilliance Shampoo , £7.95 and Conditioner , £9.25.

Step 2: Hair was left evenly damp and a heaped measure of  Wella Professionals Boost Bounds , £10.50 was worked through the hair from root to tip using a wide tooth comb, allowing shine and definition to build. Hair was left to dry naturally.

Step 3: Hair was gently eased forward at the crown to create texture and secured with geisha pins allowing strands of the hair to fall naturally around the face.

Step 4: Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier , £7.50 was manipulated into the sides of the hair to create an undone finish.

Step 5:  Wella Professionals Perfect Setting , £7.50 was applied to help set the look.