The easy-to-wear looks you'll be seeing everywhere (even if it is just over Zoom) and the best news? They suit every hair type

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Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing set to transition now that autumn is setting in; as our minds turn to cosy jumpers and fall-scented candles (we know we’re not the only ones) our thoughts tend to drift away from mermaid waves and bold balayage in favour of a more toned-down hair affair for the chillier months. When Naomi Campbell and one of the UK's biggest influencers, Jamie Genevieve, are rocking a look you just know it's going to be big news.

Here are the autumn hair trends to embrace ahead of the change in the season, from 70s-inspired Charlie's Angels' fringes to the easy-to-maintain layers that don't need six-weekly trims and the subtle highlights that don't give a hint of regrowth.

70s' bangs are back: the waft fringe

"Being in hibernation for nearly four months meant those with blunt block fringes were growing them out whether they liked it or not.  Fast forward four months and post lockdown the 'waft fringe' was born," says Ricky Walters, director of London hairdressers  Salon64 .

If you  cut in a fringe in April  when Normal People’s Marianne was everyone’s style icon, then chances are it’ll have grown out into a Charlie’s Angels-style 'waft' fringe now (a curtain-fringe which flutters and parts in the wind) just in time for this 70s-inspired look to hit the big time, as seen on Michelle Keegan who got her bangs cut in for Autumn

Influencer Jamie Genevieve debuted a similar cut at the end of August – always ahead of the trends. Part Abba, part Dolly Parton country and western, this OTT style can be tamed down for everyday wear or jazzed up for special occasions (or just Insta selfie photoshoots, whichever floats your boat).

Once you've got your fringe in place, 70s'-style waves are surprisingly easy to achieve with the Dyson AirWrap  as shown by Sophie Murray on TikTok who did a quick tutorial after demand from her followers.


Reply to @kagome33333 the sun said no the Dyson Airwrap for the curly blow always & thanks sis

♬ Bust Your Windows (Glee Cast Version) - Glee Cast

Who suits a waft fringe?

"The waft fringe is ideal for anyone with a slightly longer face and for those with a little wave in their hair," says Ricky. "It's best used to add some detail to any looks lacking a little interest or missing dimension. It is a great way to draw attention to high cheekbones and we really are getting a huge demand for this look in the salon every day.

"The waft fringe needs little maintenance. Unlike a big blunt block fringe that requires a lot of styling to sit just right, the waft fringe works with the natural movement in your hair. Less is more and when not blow-dried just adds an element of rock and roll, " he says.

Katie Allan, founder of London salon  Mayfive Hair  recommends taking visual aids to show at your appointment: "Ask your stylist for a fringe that is something between Abba and Brigitte Bardot. Bringing pictures can also be helpful. You need to have length on the edges in order to create the 70s' flick."

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The new choppy cut: undercover layers

Visible choppy 90s' layers were everywhere during the summer but for autumn undercover layers are what to ask for. It's a technique that helps to achieve a more natural style that requires little styling or maintenance (sounds good to us!)

“Undercover layers are popular as they can be done on most hair types and textures,” explains Katie. “It’s a versatile style that adds movement, texture and volume into the hair and removes weight. The technique involves very subtly taking out weight without adding shorter hairs throughout the top and it achieves a natural-looking result, which is almost invisible to the eye when expertly cut.”

Image: Mayfive Hair

Who suits undercover layers?

“While all hair types can achieve this look, it works especially well to deconstruct a blunt cut to give the hair more shape and add movement, or long hair where you want to take away some weight so it’s less heavy.”

The new balayage: lux lights

We’ve lost count of the trends that claim to be 'the new balayage' and this is another one to add to the list. It does sound appealing though, especially if you’re wary about booking in repeat appointments to top up your blonde.

“This highlighting style is all about precision, building a beautiful halo of light throughout the hair by perfectly mirroring the tones in your hair,” says Christel Lundqvist of Notting Hill salon  Stil . “The look has been designed to be low maintenance, with seamless barely-there re-growth.”

Whereas balayage was all about the contrast between dark and light shades, this bespoke technique blends all your blonde together for a natural look, as if it was the blonde you were born with.

Who do lux lights suit?

"Lux lights works on all types of hair textures from straight, wavy through to super curly," confirms Christel. "To get the full effect of the different hues throughout the hair and the blending result of the twinning technique, a long bob length or longer hair works best."

Colourwise, this suits any hair colour from light brown to super light, as it works on a range of different depths to create a lighter, luxurious brightening effect. "The chosen colour palette can be altered to create warm, bronzed, creamy, or bright cool hues," says Christel.

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