what does the young makeup founder spend her own cash on when she's shopping for beauty? We found out

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There’s nothing we love more than a makeup crayon for fast, flawless, foolproof application, and capitalising on the need for handbag-friendly, on-the-go products is Taylor Frankel, who co-founded Nudestix  with her sister and mother at the age of just 17.

With a slogan of #GONUDEBUTBETTER, the trio are making natural-looking, ’no-makeup’ makeup and the trend for nailing nudes a cinch with their high-performing ‘stix’ for face, eyes and lips, with Taylor and her younger sister Ally doubling up as the fresh-faced models for the brand.

But with a barely-there makeup look and plenty of beauty products at her fingertips, what does the co-founder spend her own money on when she’s scouring the aisles of department stores or shopping online? We caught up with Taylor to find out which products are most likely to make it into her basket…

Where do you prefer to shop for beauty (on or offline) and why?

I really enjoy both offline and online experiences. I think for new beauty products specifically, I enjoy purchasing in-store in order to play with the product - more so skincare or makeup. I love to feel the product on the skin to make my final decision. However, if I am repurchasing a product - I prefer shopping online since I am travelling all the time for work - It is way more convenient.

What’s the last makeup item you bought and why do you like it?

The last makeup item I bought (other than our very own Nudies Tinted Blur Stick , £28!) was the Anastasia x Amrezy highlighter , £29.

I am glow obsessed and I was very curious to see what all the hype was about. I like it because unlike a lot of powder/shimmer highlights it doesn’t look overly sparkly on the skin nor patchy. It looks quite natural.

And your most recent skincare purchase?

I purchased the Deciem Mandelic Acid , £5.80. I love this because it's an oil that essentially exfoliates and removes impurities/blemishes from the skin — instantly. It does not dry out the skin which I love.

Which products do you gift to friends?

Honestly, I gift my friends Nudestix all the time. Most of my friends are super supportive of the brand - and from time to time I love to surprise them with a new product to replenish their collection or a new product launch. I love seeing my friends and family using Nudestix - not to mention if they touch up with it in front of me, I’m always in their face with my camera trying to shoot content!

What would be in your supermarket shopping basket beauty-wise?

I am constantly replenishing my Laboratoires SVR Micellar water , £11, Embryolisse moisturiser , £13, Neutrogena makeup wipes , £4.99 (great for travel), Old Spice deodorant , £2.99 (I love the smell, and I find it lasts way longer than women deodorant) and Pantene shampoo and conditioner , from £3.99.

What’s your favourite budget beauty buy?

I love the Laboratoires SVR Micellar Physiopure cleansing solution , £11. It doesn’t irritate my skin like most cleansers - and it’s a great value.

And the most expensive?

I love the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Mask , £42. But eventually I would love to invest in La Mer Cream , £60.

You have £500 to spend at a makeup counter. Which one do you choose and why?

That’s tough. I’d probably choose the Nudestix Pick-A-Palette  pop up at Harvey Nichols! Somewhat bias - however, it’s truly the first time ever and the ONLY counter in the world where you can customise your very own Nudestix Palette with our best-selling lip and eye pencils. Plus, we have pre-curated sets that are beautiful for gift giving or if you’re trying out the brand for the first time!

Where do you get your hair done and what products and treatments do you buy?

I get my hair done by a Toronto based hair colourist and stylist, Tony Pham. I love the Ouai Hair Oil , £24, and  Texturizing Spray , £10, the Dry Bar Detox Dry shampoo , $23,  as well as the Living Proof Treatment , £37, and conditioning mist , £27.

In terms of tools, I’m really loving the Beachwaver curling iron by Sarah Potempa , $199  - it’s so easy to use.

Any other treatments you regularly book in for?

Since I travel so much for work - my skin is exposed to a lot of different harsh environments, I’ve recently started booking microdermabrasion once a month to exfoliate and detoxify my skin from any impurities and dead skin cells.

What’s next on your beauty shopping list?

I have my eye on the Jade Roller , £18!

Nudestix makeup is available at Cult Beauty  here  plus follow them on Instagram  @Nudestix