Can you help answer our reader's beauty question?

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Get The Gloss is almost five years old, and as our content has grown you have grown with us - a loyal audience of avid health and beauty fans who follow all the latest trends and news in the industry as closely as we do. So who better to help answer burning health and beauty questions than you, the readers, who have been trying and testing products and diets and everything in between just as much as we have?

We are asking our readers to submit their health or beauty questions to us on social media - feel free to add yours by simply tweeting us or posting on your social channels with #AskGTG. So first up is this reader’s question about hair.

Comment below with your suggestions and let’s see if we can get this Glossy problem solved; time to put the Get The Gloss hive mind to the test…

Q: "How can I make my thin hair look thicker?"

"I have really thin, fine hair and am worried it's shedding too much. Does anyone have any tips for products I could use or anything styling wise to make my hair look thicker?"

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