Her face is regularly painted by industry pros for shoots with the likes of Ralph Lauren and Chanel, but here's what model Jessica Clements spends her own money on when it comes to beauty essentials

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As beauty junkies, if there’s one thing we’re envious of when it comes to models (aside from their innate ability to be photogenic, of course) is that every day they get to be a blank canvas for the makeup artists whose job it is to paint them - and we can only imagine how many brands and products they must have tried along the way. But which ones end up in their own makeup kits?

Massachusetts-born model Jessica Clements is no stranger to life on screen, having started out as an actress before being discovered and going onto model as well as filming her own vlogs for her YouTube channel.

She’s shot for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Gap Co as well as having a beauty contract with none other than Chanel this year; yet with access all areas to the products that top MUAs swear by for camera-ready makeup, we wanted to know what she spends her own pay packet on when it comes to beauty...

Where do you prefer to shop for beauty (on or offline) and why?

Sephora has always been a staple for me for all the essentials and well known products a girl could need. I am, however, very fond of places like Urban Outfitters  and ASOS  for carrying smaller brands that one might not find at a larger retailer like Sephora.

What’s the last makeup item you bought?

I bought Glossier’s Lash Slick Mascara, £14  on a whim, because I’d gotten so many requests to review it on my YouTube channel. I wish I had given it a chance sooner because it has such a lovely formulation that leaves your lashes long and separated, but isn’t flaky.

And your most recent skincare purchase?

Drunk Elephant's Jelly Cleanser, $34 . I have a hard time with a lot of cleansers leaving little bumps on my forehead, but this cleanser has been like a magic potion. It removes makeup and doesn't dry out or irritate my skin .

Which products do you gift to friends?

I almost always reach for face masks over anything else when I'm gift giving. They’re great for girls and guys, especially because they're not always something that we always think to buy, but you know they'll always get used.

You have £500 to spend at a makeup counter. Which one do you choose and why?

I would spend it all at Chanel . They have a lot of products that are absolute gems, and honestly it just feels so luxurious to pick up a product with their signature double C. Their Soleil Tan De Chanel, £40  and Lip Blush are staples I cannot live without.

Have you ever had your makeup done at a makeup counter?

I actually have never! I always have other people doing my makeup when I’m modelling, so during my off days I like to play with different looks and see what I can create.

What would be in your Boots or supermarket shopping basket beauty-wise?

A few of my favourites are Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream, £28 , L'Oreal's Superliner Liquid Eyeliner, £6.99 , and NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream, £6 .

What’s your favourite budget beauty buy?

Flower Beauty's Lash Warrior Mascara, $10  has been my favourite budget mascara lately.

And the most expensive?

Definitely La Mer's Lip Balm, £50 . The £50 price tag is intimidating, but it is worth every pound.

Where do you get your hair done and what products and treatments/tools do you buy?

It took me five years to find someone who captures what flatters someone’s face the way my stylist does. His name is Mark Bustos , and though he travels a lot I always catch him when he's in New York City for a quick trim. I don't personally do too much styling to my hair, but St. Tropica makes an Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask, $27  that takes the classic coconut oil hair mask to the next level with a boost of hair nourishing ingredients.

Any other treatments you regularly book in for?

Recently I tried an ultrasound facial with Omorovicza  at The Four Season's spa, and I have to say it is a godsend facial. I was very skeptical about the ultrasound effects before my first treatment, but the results are instantly visible. I left with a wonderful glow and my skin felt firm and hydrated.

What’s next on your beauty shopping list?

Well I am such a sucker for unique formulation or packaging, and Urban Decay has a new Lo-Fi Lip Mousse, £18  that I've been dying to try. (Read GTG's review of Urban Decay's lip mousse here ).

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