With a tagline of ‘All your makeup, without the markup’, Beauty Pie looks set to take the beauty industry by storm. Fed up of paying for packaging or mysterious ingredients? Right this way…

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Ever wondered exactly what you’re paying for when you drop £25 on a lipstick? Us too, and we live, eat and breathe this stuff. How about if you buy your bullets direct from the factory, with no middleman to meddle with pricing, packaging or ingredient information?

That’s exactly what pioneering new brand Beauty Pie are spearheading, and in a world where ‘game changing’ is attributed to nigh on every beauty novelty going, this is a launch that is well and truly shaking up the status quo from the inside. Want a slice of the pie? Here’s how it works…

Beauty Pie is the brainchild of cosmetic industry experts, including former Bliss, Soap & Glory and current Soaper Duper  boss Marcia Kilgore, who were somewhat boggled by the often extortionate margins applied to beauty products, not to mention a lack of clarity as to what charges are being passed onto the consumer, and why.

In the belief that beauty aficionados should be getting exactly what they pay for, Beauty Pie was born (baked), allowing beauty aficionados to join a club entitling them to purchase everything from mascara to moisturiser at factory prices, with the genuine costs of manufacturing broken down in each sale. This means that along with buying a concealer for the price of a coffee, you’ll also be privy to exactly how much safety and testing came to, plus warehouse storage and VAT. Beauty Pie essentially offers up a birth certificate for every beauty product you buy, and over the next year over 100 new products will be added, ranging from top quality skincare to effective beauty tools and brushes and of course, makeup.

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s important to note that Beauty Pie membership comes in at £10 a month, but that’s small fry when you consider that this offers up the opportunity to pocket a £20 lipstick for a mere £2.29 (makes you wonder, does it not).

Also, a word on packaging; it’s ‘minimalistic’ both to reduce impact on your wallet and the world at large, as complex packaging is difficult to recycle, and much of the world’s beauty product dress-up ends up clogging landfill sites post-use. Presentation is sort of Bobbi-Brown ‘lite’ if you’re wondering; perfectly aesthetically pleasing, but not expensively weighty. The launch edit includes the likes of breathable primers, an ‘everyday great skin’ foundation and a highlighter that’s so easy on the eye, we want to eat it. If you’re also keen on getting your face into a Beauty Pie, sign up here . Bon appétit.

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