Our favourite Jennifers have gone for the crop with shorter haircuts that look healthy and low maintenance - we love them, says Anna Hunter

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Two of our favourite Jens have joined the short hair sorority in the past week; both Aniston and Lawrence have lopped off their locks and relieved themselves of barnet baggage. Being as practical, relatable and downright real as leading Hollywood actresses get, we’re thinking that this couple of croppers will really seal the deal as far as short hair desirability is concerned.

From pixie cuts to blunt bobs to boyish crew cuts, short hair has been ‘a thing’ for quite some time. From Coco Rocha to Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams to Emma Watson, chopping it all off has found favour amongst Tinseltown’s most elegant and intelligent. While Jen A and Jen L have followed suit, both had reservations and ulterior motives for their hair revamps.

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In Jennifer Aniston’s case, a bad Brazilian blow dry was to blame (‘my hair did not react well to it’), along with a flash of inspiration courtesy of bobbed Vogue cover girl Lauren Howell. There’s little photographic evidence of her shorter style as yet, but she revealed her hairstyle switch to US Vogue earlier this week:

“I actually just cut all my hair off two days ago […] I feel great. I feel lighter. It’s simple; it’s really simple that’s for sure. But I’m always one of those girls who does a big old chop just to get it really healthy, to repair all the (damage from) hair colouring and stuff like that. And I just got bored, honestly. It’s fun to change it up once in a while.”

Jennifer’s longtime hairdresser, Chris McMillan, talked exclusively to US beauty bible Allure about the cutting process. The shorter style may be simple, but to achieve a cool, nonchalant chop it appears the devil’s in the detail:

“It took a few hours to get it right. I used every tool I had - scissors, razor, thinning shears, broken glass (kidding). But I wanted it to look chewed off and lived in.”

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It may be a million miles from the ‘Rachel’ of the 90s, but we’re glad to hear that Jen is still setting the pace. She even pierced her ear in the same week. She’s bringing edgy back.

Equally directional is my personal favourite celebrity person Jennifer Lawrence, who has quite literally lobbed off her ‘lob’ (that’s a  long bob my friends - read more here ) to unveil a cute blonde crop. Numerous photos on her Facebook page suggest that her statement short style is not, as rumoured, a wig, but the real deal. We never expected anything less from the gutsiest lady in La La Land, who sucummbed to the scissors because her hair is ‘fried from being dyed too much’. In the usual Jen way, she was far from melodramatic about the matter:

“I just did it to make Francis (Hunger Games director) mad, I just did it to annoy him. He totally thought it was me giving him the finger. But it’s not. It’s just fried.”

It’s refreshing to hear that both Jens threw caution and comfort zones to the wind and just got on with it. There has been no fuss, no brand affiliation, no ‘big reveal’. They’ve kept going short simple and low profile. Bye bye blow dryer, hidey hi snooze button. Sensible Jens.

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