What does the GLAMOUR-ous beauty expert have downloaded on her phone, saved in her bookmark bar and open on her desktop? We found out

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When it comes to beauty experts, Alessandra Steinherr  is one of the most respected names in the business. As Beauty Director at GLAMOUR Magazine, her love of the industry combined with her relatable advice and social media savvy has not only earned her a whole host of fans through print, but has also reached a whole new generation of digitally astute beauty enthusiasts too.

Balancing the worlds of both types of media with supreme skill and follower-gaining effect, what are the tech and work essentials that she can’t live without? We caught up with the beauty boss to sneak a peek into her smartphone, desk and desktop favourites.

GTG: What app/s can you not live without?

AS: Instagram/Snapchat/the Weather – because I travel so much, and Receipt Bank to keep my expenses in order.

GTG: What’s in your bookmark bar?

AS: WWD, Net-A-Porter, The New York Times and Refinery29.

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GTG: What’s on your desk?

AS: It’s full of stuff: perfumes and lip balms mainly and always fresh flowers - I love flowers, they make me happy.

GTG: Deskside snack?

AS:  90% dark chocolate from Lindt , Naked Bars and Crispy Seaweed Thins from Itsu  (I am obsessed with these).

GTG: Tea, coffee, water or what?!

AS: Jasmine tea in the morning, Rooibos or lemon/ginger tea in the afternoon.

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GTG: What sort of chair do you sit on?

AS: An uncomfortable one...

GTG: Standing desk or sitting?

AS: Sitting.

GTG: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and why?

AS: Instagram, Instagram, Instagram - I love the combination of the visuals and the writing - and I enjoy the conversations I have with my followers.

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