The new trend for your lady garden is not to jazz it up with crystals but to get creative with the hair dye. No thank you, says Anna Hunter

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An edgy new trend is breaking out of East London. This is nothing new. But this time round, the party’s in your pants, so to speak. Wave bye bye to the Brazilian, auf wiedersehen the vajazzle; dressing up ‘down there’ has gone in a new direction, and the future’s bright. If you want to do it like they do in Dalston, you’re going to have to dye your lady garden. We’re not talking Clairol Nice n’ Easy here; all the cool kids are taking the bleach down below.

Admittedly it’s not for everyone, and even the craze’s creator, Bleach London founder Alex Brownsell, concedes that ‘It’s a bit like Marmite; people seem to either love it or hate it’. Knowing Alex’s power to kick-start a modish hair movement however, the below the belt bleach will probably catch on. Alex is famed for creating one of the greatest hair colour innovations of late, the dip dye. Florence Welch’s Little Mermaid hue is down to Brownsell’s unique handiwork, and she also conjured up Rihanna’s shade of grey. Alex and her team at Bleach undoubtedly create some of the most beautiful, ethereal and fearless hair looks in London, but what convinced her to take her dexterity downstairs?

In an interview with, Alex revealed that the idea was born from a home-colouring set that promised to banish greys from the bikini area. Grey is all well and good for RiRi, but Alex felt that our privates were as deserving of a touch of up-to-the-minute colour as our manes. And so “the downstairs dye” was added to the menu, to accompany Bleach’s extensive range of services including male and female bikini waxing and eyelash and eyebrow grooming.

For £40 a pop, Bleach’s expert waxer Chelsea will transform your nether regions. According to Alex, this is how it works:

“First you pick the shape you want - a triangle, strip, heart - anything like that. Then Chelsea will paint the area in the shape, you don’t actually dye all of it. It is then bleached, left on for ten to fifteen minutes, then wiped off and a secondary colour is applied. This is a stain and only takes two minutes. Then Chelsea takes that off and does the waxing procedure as normal.”

To be honest, we at GTG are quivering in our boots, but Alex reassures readers that the bleaching process is ‘way less painful than on your head’. ‘Hearts’ are among the most popular designs, with ‘tie-dye’, ‘multicolour’ and even ‘leopard print’ swiftly gaining favour. A GTG swish perhaps? If you need me I’ll be hiding under my desk.

Downstairs Dye, £40, Bleach Dalston, 420 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA