No one wants floppy, frizzy or greasy hair but summer has other ideas. The right hair cut can make all the difference. These are the styles that, according to experts, work best in warm weather

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I don’t know about you, but summer wreaks havoc on my hair; no matter how smooth it is when I step out of the front door, if the sun is shining my curls are drooping and my hairline is sweating. “Hot weather can be the enemy of pretty much every hair type because it immediately adds more moisture to the hair,” explains Gem Jones, founder of Taylor Rose Hair Extensions . “Textured and curly hair tends to suffer from frizz, as well as expanding in size and volume, while finer and straight hair tends to go flat and limp as heat encourages the scalp to produce more oil.”

It’s the humidity that causes chaos and it affects each hair type in a unique (and potentially annoying) way, explains Chrissy Collins, educator for Californian haircare brand Innersense . “It can make fine hair feel heavier, especially if that hair is coated with product buildup,” explains Chrissy. “In textured hair, typically the tighter the curl, the more moisture is needed. As tight curls need more hydration than wavy and curly hair, coils will often reach out into the air for moisture, causing frizz and loss of definition.”

What happens to fine hair in the heat?

Fine hair is prone to going lank in the heat. “The head is the hottest part of the body and heat is released from here,” explains Antony Rawlings, creative director at London salon Lockonego  for Redken . “This creates problems for people with fine hair because as they perspire hair will go flat and greasy.”

What happens to curly hair in the heat?

“Curly hair will start to become frizzy and the hair will separate,” says Antony. “It will start to break up the curls because of the perspiration and humidity.”

What happens to afro hair in the heat?

“For people with afro hair it depends on the natural texture,” says Jonathan Soons, creative ambassador for Headmasters . “Some will experience less definition, shrinkage and flatter coils, while others will find their curls more buoyant and bouncy.”

Summer haircuts - which hairstyles work best in hot weather?

It can be tempting to shave off your whole head of hair in the summer (a sweaty neck is the worst) but there are styles that work better in the heat than others which don’t require you to lop off your locks.

“What’s most important about summer haircuts and humidity is the management and how the cut suits your lifestyle,” advises Chrissy. “Everyone has their own boundaries as to what they’re willing to do maintenance-wise. Decide what you’re willing to commit to in your styling routine before the cut, so you don’t have to worry for the next few months.”

Work with your natural texture

"Any cut that enhances your natural texture is great in the warmer months, especially if you have natural waves or kinks as these will be accentuated as the weather heats up," says Gem. "Help your hair to sit comfortably in these styles by using soft layering techniques will make your style much more manageable."

Avoid fringes, opt for bobs and pixie cuts

"The rule of thumb is no fringes, particularly for curly hair," says Paul Percival of Percy and Reed. "Your hairline will be the first place that gets sweaty and hot and you will be left with a frizzy forehead. The real key to having a good haircut is that you want to be able to expose the back of your neck. This helps to keep you cooler, so bobs and pixie cuts are a good idea for summer."

Summer haircuts for straight hair

“For straighter hair a haircut that allows a lot of movement is ideal. If you’re just out and about and living life, layers and beach waves make hair effortless,” says Chrissy. Once layers are in place you can easily wear hair in a half-up half-down  look to take the heat off your neck and shoulders.

Summer haircuts for textured hair

“Go for shorter pieces around the face, so when you put your hair up, it’s effortless,” says Chrissy. “Taking out the weight in front gets rid of that of that heavy triangle at the bottom. This is so important; as in the summer, you should be having fun not worrying about your hair.”

“Protective styles like braids, wigs, weaves (what we call 'vacation hair' in the natural community) are great but make sure you’re treating your natural hair in between styles and keeping hair moisturised in protective styles,” says Stacey Ciceron, Oribe  brand ambassador.