She's the go-to skin doctor for expert advice and acne-clearing treatments, but what does cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting spend her own money on when it comes to makeup and skincare? We found out...

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Ever since Get The Gloss was born, cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting  has been our go-to for expert, no-nonsense skincare advice, be it how to look after our super sensitive skin  or why our long-wear foundation might be causing our spots . With thousands of followers across her social networks including her YouTube  channel where she posts practical and educational vlogs as Dr Sam in the City, her recommendations are well trusted - but what about when she’s shopping for her own skin?

We caught up with the London-based derm to find out how she shops for skincare and makeup, her favourite budget buys and discover one of her biggest pet hates…

Where do you prefer to shop for beauty (on or offline) and why?

Online if possible - I have no time and always enjoy the thrill of a present-to-self arriving at the office!

What’s the last makeup item you bought and why do you like it?

I tend to do make-up shopping at the airport these days - I really like the BareMinerals Gen Nude Lipsticks, £18  and Gen Nude Under Over Lip Liners, £14  at the moment so I recently stocked up on these.

The textures and range of shades are excellent.

And your most recent skincare purchase?

Technically not a purchase seeing as I made it, but my Flawless Cleanser , £16, is the most recent addition to my bathroom shelf.

Elta MD UV Sport SPF50  for my holiday to Morocco.

Which products do you gift to friends?

I think Burberry Make-up  is really special so this makes a good treat for friends.

You have £500 to spend at a makeup counter. Which one do you choose and why?

I love both Marc Jacobs  and Burberry  make-up at the moment so I’d probably divide it between the 2!

Have you ever had your makeup done at a makeup counter? Which brand and what did you think of it?

No - that’s not for me. Having anything beauty done in public is one of my pet hates. I’m very much a groom in private person.

What would be in your Boots or supermarket shopping basket beauty-wise?

Cerave  is great for affordable basics.

What’s your favourite budget beauty buy?

Muji Blotting papers , £1.95 for 100.

And the most expensive?

Hmmm… I think Sisley Self Tanning Hydrating Facial Skincare, £92.50  is worth the premium price tag as its great for very pale skin and doesn’t clog.

Where do you get your hair done and what products and treatments do you buy?

Oskar Pera at The Drawing Room Salon in Shoreditch  is simply amazing - I only wish he was closer to Notting Hill! I love Oribe  haircare - expensive but addictive.

Any other treatments you regularly book in for?

Gel mani at Swanky’s  in Notting Hill - I always go for Essie Wicked, £7.99 .

What’s next on your beauty shopping list?

A new hair mask - my hair is a little more high-maintenance these days so I’m always looking for something that will make it easier to style.

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