Thinking of going for the chop? Take our round-up of the best A-list bob haircuts to your next appointment to get yours just right

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Ah, the bob hairstyle. It is arguably the haircut equivalent of a classic red lipstick or black liquid liner flick. But nowadays the bob isn’t a one-cut suits-all situation as it was when Vidal Sassoon created the famous 5-point bob he cut on fashion designer Mary Quant in the 50s. There have been lots of iterations of the cut since the early 20th century. This is a haircut with a serious history. Then, a bob meant a jawline length with exceptionally sharp lines and required a supermodel face structure to pull it off. Now, thankfully, there is far more nuance and variation with the only overarching similarity being that the hair is shoulder-length or shorter.
This makes the bob one of the most versatile cuts regardless of your face shape, hair texture and length. There is a bob for everyone and we believe we’ve found them for you. Scroll down to find your perfect bob length and style, screen grab and take it to your next appointment.

13 of the best celebrity bobs

Rita Ora’s tousled ombré bob

Showing that shorter hair lengths can have texture is Ms Ora’s perfectly tousled bob haircut. Just after launching her haircare line Typebea, Rita cut her long locks into this shorter style, and we love it. It’s a really practical length; long enough to tie up but still very much in the bob length zone. Her graduated ombré colour also lends itself beautifully to the look and is a great option for summer.

Hailey Bieber’s glazed bob

Queen of everything glazed - we’ve had Hailey Bieber’s glazed manicure and glazed skin courtesy of her skincare range, Rhode - but now we’re turning attention to her hair. With just a little bit of framing around the front, she has gone for a fairly classic bob cut which is one length all around - a great choice for finer hair types that want their hair to look fuller and thicker.

Rochelle Humes fringe framing bob

With a slightly shorter length as well as a shorter fringe layer at the front, this bob haircut works best on hair that is fairly straight or doesn’t require too much styling - unless you like styling your hair every day. Oval faces, like Rochelle’s, also work best for this length.

Khloé Kardashian’s lob

When does a bob grow into a mid-length look? The jury is out but we think Khloe is teetering on the edge here, she is perhaps aided by her lovely long neck so this hair length sits just on her collarbones. Regardless, it’s a great long bob look aka a lob. And if you’re going for the chop for the first time, and don’t want to go too short to begin with, this is a great length to play with first. Or, if you’re growing out a shorter look, this is a great halfway point between your old short-haired vibe and a new longer look.

Holly Willoughby’s platinum bob

Just hitting the jawline, this length suits anyone who doesn’t want or need to tie their hair back. By having one chunkier layer at the front, just like Holly, it helps frame the face to make it even more flattering.

Kerry Washington’s wavy bob

There’s a misconception with bobs that there is very little you can do to style them and make them look different. Kerry Washington’s gorgeous mermaid wave bob proves that theory completely wrong. It’s also a great style trick for making fine hair look fuller as it gives hair extra width.

Claudia Winkleman’s bob and block fringe

Is this the most famous bob and fringe combo ever? If your hair is on the straighter side then Claudia demonstrates just how effective and gorgeous teaming a bob with a block fringe can be. The fringe part does come with some styling requirements as all fringes do, but the bob element is fairly low maintenance so it all balances out.

Mindy Kaling’s classic bob

This classic, shoulder-length bob is probably the style that most of us think of when we think of the bob haircut. It works for all face shapes and is long enough to tie back, to add curls and waves or to keep straight as Mindy Kaling has done here.

Frankie Bridge’s bended bob

We love how Frankie has just added a very subtle bend towards the end of her bob. It’s really simple to do yourself - just wrap your hair around once round straighteners or a curling tong and release.

Emma Willis's laidback bob

With a slight side parting, Emma Willis’s bob is a prime example of how relaxed and cool the style can look. Equally, it’s easy to imagine it slicked black for a more glam effect. Versatility at its finest.

Lily Allen’s mullet bob

Instead of having one length all around, Lily’s bob has been layered at the back creating a modern mullet effect, which of course looks amazing on the singer and podcaster. Finer and straighter hair types will find this creates more volume at the top allowing the hair to naturally fall into the nape of the neck.

Aubrey Plaza’s glam bob

The benefit of having thicker hair means your bob will look fuller and wider, just like actress Aubrey Plaza. If your blow-drying skills are on point then you’ll be able to recreate her gorgeous bouncy look easily. Otherwise, heated rollers are your best friend to create that level of volume.

Kaia Gerber’s grown-out bob

Being a supermodel (and the daughter of Cindy Crawford) makes it easy to pull off any hairstyle, but Kaia Gerber’s grown-out bob is one for us mere mortals too. You can see she has quite fine hair but the choppy layers, which also give it all that movement and oomph, make it look thicker too. A great look for summer.