Just adjust the nozzle to high, medium or low and off you go. From beach waves to tight braids, this ‘three way’ hairspray is a nifty invention that also happens to smell awesome

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If you’re a hairspray user, you’ll know that not all cans are made equal. Get the strong stuff and you can end up freezing your ‘supposed to be nonchalant’ loose waves so that they’re stuck fast, but spray a lighter formulation to keep a neat updo in place and it can be a flop, quite literally. No one wants multiple enormous canisters cluttering up their bathroom shelfie situation either. As if by magic, enter the rather ingenious dial operated  Design. Me Hold Me Hairspray , £13.96 for 330ml, with a turning nozzle that allows you to tailor your hairspray effect to every hair whim, with added UV protection and a non-sticky formula no matter which way you spray.

A little like a beauty thermostat, nudging the nozzle to ‘L’ results in a gentle, light mist, ‘M’ is a stronger flow and ‘L’ is more of a high intensity blast, meaning that you can easily control the amount of product used day to day. The formula leaves hair soft and with touchable texture and it smells pleasingly vanilla-y rather than overly alcoholic or headache inducing. I can also report that it’s easy to brush out without leaving flaky hairspray dandruff behind.

All in all, it’s a hairy novelty I’m won over by, but I’d clean the nozzle regularly to avoid it getting stuck thus defeating the point of the adjustable dial situation. Also, just to be clear, the ‘hold’ setting relates to the speed and volume at which the product is sprayed onto the hair rather than a miraculously transformative formula within the bottle - this may be futuristic in design but it’s not wizardry.

Design. Me Hold Me Hairspray, £13.96 for 330ml,  buy it now

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