When we cut open the tube to get out the last drops, you know it's good

Any products in this article have been selected editorially however if you buy something we mention, we may earn commission

The products on this page have been chosen by our editorial team. If you buy something we recommend we may earn an affiliate commission.

It's our job to bring you the latest and greatest finds in the world of beauty which means we're using an ever-evolving lineup of products (check out our latest favourites in our weekly  Glossy Picks edit of newness) , but every so often we try something so good, we use it down to the very last drop. Here we reveal all of the beauty products our editors finished this month.

Melanie Macleod, digital writer

Rituals The Ritual of Mehr 2-Phase Bath Oil, £13.90

"'Tell me you've been in lockdown without telling me you've been in lockdown' – the fact that I've got two bubble baths in my empties this month speaks for itself. This mood-boosting bi-phase bath soak from Rituals has the uplifting scent of citrus, cedarwood and sweet orange. When you shake it the two layers merge to create an ultra-nourishing, luxe and softly bubbled bath. I'll miss this cheerful bottle being on my bathroom shelf."

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Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Bath Foam, £22

"At the other end of the spectrum is this relaxing godsend from Neom. Scented with the brand's signature soothing scent of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine, nothing prepares you for a good night sleep as well as this does. It's a repeat purchase for me for sure."

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Kloris 1000mg CBD Oil Drops, £83

"Speaking of sleeping well, Kloris' CBD drops are a must-have for me. Yes, they have the earthy CBD taste, but I never sleep as well as I do when they are part of my nightly routine. I tried to only use them on nights I was feeling worried to make them last longer, but that failed when they worked so well that I couldn't help but use them every bedtime."

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Hair Gain Hair Gummies, £24.65 for 60 gummies

"I've gone through three pots of these and my very grown out roots (purposefully hidden in the pic above) are testament to how well they work. They contain pea shoot which delivers nutrition to your hair, as well as zinc  and biotin . My hair looks shinier and feels stronger plus they taste like sweets with an apple flavour that makes them a joy to nibble on."

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Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser, £34

"I started using this in the depths of January when long winter walks outside left my skin dry and sore. It's a non-foaming creamy formula that smells comforting and cocooning thanks to Manuka honey. It gently removes makeup and impurities with no eye-stinging, while moisturising jojoba and avocado oil soften the skin. I'd say it's the gentlest cleanser I've ever used."

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Lush Mamma Mia Shower Scrub, £11

"This was part of Lush's limited edition Mother's Day range but I'm happy to see it's still available. It has a sweet vanilla scent, Himalayan salt for exfoliating and the punchiest pink colour. It's a fairly loose scrub but works extremely hard and my skin feels so soft after using. Often soft enough that I don't need to follow with moisturiser, which is a real treat."

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Jemma Thompson, design and social media manager

Mallows Beauty Mango & Passionfruit Soy Candle, £10

"Who doesn’t love an empowering message? Combine with a candle that looks fills your room with an uplifting scent without being lit and you're onto a winner! I was pleasantly surprised by this little jar of joy because it not only burns for 30 hours but also smells incredible, thanks to the uplifting mango and passion fruit essential oils. The soy wax candle is ideal for chill time and you can upcycle the adorable orange glass jar for small plants, makeup brushes, or other useful things."

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Clinique Chubby Stick Contour, £21

"This has been my go-to contour/bronzer for over a year and I've only just hit pan. The formula is a dream; so buttery and creamy and just glides on with ease. If you're new to contouring or don't want to go Kardashian style, this is ideal. It's a great product for both light and dark skin tones because it's so easy to build and blend to your desired darkness without looking patchy and always sun-kissed."

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Soap & Glory Scrub For Joy Body Polish, £8

"As you can see, I only have a handful of showers left with this zingy mood-boosting scrub – so I’m saving it! It’s a super gentle body polish and I use it every other day. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft. It’s packed with 'joyful' ingredients designed to enhance happiness, such as grapefruit and rhubarb and as someone who’s certainly not a morning person, I must say my mood does do a complete 180. But perhaps I'm just happy that the powers of walnut shell, vitamins C and E effectively scrubbed away any dead skin cells and left me with energised skin."

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Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, £30

"This is probably my third tube of this wonder facial multi-tasker; as someone who was previously a fan of full coverage, this was the tipping point for me. It provides sheer-medium coverage that can be built up without looking cakey or flaky. The tinted gel-cream hybrid is one of the few complexion products that actually leave my skin feeling better than before I applied it; the water-infused, oil-free formula (available in 30 shades) is packed with hydrating skin benefits and is SPF3O broad spectrum. I'd still wear SPF underneath, but I don't think I'd be able to get through summer without it now. If you don't want to go bare-faced, this lightweight product will leave you feeling radiant and as if you're wearing a second skin."

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Victoria Woodhall, editorial director

Hum Nutition Hair Sweet Hair, £27.25 for 30

"I suffer from thinning hair and I love a gummy  – no wonder this has made it on to my empties. These gummies are vegan but still maintain a great bouncy texture and berry taste, despite being very high in three key B vitamins, biotin (essential for strong hair) and B12 (for energy) and folic acid, which helps red blood cells carry oxygen around the body. A daily serving of two gummies  is 15 calories (2g sugar) and there’s the immune mineral zinc  in there as well plus a traditional Chinese herb called Fo-Ti said to help hair and nails. I’ve also emptied a pot of Hum’s Calm Sweet Calm  £30, with ashwagandha  for stress. Hum Nutrition  is a  very cool brand that makes it easy for you to take your daily dose."

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Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, £7.50

"I received this in the Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar and it’s lasted so well.  Gentle, vegan, scent-free, it’s a watery liquid that’s not at all greasy. It’s perfect for sensitive eyes (although do wash it off). It’s amazing value too. My teenage daughter shares it with me. It gets most things off, including waterproof makeup, although if you want something a bit more mighty there’s a Camomile Waterproof Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover , £10."

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Josh Wood Colour Blending Brush Root Touch Up, £19

"I have tried every root touch-up  going and this is definitely the best. It’s a paint-on liquid dispensed through a brush rather than a powder or spray and it’s the only thing that doesn’t make my hair feel like it needs washing the minute I paint it on. I put it on slightly damp hair and work it through with a comb before I dry and the finish (I use the shade Darker Blonde) is utterly natural. They’ve improved the formula since launch and it’s now impeccable and lasts for a second wash."

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The Beauty Chef Supercharged Cleanse Inner Beauty Support Powder, £38

"I’m all about prebiotics for gut health - those special types of fibre that feed our good gut bugs, helping with so many functions including clear skin by supporting the gut skin  connection. Australian brand Beauty Chef is the Rolls Royce of gut health; they even ferment their own bacteria in a special plant and they have lots of free e-guides and recipes . Now they have supercharged their probiotic-rich Cleanse gut reset and liver support formula to include heaps of resistant starch, a type of fibre  that gut bugs feed on but which is quite hard to get into your diet as it’s found in green bananas, Jerusalem artichoke as well as cooked and cooled pasta and rice. But more than that it’s tasty (the green banana comes through) I mix a teaspoon in with a smoothie or nut milk every day. Normally I’m sceptical of anything that claims to cleanse but this is a clever formula that supports the body’s natural detox functions, great if you’ve been overdoing it a bit or for general maintenance."

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Catherine Fulwood, commercial projects manager

Glossier Mango Balm Dotcom, £10

"A perma handbag staple, nuff said. This one has the subtlest pinky tint to it, so it can really apply it wherever the skin is getting a little dry – something I am a little bit more cautious to do with the glittery Birthday version. I’ve been repurchasing for years and I shan’t be stopping any time soon."

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Dr Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream, £36

"I got hooked on this after visiting my sister in New York. So gentle you can use it whenever your skin is feeling very very sensitive and it won’t irritate one bit. I like to lather on at nighttime or take on weekends away as you really can use it all over."

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Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Hair Styling Treatment, £28.60

"I’ve tried and failed to find any other hair styling product as good as this. It never leaves your hair sticky or overloaded with product, even when, like me, my application is a little heavy handed. It’s lasted me a good year or so, and this time I’ll be stocking up on the mega 500ml version as I know its truly worth the investment."

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Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream, £54

"Even though this Drunk Elephant eye cream has been finished for quite a few weeks I love the packaging so much it's remained in pride of place on my shelves. The unique dispensing method means that the product isn’t contaminated by me or anyone else that might get hold of it! I’m not typically dedicated about applying eye cream, naughty I know, but whenever I have this close at hand there’s at least a 99 per cent chance I will put it on, so this is going on the restock list."

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