From combatting frazzled hair to sunburnt skin, we've rounded up the best products to help you refresh your beauty after sun exposure

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While a stint in the sun will initially deliver the much desired ‘holiday glow’, the combined and prolonged effects of frolicking in the sun, salt and sand can wreak havoc on our bodies and beauty combined. What was initially beachy, bronzed and beautiful can quickly become dull, dehydrated and a little bit lacklustre once home.

So, to help get your beauty back to its blooming best we’ve compiled the ultimate cheat-sheet of the products you need to refresh, revive and undo the damage of summer days gone past.

Problem: Sun-scorched skin

There’s no denying that we all love the look of lightly sunkissed skin come summer. However, on our annual quest for colour the desire to be darker can sometimes leave us with a red raw reminder of how powerful and dangerous the sun can be - painful and anything but pretty.

Solution: If the sun has hit your face hard restore some much-needed moisture with  Ultrasun’s Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask , £38. Formulated with a unique combination of slow-release hyaluronic acid and powerful brown algae actives, this lightweight cream will gently nourish, hydrate and calm the complexion for a more toned-down tan.

Problem: Dry, damaged hair

While a dip in the sea might temporarily give you perfectly tousled tresses, the typical combination of sun, saltwater and chlorine can wreak havoc on hair, leaving it dry, brittle and thoroughly parched.

Solution: Take protective precautions with a little help from Philip Kingsley and his long heralded  Swimcap Cream , £22. Helping hair to survive against the natural enemies of the summer, slap on some of this water resistant cream, which protects against dryness, damage, discolouration and blocks out the harmful UV rays of the sun. When layered on generously it also works as a super strength conditioner, hydrating both the hair and scalp.

If however, damage has already begun to set in, never fear - the  Phytoplage Aftersun Recovery Mask , £16, is at your service. Working to rapidly un-do the day's damage this deep conditioning mask counteracts dehydration and the trauma caused through sustained exposure to the elements. Helping to fortify weakened fibres hair is soon recharged and revitalised back into luscious locks.

Problem: Split, weakened nails

“Excess sun won’t damage your nails but water will,” explains celebrity manicurist Marian Newman. Indeed, the nail plate is 10 times more absorbent than skin and when the water eventually evaporates, it strips some of the natural oils and moisture, drying out your nail and causing peeling, breakages and flimsiness.

Solution: Restore some much needed strength and structure with the award-winning  CND SolarOil , £12.95. A favourite amongst manicurists and industry experts alike, thirsty cuticles will drink up this deeply conditioning combination of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil that works to keep fingers soft, supple and totally protected.

For an added boost of braun try a lick of  OPI’s Original Nail Envy,  £18.65, which delivers a hit of wheat protein and calcium for harder, longer and stronger nails.

Problem: Quickly fading tan

It takes roughly two weeks of careful timing, turning and sun cream top ups to hone the perfect tan - and approximately just three hours of English weather to remove it. Quickly thrown back into the grind of daily life, a lightly bronzed body is often the only lasting reminder we have of our fleeting time abroad - so do what you can to make it last longer.

Solution: Helping to preserve and extend your hard earned perky pigment,  Institut Esthederm’s Tan Enhancing Lotion , £39.50, is specially formulated to help the epidermis regain its water balance, allowing your skin to stay supple, softer and more radiantly glowing for longer.

A splash of  Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse , £34, will also help boost up your bronze. Enhanced with a subtle shimmer this dry body oil contains precious plant oils and vitamin E, which not only deeply nourish and condition skin, keeping it healthier for longer, but also impart a gorgeously golden glow for a Gisele-esque gleam.

Problem: Flip-flop feet

By the end of summer the combination of pebble-laden beaches and un-supporting sandals often leaves our feet looking beaten, dehydrated and rough, with a build up of hard skin and calluses likely to occur - not a good look for open shoe season.

Solution: Working to buff away hard holiday skin the  Scholl Electronic Foot File , £39.99, is the secret to silky smooth feet. Created using micro-abrasive particles and finely ground diamond crystals, use the rotating roller head to gently remove hard, coarse skin to reveal fresher, more revived feet.

Follow with a dousing of  This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm , £16, which contains ecocert cotton thistle to regenerate, lemon to detoxify and lavender to rejuvenate - transforming cracked unhappy heels into perfectly primed piggies.

Problem: Colour faded hair

While blondes may brighten, the sun, as well as salt water and chemical laden chlorine is notorious for dulling the colour intensity of brunettes and redheads alike - leaving both looking limp and lacklustre over time.

Solution: A cult product within the beauty industry Christophe Robin Cleansing Mask With Lemon , £51, will restore tired tresses back to their glory. A marvellous multi-tasker, it works to banish excess oil and dirt from hair, fixes the colour, adds gloss, soothes the scalp and replenishes all that was lost during the chemical dyeing process. If that wasn’t enough the addition of chamomile and St. John’s wort prevent the artificial, coloured pigments from leaking and to rebalance the pH of your hair. We should also mention it smells divine.

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