Mix yourself a shampoo that's specially catered to your own hair with Concoction, writes Anna Hunter

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The ‘Tom Cruise’ of the haircare world has arrived. No, we didn’t see this coming either. But actually, it’s ingenious. No bouncing up and down on sofas or Scientology sermons here you’ll be grateful to know; we’re talking smooth Cruise in all of his Cocktail glory.

New brand Concoction is all about mixology technology and catering your haircare to the unique state of your tresses. This is Shampyou® - one size fits all shampoo is off the menu.

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The product is inspired by the art and science of cocktail mixology; simply pick your shampoo from a choice of four silky, scrumptious sounding base blends and add two shots of whichever ‘SuperSerum’ would most benefit your hair type. From Thermo-Straight to High Definition Blonde, there’s a shot to suit all types and tastes, and if you really need a strong dose of the good stuff you can double up on the shot that your strands are craving. There are eight vitamin-packed shots to choose from, meaning that a staggering 256 individual blend combinations can be created. Take that, Tom.

Whether you wish to flare, shake and stir your own or take a trip to the Concoction Mixology Bar in Selfridges Beauty Hall to have a hunky mixologist create the perfect blend for you, the end result is a prescriptive, bespoke beauty experience and shiny, happy hair. Cheers to that.

Shampyou® and 2x SuperSerum shots,  £14, and Crème de Concoction conditioner, £14 are available in Selfridges Oxford Street  and online at www.concoction.co.uk .