Which sex is the fairest (and vainest) of them all? A new study reveals the answer isn’t as clear-cut as we thought...

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If you thought the battle for the bathroom mirror was bad at the moment, new figures show that it’s only going to get worse with a new legion of grooming-conscious men hot on our heels.

A survey conducted by hair and grooming brand Remington , has revealed that British women spend an average of £18.52 per month on their beauty regime - just £2.12 more than our male counterparts who came in at a respectable £16.40. With the male grooming industry bigger now than it ever was, from hair removal  appointments to manscaping and regular man-is, it seems that these figures probably shouldn’t come as such a huge surprise.

In the hair stakes, 61% of female Brits admitted to suffering from a bad hair day  at least once a week, with 41% of men also admitting the same.

According to Chris Appleton, Remington’s Session Stylist, “It’s surprising that so many Brits suffer from bad hair days on such a regular basis. Whether it is down to the unpredictable weather, lack of time or confidence, a whole host of factors can have an impact on having a good hair day.”

He adds, “One of my favourite [tips] is to spray a light dusting of hairspray onto your brush before gently brushing through the hair in the morning or before a night out. This will set your style without it appearing too set.”

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So, could the day come where men actually overtake us in our beauty spending habits? Well, according to European trends, it’s a reality that could be sooner than we think. Across the Continent, men surprisingly spend more than women in both France and Germany. One title we surely won’t give up without a fight though is the sex who takes the longest to get ready. According to the study, Russian women take the longest to get ready for special occasions at an impressive 67 minutes, while Spanish women take the least time to get ready in the mornings at a speedy 17 minutes.

Quite worryingly though, the study also revealed that in the morning we spend more time getting ready than talking to our partners.  Showing that beauty also has its ugly side too, has the country’s obsession with how they look reached dangerous levels? Let us know your thoughts below.

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