We put the new conditioning and colouring hybrid boosters loved by Stacey Dooley to the test

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Whether you’re looking to boost your colour between salon appointments or give your hair a fuss and faff free colour change-up, let us introduce you to  Clairol Colour Gloss Up . Think of these innovative tubes as an intensive conditioning treatment and boost of colour all-in-one.

And they’re super easy to use. Choose the colour that works for you. There are nine shades in total: five natural shades ranging from a cool blonde to a dark espresso hue and everything in between.

Image: Clairol

Stacey Dooley (above) wears the gorgeous auburn shade, Terra Copper, just as an FYI.

Then there are four vibrant and brighter colours including a fiery red, cool blue, hot pink and pastel rose, which work best on hair that already has a lot of bleach in it.

How to use Clairol Colour Gloss Up

Squeeze the product from the tube and apply all over either dry or towel-dried hair. How much you use depends on your hair length, but a good guide is a walnut-sized blob for shoulder length, less for shorter and more for longer. And how long you leave it on depends slightly on your schedule and the intensity of colour you’re after. Two minutes is the minimum time recommended and will give you a subtle colour boost. Fifteen minutes is the maximum time recommended and will create a more impactful result.

And they truly are a multi-tasking product thanks to their conditioning and colouring ability. The conditioning aspect is taken care of by the hydrating ingredients of shea butter and Argan oil, and because the glosses don’t contain any silicone they are suitable for all hair types, even textured hair, as they will make curls and kinks even more luscious and bouncy.

The colour will gradually wash out, generally after ten washes, which is a far more gentle and kind way to colour your hair. And because this isn’t about a permanent colour transformation, they give you the flexibility to experiment with new shades without the commitment. Oh, and did we mention they only cost £8.99?

The Get The Gloss team put them to the test. Here’s how they got on…

Clara, Editorial Director Victoria’s daughter tried  Terra Copper

, £8.99

"My hair is naturally dark blonde and has a curl in it which has a tendency to be a bit frizzy. A month ago I did an at-home colour with Clairol Nice ‘N Easy permanent colour in Light Auburn, which I'm loving. It’s a similar tone to the Terra Copper Colour Gloss Up I tried, (and which Stacey Dooley uses) only the Gloss Up is a lot brighter. I left it on for ten minutes and it turned up the saturation on my fringe especially. It has lasted a couple of washes and made my frizz-prone hair, much shinier."

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Amy Rostas, Get the Gloss Beauty and Social Media Assistant tried  Hot Espresso

, £8.99

"I have curly hair that I often straighten and therefore is quite damaged. Recently I felt my hair had been looking a bit dull and lifeless so I was excited to try a gloss as I've never used any kind of colour on my hair before. The shade I went with was Colour Gloss Up in Hot Espresso. Because I've never used a colour product before I was a bit nervous so I left the dark gloss on for the minimum of two minutes. I then hopped in the shower, did my regular double shampoo and conditioner routine and as soon as I started blow-drying my hair I could see an instant difference in the shine and colour boost. If you are looking for a stronger colour difference, definitely leave it on for the full 15 minutes."

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Victoria Woodhall, Get The Gloss Editorial Director tried  Toasted Almond Blonde

, £8.99

"Up until my forties, I had thick mid-brown hair. Now it’s thinning and probably totally white at the front. I always choose the gentlest salon tints to cover up greys, but between visits (which I try to eke out) my hair starts to go a dull yellow – not the best look. I applied Toasted Almond Blonde, which is a caramel shade when it comes out of the tube. I left it on for ten minutes and it turned back time on my colour by a couple of weeks, restoring some of its salon brightness and shine. I sometimes wear my hair naturally curly and was pleased to see this was silicone-free, as silicone can weigh curls down. I would need to use it weekly to maintain the effect as my hair didn't hold on to the pigment as well as my daughter’s (see above). Still, there are quite a few uses in each tube to help me delay my next colour appointment until my greys need attention."

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Catherine Fulwood, Get the Gloss Commercial Projects Manager tried  Play It Cool Blonde

, £8.99

"My hair is super processed; highlights, bleach you name it. I have used gloss, and hydrating treatments in the past so I was intrigued to see how this would compare with others I have used. I chose the shade, Play It Cool Blonde. The product is a cool purple colour when you squeeze it out, which I was pleased about as I’ve always found purple-toned glosses do what I need them to; remove the yellowness and brassiness. After leaving the treatment on for the full 15 minutes, I then washed it off, added a tiny bit of my regular conditioner and styled as normal. As you can see my hair was left smoother, less yellow, cooler and more conditioned, and definitely in a better state than beforehand! Add it to your monthly routine for a little refresh between hairdresser trips."

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Written in partnership with Clairol. To find out more go to  clairol.com