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The Soil Association’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week is currently in full swing (15th-21st May), giving us a chivvy on to consider the integrity, composition and source of our beauty loot. The thing is, this switching to organic business can get expensive. If you’re just starting out on your organic odyssey, get the ball rolling with body products first, as Content  founder and natural beauty expert Imelda Burke  highlights that ‘thinking big and ditching leave-on products used on the largest area of skin’ is the best place to begin. Given that the natural beauty sector grew by a whopping 22% to £54.2 million last year, however, chances are if you’re keen on using organic beauty products, you’ll be looking for more than just a body lotion. If you’d like to take a more natural approach, but want both rigorous organic certification (43% of us look for a symbol) and price points that won’t put you out of pocket, consider taking the following edited list out on your next shopping list. Possibly look at it online rather than printing out to keep the whole experience environmentally legit.

Neal’s Yard Create Your Own Face and Body Lotion , £8

Given that the Soil Association are launching a ‘campaign for clarity’ alongside this year’s Organic Beauty Week, to encourage consumers to identify certification logos in order to ensure that the products are truly organic, a stripped back, pure and simple product such as this ‘DIY’ body lotion seems like the perfect place to start. Fragrance-free, made with 78% organic ingredients overall and certified by the Soil Association, wear it as it is or add your choice of essential oil, tincture or infusion (see the website for an idea of how much of each to add to your ‘base’). Customisable, caring and cheap? Going organic is far from daunting if this is your initiation.

Bamford Green Weekender , £22

Take an organic mini-break with this luxe, naturally formulated and Soil Association certified five-piece. Infused with lavender, geranium and peppermint, the chic minis make for indulgent and fragrant travels, with a shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and even two packets of bath salts to ensure total, non-negotiable relaxation. If you’re yet to sample the beautiful, artisanal blends that Bamford has become known for, this is a great entry point.

Pai Skin Brightening Exfoliator , £24

If clearing the cobwebs is on the agenda, this microbead-free, 100% natural and Soil Association certified organic formula is just the stuff. I’ve been using it for years and it’s quite possibly my favourite physical exfoliator on the market. Gentle enough not to compromise the skin’s barrier, but ‘buffy’ enough to polish the skin’s surface, I find it’s best used first thing to revive and invigorate skin for the day ahead.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil,  £19.50

Another skin brightener on its way to cult skincare status, this award-winning facial oil is 100% natural and certified by NATRUE , a global organisation that promotes and certifies natural and organic products (at least 95% natural ingredients required by way of organic production). Packed with omega fatty acids and antioxidants to hydrate, nourish and protect skin, and with immediate glowy, radiant payoff, it deftly facilitates end-of-day facial massage, which will in turn boost circulation and plump up skin. All in all, a healthy purchase that will last you throughout its six month shelf life.

Less is More Mallowsmooth Shampoo , £6

Less is certainly more in terms of financial impact here, and this softening, sulfate-free formula will make more of dry, straw-like hair too. Rosehip makes an appearance in the form of cold-pressed, vitamin E rich rosehip seed oil, while virgin coconut oil and mallow root make this shampoo sound good enough to drink (it may be certified organic but...perhaps don’t). Fuse strengthening natural extracts with ylang ylang, rose geranium and palmarosa oils and your daily shower becomes quite the aromatic experience.

Skin+Tonic Naked Lip Balm , £3.50

Another advocate of ‘less is more’, Skin+Tonic use no more than seven ingredients in each of their Soil Association certified organic range, and the brand’s line-up of lip balms are made up of four ingredients max (the ‘Naked’ balm consists of just three- shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil). Whether stashed away in a school bag, gym kit or handbag, this balm keeps dryness and chapping at bay, without the worry of licking away questionable petrochemicals and the like. Plus, it’s pocket money friendly.

Dr Bronner Castile Liquid Soap , £5.99

A true multipurpose marvel, a good glug of this generously sized, gentle soap will whisk away grease and grime from hands, body, pets, name it. Our makeup artistry experts particularly rate it for effective brush-cleaning , and it’s available in an array of natural fragrances if you want something a little more fancy to grace your bathroom shelves. If you want to clean up your act around the house, a bottle of Dr Bronner won’t go amiss.

Nourish Argan and Kale Hand Cream , £12

Superfoods creeping into skincare  could be seen as faddy, but this Soil Association certified organic, patent-pending formula is anything but superficial. The hand cream boasts ginger root extract to calm irritation, argan oil to nurture crinkly hands back to health and the much hailed kale to...I’m not exactly sure what’s it’s here for to be honest, but I’m sure it’s a selling point for some. Kale apart, this is a hard hitting hand unction that comes into its own during the colder months.

John Masters Organics Sea Mist , £16

This delivers beach hair, but better. Take away the weird matting, musty smells and seaweed style tangles, and replace the real deal for this lavender steeped salt spray. Spritzed onto the scalp, it dissolves oil, and misted onto lengths it creates the kind of piecey texture that surf babes seem to be born with. Another certified organic, three-ingredient wonder, it works its texturising magic on all types and colours.

Dr Hauschka Eyeliner Duo , £16

Given that Cleopatra’s kohl was likely of the natural/ organic variety, it’s fitting that yours should be too. Smoke out your lash line with the black tea infused sooty end before tracing the white pencil along the waterline to widen eyes, 60s style. For a long-lasting two-in-one, ‘green’ makeup option, it’s a shrewd buy.

Kjaer Weis Highlighter , £23

Okay, I cheated. The refill is £23- if you want it complete with sleek and chic silver casing this gleamy, multi-award winning strobing pan will set you back £40. I’m going to justify this by saying that the compact is sustainable, reusable and um...very pretty. Otherwise, this highlighter cream melts into skin seamlessly, defining cheekbones and adding a subtle glow wherever you need it. Some highlighters make you look like an alien/ Kardashian. This doesn’t. To boot it’s certified organic, formulated with lovely plant oils and bang on for every skin tone.

La Eva Lotion , £18.50

If you’re loathe to sacrifice aesthetics for green credentials, La Eva  is the body brand for you. With two fragrance lines, the rose geranium based Roseum and chamomile and vetivert based Blu, the lotions and washes will attract as many Instagram likes as they will general admirers- the apothecary style bottles and watercolour labelling are elegant, but with an edge. Created to showcase the best of nature (the brand is Soil Association Certified), design and chemistry, La Eva delivers on textures and scent too, with thoughtfully blended botanical oils and butters creating rich but lasting moisture and a lingering floral perfume. The range may be small for now, but we predict big things.

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Cream , £15.75

Organic/ natural doesn’t always translate to soft and gentle, but in the case of this NATRUE certified organic moisturiser, it’s a description that fits. Rich in hydrating and skin barrier supporting almond oil, the fragrance-free cream is ideal for dry, sensitive skin, alleviating sore and flaky patches on contact. Despite the high lipid content, it’s absorbs beautifully, although it will be a bit heavy for oily and combination skin types. Otherwise, expect skin to look a whole lot calmer and dewier after use.

Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo , £12

The first shampoo to ever receive Soil Association approval, this coconut oil based scalp-pacifier is a loving blend of biodynamic herbs, cooling aloe vera and moisture boosting glycerin. If you’re prone to dandruff or brittle ends it’ll smooth everything over nicely, and it’s particularly suitable for eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis sufferers, not to mention babies. With no harsh detergents, coloured hair will look all the more lustrous after a herbal shower too. Sure, the bottle’s a bit pricier than your average high street chemist offering, but considering how far it goes in terms of treating the family and caring for sensitive skins, this award-winners worth the investment.

Find out more about the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty Week and 'Look for the Logo' campaign  here 

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